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515 Unite Event Trailer Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

Something will happen in the Land of Dawn. Unite Together and Defend! Log in and Unlock Awesome Rewards during 515 Event. Watch 515 Event Trailer and Find More Details!


Invasion of Darkness The Defense of Dawn Trailer Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

Disaster is coming. What will happen in the Land of Dawn? Watch the latest Trailer - The Defense of Dawn for more details. Brave Warriors, join the fight to defend the Land of Dawn! #MobileLegendsBangBang #515UNITE


The Invasion of Monsters The Defense of Dawn - Chapter 2 Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

The monsters invaded the Land of Dawn. The land is suffering from this severe crisis.One's strength may be insignificant, but everyone's strength combined can resist the greatest evil! Brave warriors, watch Chapter 2 to learn more. Join the fight to destroy the invading monsters! #MobileLegendsBangBang #515UNITE


Let's Fight! Guard of Dawn! The Defense of Dawn - Chapter 3 Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

The Warrior of Dawn shows up and challenges the monsters. In order to protect the Land of Dawn and maintain the peace, he launches the final attack against them. Who on earth is this warrior? Watch Chapter 3 for more details. #MobileLegendsBangBang #515UNITE


The Final Seal The Defense of Dawn - Last Chapter Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

The final battle has begun. Will the rift be sealed with the power of people? Where will our Warrior, Harper, go... #MobileLegendsBangBang #515UNITE

Rules for Joining on 515 Unite

Rules for joining on 515 United

1. Time (server time): April 22nd to May 20th

2. Participate in the event only after logging in the website

3. It can be automatically logged in when jumping to the webpage through the game

4. Global energy and your energy will be increased by inviting your friends to this webpage through the link you shared

5. If your energy is not increased, please ask your friend to try it again after logging in on the page

6. Your energy can be used to redeem various rewards with different required energy and limits

7. When Global Energy reaches every progress, the limits of redeeming rewards will be refreshed.

8. At the same time, every player will receive a reward, which will be sent to your mailbox directly

9. You can get an extra reward by sharing the webpage for the first time when Global Energy reaches every progress; also every account will be able to get this reward once only

10. After receiving the rewards, it will be directly sent to the mailbox in game

11. There may be some delay in sending rewards. Please be patient. If you do not receive the award, please contact our customer service timely.

United and We Win

United and We Win


May 27
Pre-order & Get FREE Reward

May 4th
FREE Zilong's Skin

May 11th
FREE 515 Unite Exclusive Border

April 18 - Get FREE Hero Faramis

April 25 - Get FREE Faramis Skin!

June 1st - Get FREE Elite Skin

515 unite Events.JPG


Theme Song: 515 Unite Theme Song


515 Unite Theme Song Trailer Mobile Legends Bang Bang!


V - MET x 515 Unite

During the event period, entering the lobby will play the 515 Unite Theme Song: Bang Bang.