Latest Advanced Server version: Patch Note 1.4.94

Latest New Hero in Advance Server
Dino Rider
Dino Rider
Latest Revamped Hero in Advance Server
Warrior of Dawn
Warrior of Dawn

Advanced Server is a test server for Mobile Legends in which newer content is released first. This server is separate from Original Server, thus heroes, skins, etc that players have in one server will not carry over to another. Before entering this server, the player must at least be level 20 and eligible. It must be an Android user in the Southeast Asia Region with a stable network.

Here you will find Patch Notes for Advanced Server. These changes are all highly tentative and are all subject to change. Either append or update this information for the new Advanced Server update.

Note: Project NEXT Heroes and Revamped Heroes are different, as Revamped Heroes will be released separately from Project NEXT Heroes and don't have a specified release date, while Project NEXT Heroes are expected to release around the 4th Quarter of 2020.


New Heroes
Project NEXT Heroes
Affected Non-testing Heroes
Testing Heroes

Barats Barats

  • Name: Renamed from Barts to Barats and his pet from Rahal to Detona
  • Base Stats: Attack Speed increased by 10%. Slightly shortened the cast animation of his Basic Attack Basic Attack.
  • I AM BIG! I AM BIG! - Reduced gained Hybrid Defense from 6 to 3, added Resilience gained by 3% per stack of Big Guy. Detona's enhanced Basic Attack Basic Attack will now be able to detonate marks on nearby enemies. Mark Detonation will now restore Barats' 8% of his Max HP and damage of mark detonation adjusted from 100% Total Physical Attack + 12% of the target's Max HP to 1205 Total Physical Attack + 18% of the target's Max HP.
  • So-Called Teamwork So-Called Teamwork - Base oil damage reduced from 75-200 to 60-160. Mana cost increased from 44-84 to 50-100. Increased the delay between the oil damage and the detonation damage.
  • Missiles Expert Missiles Expert - Base damage reduced from 300-450 to 200-350. Mana cost increased from 65-115 to 90-140. Increased the delay between missile landing and flame sprouting.

Khaleed Khaleed

  • Base Stats: Physical Attack Growth increased by 1.5 and HP Growth increased by 10.
  • Quicksand Guard Quicksand Guard - Base HP Restoration adjusted from 75-125 to 60-135. HP Restoration Bonus adjusted from 9%-14% to 7.5%-15%. Damage Reduction reduced from 80% to 60%-80%. Cooldown increased from 22-15s to 22-17s.
  • Raging Sandstorm Raging Sandstorm - Optimized skill animation so that Khaleed can smash the target more rapidly now.
Non-testing Heroes

Vale Vale

  • Wind Blade Wind Blade - mana cost reduced from 90-115 to 75-100.
  • Windblow Windblow - whirlwind speed increased by 20%.
  • Windstorm Windstorm: Death - fixed the issue where the slow effect is invalid periodically.

Cyclops Cyclops

  • Planets Attack Planets Attack - decay ratio dealt to the same target increased from 50%-70% to 60%-90%.

Yu Zhong Yu Zhong

  • Cursing Touch Cursing Touch - HP Restoration from each stack consumption reduced from 8% to 6%. Movement Speed gained reduced from 40% to 30%.

Gatotkaca Gatotkaca

  • Steel Bones Steel Bones - HP Restoration from consuming Rage increased by 33%.
Battlefield Adjustments
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