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• 2/7/2019
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• 2/7/2019
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• 2/3/2019

Help Me Rank Up

can anyone help me to rank up im a good player but my teams sucks

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• 1/28/2019

NEW Kimmy's skin please..

please release Kimmy's new skin..please moonton..!

elite/limited/starlight member/epic/ etc.

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• 1/23/2019

MLBB Official Discord pls

Anyone can check up to date and ask for help quickly from Discord so It would be great if they got one. If Discord server is up. Pls share a link. Thanks

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• 1/15/2019

Looking for squad members...

Hey guys, my friend and I have a squad. 7 of our members went inactive, so now we looking for some more peeps to play with. We're mainly looking for Master-Epic and this is NA. Contact me if you want to join, my IG: is 46087284. Squad ID is 1065344. We also use discord, if you want my discord ID, look in my profile description and you can find the squad discord server in Squad description in game.

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• 11/14/2018

Help to explain

Hi, can someone pleeaasseee explain me, who are moon/abyss heros?? And who is an eruditio hero? Cant finish the task because i dont know which hero i have to choose to complete the task xD thankssss for helping meee

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• 11/2/2018


Subcribe and like for weekly videos with the gameplay of AKAI:

4 VS 5 RANKED! WIN or LOSE!? AKAI with SUPPORT EMBLEM - Mobile legends
4 VS 5 RANKED! WIN or LOSE!? AKAI with SUPPORT EMBLEM - Mobile legends YouTube
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• 10/13/2018

About the GTP

For those who don't know it yet, a couple weeks ago I started a series of blogs called "Trivia Rework".

Now, I don't want to be obsessive about them, but the problem is i'm afraid that people that do not check wiki's recent activity may not be aware of this, so i figured i'd post this discussion as it should be a bit easier for people to notice it.

Back to my blogs, the core idea was that I went through each Trivia in this wiki, expressing my thoughts about them and discussing those I reputed unecessary. Once everything was done, I would start a Great Trivia Purge removing the useless parts.

Problem is, I DO NOT consider myself an authority in this wiki and i didn't want to upset people by removing their work, so i wanted as many people as possible to comment my blogs with their opinions, to make sure the final result is the best possible.

But you must realize, if no one says anything I have to consider myself having free hand on the matter when i start the GTP, that's why I'm worryied that people don't even know i'm doing this.

If you want to help me, check my profile or use this link to find my blogs. Starting from the first part, so you better understand what my goals are, you can read them and comment each trivia you have a different opinion about.

As an example on how to proceed, picking this one random trivia from my blogs:

Roger also has high lifesteal when he is in wolf form.

4) Tecnically this isn't correct. His wolf-form's high lifesteal is only due to the fact that his passive deals extra damage based on target's lost HP, but if he doesn't have lifesteal equipment/emblems, his lifesteal is still 0....

In the comments, instead of saying:

"That trivia about Roger, i don't think that..."

"That other comment about this thing, i believe..."

Comment like this:

4) I don't think that...

7)I agree with you because...

So it's easier for everyone to immediatly get at what are you talking about.

I'll start the GTP near the end of next week, so I hope meanwhile as many of you as possible will share their opinions.

If you're reading this after the event happened, or you don't agree with the results, don't worry and remember that every trivia i'll cut will still be available in these same blogs, so you can comment why you don't think I should have done this or that and eventually we can even re-introduce it.

Thanks in advance to everyone.

StarsoulX Mobile Legends Wiki
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• 9/25/2018

A 2 Minutes Talk 'Cause I'm About To Explode

Warning: Lots of swearing. Sorry not sorry.

Sooooo, i just need to talk to someone about what happened to me today, because I am really in a bad mood now because of this.

Look at the picture below. Look at it. I was Gord, in case you want to know.

For the entire match, all I heard was: "Useless Gord".

"Look at our Gord". "What are you doing Gord". "This *** Gord" (and i don't want to know what world was censored". " Our Gord is Epic". " Noob Epic". "Fkin Epic feeder".

Each time my whole team was feeding-- I mean, whiped out, and ONLY I survived to defend our torrets, it was something like: "Stupid Gord, why are you running (thing that i wasn't doing), why you not help (thing that i was doing), useless Epic".

Except Jawhead, he was actually quite nice and a good player too (A jawhead? You sure??)

Now, you probably have realized why I am so pissed right now.


How can people reach such abstronomical levels of idiocy??? They assumed i was bad because of my ranking even if I played like a god the entire match?!?

I have played this game for the past 2 YEARS, I have probably more experience than all this morons combined! But nooooo....I am an useless noob cause i am epic!

What do you want me to say? That I don't like playing ranked because is full of toxicity so i never played a single game since SEASON 3? Fine, I'll say it!

I. Never. Play. Ranked. Will these dumbazz be happy now?

I just wish people stopped assuming one's skill level only from their fkin rank level, dammit: a good player could have never played ranked and being elite, but a complete arshole could also have got Carried to Mythic, for Odin's sake!

Sorry if I got a bit carried, but i really needed to get this out of me...

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• 9/23/2018

Release Date?

I really wan't to know when the new hero Harith is coming out its been a month now and there are still no news about it. Pls inform us in Mobile Legend once you decided whrn to release the hero
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• 9/15/2018


I just wanna ask about Johnson, Is it possible that he can ride 2-3 heroes (not including Angela). Thanks for the answer.
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• 9/14/2018
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• 9/8/2018

[hero concept] evelyn (support)

((warning in advance that it might be bad, i'm very new to this game

i like being support but i saw that there aren't that many in the game so i made an idea for one. feedback is appreciated. i am still working on a design for her))


Evelyn is an expert on the different species of plants in the forest, and she uses this knowlege to her advantage on the battlefield.

Passive - "Forest Doctor"
When Evelyn enters a bush, she will give a small amount of healing to allies in the same bush as her. Can only be activated once every 30 seconds.

Skill 1 - "Lurking Flora"
Evelyn plants a concealed seed. When an enemy walks past, the seed will grow into a carnivorous plant and bite the enemy, dealing moderate poison damage. (the plant disappears after biting someone) (the seed will disappear if no enemies walk past it within 10 seconds of being planted)

Skill 2 - "Forbidden Fruit"
Evelyn tosses a strange fruit to a single target, greatly healing them but also harshly reducing their defenses for a short amount of time. Can be used on allies or enemies.

Skill 3 - "Lethal Camouflage"
Evelyn tosses an ally a cloak of poisonous leaves, granting the ally invisibility which will last until the ally attacks. When the invisibility disappears, the cloak will begin emitting toxins, dealing damage per second to enemies near the cloaked ally for 5 seconds.
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• 9/4/2018

Lunox is now unable to use!

Today, Lunox is unable to use due to "unknown error" bug. So she has been temporarily removed from the store. :(
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• 8/25/2018

I need help

I want to ask you how to get some champion move quotes and what program u use to export them ?
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• 8/19/2018

Add New Discussion

Please add Hero and Hero Surveys
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• 7/19/2018

I would like to suggest this hero please, plz check this link
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• 7/12/2018

Game Balance (?)

I just wanted to take a moment to take a look at the current sitation of ML game balance, because right now i think there are a LOT of problems.
Before I start, i suggest watching this video ( since it’s what partially inspired me for this post.
IMPORTANT: Tecnically, most of what I’m going to say is not completely true for actual teams, such as those who play tournaments, but let’s stick with casual matches with random people. You know, when you get your phone and just tap “Play”to rage--- i mean, relax a little.

So, the first main problem is that as of now the game heavily encourage players to get kills more than actually playing the match: for example, did you know that kills count much more than assist for KDA (and thus MvP)? You might be thinking: “That’s totally reasonable”, but this opens up to many problems, such as the infamous kill stealing (which i’m sure has happened to everyone, although it was more common in the past than now), or people thinking:” Why would i ever play support or tank or other heroes who rely on team fights if what i need are the kills and i don’t want assists?” And this lead to our next point.

Problem numero 2:
Team Fighting.
Now, I might just be really unlucky, but I think it’s undeniable that the chances of getting a proper team when playing solo are really low. Honestly, if you are not queing with friends or an organized pre-made team of players, team fighting is almost non existent. (See the “IMPORTANT” note above) Later, you’ll see we’ll get to some reason why the situation is like this, but first let’s introduce our next problem.

Problem number 3!
Assassins. Yeah, just like that. Assassins.
Does anyone really believe that assassins are not the strongest, sometimes straight up OP, class of all?
(Quick disclaimer: this tecnically only goes for Classic and Ranked mode: in Brawl they suck (Luckly!)…which is why I almost exclusively play brawl…although this brings us to Mages monopolizing that mode (*ahem* PharsaVexanaZhask *ahem*) but that’s another story)
Back to our fellow assassins, let’s quickly take a look at class roles in a general Moba:

Primary roles:
Tank: Tanks come with higher levels of durability and are the front-line defense for their team. They use abilities to protect their teammates and crowd control the enemies. Essential in team fights, they can damage enemies but not as effectively as most of the other roles, so they shouldn’t be left alone.

Fighters: Fighters are melee Heroes that are more balanced between durability and damage. They have more durability than Tanks but don't have quite the same damage as other classes. Their role is to push lanes and initiate combat.

Assassin: The Role of the Assassin is to take out weak members of the opposing team as quickly and efficiently as possible, using stealth and high attack power and speed to finish off low health targets from team fights or lonely targets. Their main targets will primarily be Mages and Rangers. For everything they gain in power however, they lack in durability, and they usually can’t sustain long fights.

Ranger/Marksman: Ranger Heroes utilize their basic attacks more than their abilities to damage their enemies, allowing them to deal major damage against their foes for a longer period of time. Rangers are a ranged class with very few melee abilities but their abilities allow them to inflict damage from a distance, as well as position themselves to against the enemy for an advantage. Thanks to their continuous dps, they are the main damage dealers ot the team, but they lack survivability in close combact or solo fights.

Mages: Mages utilize their abilities to control the battlefield. They are ranged Heroes that excel at some form of Crowd Control and utilize their abilities to dish out burst damage and help their allies. Since most of their abilities are AoE, they are more effective in team fights than alone.

Support: Support Heroes are those who's primary goal it is to aid their team with their abilities. They specialize in controlling the battlefield to their teams advantage. Their ability to do damage is lower than other Roles, including other Mage types but they make up for it with their utility.

Secondary roles:
Gankers: A Ganker is a Hero who's job it is to catch enemies unaware and 'gank' them (Surprise attack on the opposing players carried out by either the Jungler or a teammate from another lane). An Assassin type is especially good for this.

Carry: Build mostly full damage and are in charge of dealing most of the damage to your enemies. Role usually has a slow start in the beginning but becomes formidable in endgame. Means they will need to be carried in the beginning but end up compensating by carrying the team towards the end. These are your glass cannons who have long range attacks. They usually pair well with tanks.

Area Control: Great at clearing lanes and pushing objectives. Usually Fighters or sometimes Mages.

Pusher: A Pusher is a Hero who's job is to 'push' through waves of minions and keep the lanes clear. They do this by utilizing area-of-effect or multi-targeting abilities. Similar to Area Control.

Jungler: The Jungler is the Hero usually assigned the task of capturing harvesters and acquiring buffs for their team. Since they cannot clear lanes really well, jungle provides them with the needed exp and gold, and they rarely participate in fights.

Good. More terminology should be needed, but I’ll leave that to the readers. Now let’s look at roles in Mobile Legends:

Primary roles:
Tanks: Same as above. But team fighting is usually non existing, so no one picks Tank in casual.
Fighters: Same as above. Except maybe if they are Fighter/Assassin Hybrids.
Marksman: Same as above. They are quite weak during early game, but they becomes incredibly strong in late game. This makes them the Carry, right? Right? Right? Lol, no.
Mages: Same as above, but they can easily control a single lane. (That’s why they are so good in Brawl Mode)
Support: Same as above. But again, team fighting is usually non existing, so no one seriously picks Support in casual.
Assassin: ….Oh Boy. Let’s talk about this a bit later, shall we?

Secondary roles:

Gankers: Assassins. Except they do not need any help from teammates.
Carry: Marksman, right? You wish. Actually Assassins, except they don’t need to be carried because they are already strong at the beginning of the game, and they quickly out-level everyone else. Also, they are not glass cannons.
Area Control/Pusher: Tecnically anyone can do this, but no matter how hard you try, any assassin can do the same as you but faster and more effectively. If they decide to actually play the game instead of murdering everyone. Duh.
Jungler: Things here gets a bit more complicated. The problem is, in ML there aren’t really any team buffs you can get from jungle, except bosses which still *should* be fought as a team. So, for the most part, in the jungle you are on your own. Except jungling is super rewarding, and guess which class can jungle the easiest? Assassins, how surprising. Actually, most classes cannot jungle purely becose assassins are present; so assassins monopolize jungle and they can get stronger with barely any effort. Also, from my experience, they have the tendency to steal jungle monster from other teammates, despite them being severely lower in level, because “get out of my jungle” and “You don’t need levels, I am the one getting the kills”. Prove me wrong, I dare any of you. ☹

Now, you might have already got the point, put let’s actually analize the Assassin class:
High Damage: they can easily take on anyone in 1v1 starting from early game, and easily 100 to 0 you in late game before you can even react. Tecnically, they get outdamaged by Marksman in late game, but they are SO MUCH BETTER in early game that usually a Marksman will not even get to late game, so…
High Durability: Most of them have incredible mobility, which means both that you can’t catch them AND you can’t escape them. Also, with the right equipment they can heal any damage you have done with a single skill ( If you even managed to deal any significant damage).
Fast farming: They can easily kill jungle monsters, they can easily clear lanes, they can easily kill heroes. Right from the start of the game. So is not unusual to see assassin 4-5 level stronger than you after less then 10 minutes. The more they kill, the more they get stronger; the stronger they get, the more easiliy they can kill; the more easily they can kill, the more they kill; the more they kill, the more they get stronger… you get the point.
Ambushers/Gankers: Let’s be honest. If an assassin surprises you, you are already dead. (Omae wa…)
Turret diver: You thought you were safe under your tower with your minions, huh? You thought so, didn’t you? Let me just turret dive, kill you, kill your minions and escape withouth taking any damage, or even regaining some health. And then why not, let’s wait my minioins and destroy your defenseless turret as well.
Anti- jungler: You thought you were going to kill that monster and get some exp, right? Let me steal that monster from you, and take your life as well.
Anti-ambushers/gankers (wtf?): You thought you took me by surprise, right? Let me quickly get away at light speed, and then come back for revenge.
Anti…well, anything: Oh, you are leaving your turret to attack mine? Ambush! Ah, you prefer staying safe under your turret? Turret Dive! Why don’t you try jungling next?
OneManArmy: They don’t need protection from Tanks, they can survive alone. They don’t need damage from Marksman, they already do enough. They don’t need CC from Mages, sometimes they even HAVE CC. They don’t need a Fighter to initiate the fight, there is not even a fight to initiate. They don’t need a Support, same as for tanks. But let’s suppose for a moment they decide to fight with a teammate. It’s over. I mean, i don’t need to talk about abominations like Karina+Angela, Jhonson+Hayabusa, or even dual assassins like the nightmaric Helcurt+Natalia, right?

On the other hand, they are still not perfect. They are vulnerable enough when fighting in disadvantage, usually a 3v1 is the minimal option to take them down (And still there are a lot of Fanny/Gusion/Lancelot montages on YT to prove me wrong.). They are not at their best in team fights, even if they still puck a punch. They cannot play just the objective really well (WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED!), they need farming. But they simply don’t care. As I said, team fights are rare in casual, they always have some 1v1 to take somewhere and they can ignore the objectives.
Because they are rewarded in doing so and still contribue to the team.

So here we are.
What do you get from a game that encourages you to focus on kills, a game that gives you perfect opportunity to do so (the Assassins), where playing like this is super easy and rewarding?
Solution: usually teams made of 2-3 assassins, no team fighting, and the blame when you loose because “Your Totally-under-level Estes has only 2 kills while their Super-farmed MvP Harley has 13 kills and so they did all the work and this team sucks elite noob uninstall.”

I'm done writing for now.
Gusion, Lancelot and Fanny Are Horrible In Mobile Legends
Gusion, Lancelot and Fanny Are Horrible In Mobile Legends YouTube
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• 6/21/2018

Worst things

Hello guys, sorry I didn't make guides for the excuse but this discussion is about "Worst Things about Mirror Mode".
I don't know why they picked Fanny and Sun for Mirror Mode and it was too complain with.
1. Fanny - You know Fanny needs buff right? Worst thing is 2 buffs in each sides would complain other of your teammates.
2. Sun - Sun is Naruto's wannabe, it would be worst for weak connections for this example, clone together of your teammates and about this 3 x 5 = 15, so it's 15 clones on each team would be more laggy. But this one probably the best ones for killing Lord so fast. (Avengers: Infinity War).
And what about other heroes?
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