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Latest Hero in the Advanced Server

Valentina | Prophetess of the Night

Latest Hero in the Original Server

Floryn | The Budding Hope

Latest Reborn Hero in the Original Server

Lancelot | Blade of Roses

Odette | Swan Princess

Hayabusa | Crimson Shadow

Kagura | Onymouji Master

Hero is a legendary being or person summoned to wage battle in Mobile Legends. They are the player-controlled characters in ML logo.png. As of September -th, 2021 | Patch 1.6.18, there are 108 heroes in the original server, with the latest being Floryn.png Floryn | The Budding Hope.

The other 5 latest heroes are:

  • Floryn.png Floryn | The Budding Hope
  • Aulus.png Aulus | Warrior of Ferocity
  • Natan.png Natan | Spacetime Walker
  • Phoveus.png Phoveus | Shadow of Dread
  • Gloo.png Gloo | Swamp Spirits

Upcoming Heroes: These heroes are not available in the Original Server. The newest heroes will arrive later in the Advanced Server. When including the upcoming heroes (the ones who are still present in the survey period before entering in the Advanced Server), there are a total of 111 heroes:

Revamped Heroes: Heroes are revamped when they are less viable, older, or highly overrated. The newly revamped heroes will be acknowledged via surveys. Most revamped heroes are reworked from their abilities like a minor revamp, whilst others will sometimes be given a new model and voice lines. These are the latest revamped heroes in the Advanced Server.


The latest revamped heroes in Patch 1.6.18 in the Original Server:

You can play the Weekly Free Heroes available within the game's rotation. Major Events will also let everyone access to all heroes for free.

Weekly Free Heroes are the free heroes that can be played weekly, but not permanently, and can't be used in Ranked Game unless you already own the hero.

Starlight Free Heroes are free heroes that can be played weekly and are one of the rewards of the Starlight Privileges which can be obtained only if you are a Starlight Member or have received a Starlight Trial Membership. You can play those heroes in Ranked Game mode, as well.

Players also have the option of buying new heroes with Battle Points (BP) BP Battle Points (BP), Hero Fragments Hero Fragment.png, Ticket.png Tickets, or Diamonds DM Diamonds. The minimal package for Battle Points starts at 2000 BP 2000, with the maximizing at 32,000 BP 32,000. Hero Fragments start at 80 Hero Fragment.png maxing at up to 120 Hero Fragment.png. Tickets start at around Ticket.png 299, maxing at Ticket.png 749, while Diamond packages start at 250 DM 250 and max at almost 599 DM 599.

Hero skins can only be bought with Diamonds or via a Lucky Spin (the ultimate reward resets every week and is accessible by going to Shop in the main menu and tapping Lucky Spin in the Draw Section). There is also another way to buy Heroes and Skins: by going to the Fragment Shop , which requires Premium Skin Fragment.png Premium , Rare Rare Skin Fragment.png, and Hero Hero Fragment.png Fragments which are difficult to obtain. The game rewards you with some early Battle Points in order to buy your first few heroes and to help with diverse gameplay. The New Arrival Shop can also reward you with Heroes or Skins similar to the Lucky Spin by spending 10 Crystal of Aurora.png for 1x, and 90 Crystal of Aurora.png for 10x. However, the rewards for Heroes are ranging from Hero Fragments, Trial Cards, to Permanent Hero. In addition to this, Mobile Legends regularly provides its users with numerous fun events and quests, which can be used to earn tons of different Heroes and Skins.

Recharging for the first time will get one of the heroes: Freya.png Freya, Chang'e.png Chang'e, and Moskov.png Moskov. Spending 3 Starlight Coin.png in Starlight Shop and you will receive Starlight Random Hero Bundle which contains one of the heroes: Yi Sun-Shin.png Yi Sun-Shin, Hylos.png Hylos, Alpha.png Alpha, Natalia.png Natalia, Faramis.png Faramis, and Kagura.png Kagura. Inside the Esports Menu, Chou.png Chou is purchasable by 88,000 GC (Guess Coins) through Guess Coins Reward Exchange.

Note: Freya.png Freya and Odette.png Odette are the only heroes who can't be bought with Battle Points BP Battle Points. Freya can only be bought by recharging a certain amount of diamonds (or with 599 DM 599 if players have not chosen Freya after their first top-up). Odette can also only be obtained in a special event, like the jigsaw event for the newbies or can be bought in the Fragment (Limited) or Lucky Shop using 20 Lucky Gem.png.

Every hero falls under a category based on their Primary and Secondary Role; and Playstyle, there are:

Note: If you notice a hero(es) is missing in the list, please update.

List of Heroes


Main Article: List of Heroes
The list shows all heroes as they are available in both servers, along with their assigned roles, specialties, laning recommendations, release years, and purchase costs, arranged in the alphabetical order of their names. Heroes who haven't yet received a purchase price or laning recommendation are those, who are still not available in the Original Server.

Cancelled Heroes

Unnamed Hero who may possibly look similar to Yasson race.

Main Article: Cancelled Heroes
Canceled heroes are heroes who have not been released in the Advanced Server for a long time and then canceled for unknown reasons.


Main Article: Hero Roles

There are a certain number of roles and specialties within the game, but there is a distinct difference between both "Roles" and "Specialties". In order to have a well functioning team throughout a game, it is important for players to know their particular role and their specialties within the heroes they use, as well as the differences between the two.

A role or class is a category that your character will play throughout the game. A total of 109 heroes are currently available at the moment in both original and advance server, and they all fall under one among the 6 classes – Tank Tank Icon.png, Fighter Fighter Icon.png, Assassin Assassin Icon.png, Mage Mage Icon.png, Marksman Marksman Icon.png , and Support Support Icon.png. Each of these classes have their unique stats and abilities, and some of them are stronger than others, whilst the same is weaken to certain other roles.

Note: Some heroes like Esmeralda.png Esmeralda, Kimmy.png Kimmy, and Selena.png Selena are called hybrid heroes or heroes that are classified from two different classes, but it doesn't mean they are stronger than single classed heroes.
Tank Icon.png
heroes are the most durable among all in mobile legends. These front-line giants help in attacking enemies. They're usually found leading the charge, choosing the right times and situations to initiate aggression. Many tanks can also protect their more fragile teammates by stunning or pushing around dangerous foes and limiting their damage potential. In mobile legends, most classes of heroes are really versatile in terms of abilities and with the item crafting variations a "tank" can be played as a DPS if you choose the right equipment. Usually, tanks are laning on the bottom tower. Tank has high defense and hit point, but low damage. When used properly, a tank could be the strongest hero in the game.
Fighter Icon.png
Fighters are close range combatants that possess a mix of offensive and defensive capabilities. While they don't have as much utility as a tank or as much damage as an assassin, a fighter's damage will add up over time to make it a major threat. Each fighter has a unique blend of mobility, damage, disruption and durability. Fighter is an intermediate melee heroes, between Tank durability or Assassin damage, hence make fighter serve as multi purpose combatant, such as Semi Tank, Crowd Controller, or Tank and Assassin.
Assassin Icon.png
An assassin is an agile hero that specializes in killing or disabling roaming targets picking them of as they try to replenish HP. Focused on infiltration, deception, and mobility, assassins are opportunistic hunters who find favorable moments within a fight before jumping into the fray. Regardless of the size of the enemy team, assassins specializes in positioning and artful killing. They strike when the time is right – no sooner, no later. Assassins are more suitable to be played by experienced players as they have low HP and high burst damage. They are ideal for taking out opponents easily, but are easier to be killed due to bad positioning and wrong timing.
Marksman Icon.png
is a type of role that has a high attack/damage and critical and distance. This type is commonly referred to as carry/ADC [Attack Damage Carry]. Marksman plays an important role in the game by defeating enemies from a distance. When using this hero, be smart to keep the distance with the hero of the opponent, because this type of hero usually has low durability and mobility in the early game. Marksman heroes always rely on Tanks. When using this type of hero, you should use gears that increase your attack speed, because in addition to kill the enemy, Marksman can also destroy the tower quickly.
Mage Icon.png
A magician, (commonly known as Mage in most MOBA games) is a magic damage dealer and an important role in any team composition. Their strengths are in their abilities and not usually their basic attacks. They, however, tend to be squishy and are a priority target in team fights due to their burst damage and crowd control abilities.
The Sup
Support Icon.png
role is to aid and help protect your allies in any situation. Your role is is to shield or heal them, to tanking some damage or sacrificing yourself to keep others alive. You are often giving up the glorious kills in the game to support others, but in the end its usually the support to secure the true MVP award. Support heroes usually lane with the marksman in top lane or at mid lane in order to be able to travel quickly where they are needed.


Main Article: Hero Specialties

Hero Specialty is the expertise of a hero, which they greatly excel in. There are a total of 15 kinds of specialties, namely Regen, Crowd Control, Control, Reap, Charge, Chase, Push, Damage, Mixed Damage, Magic Damage, Burst, Poke, Initiator, Guard, and Support.

  • Regen: This specialty allows a hero to self-regenerate HP, while in the battlefield or also, allows them to regenerate the HP of their allies (otherwise stated). These heroes have a higher chance of survivability, especially during teamfights.
  • Crowd Control: This specialty allows a hero to control or merely interrupt the enemy heroes on the battlefield with skills that can inflict status change to a hero, such as: slow down, silence, freeze, suppress, stun, knock up, knockback, or immobilize.
  • Control: Control is the specialty assigned to heroes that have skillsets that make enemies be controlled for a longer period of time and make them vulnerable to damage.
  • Reap: This specialty helps a hero in harassing and preventing opponents from farming or pushing. Most of the heroes that have this specialty are the marksmen and assassins. This specialty helps in finishing off fleeing enemies and obtaining last hits, with comparative ease.
  • Charge: This specialty allows a hero to catch an enemy with blink skills like dive, jump, teleport, or dash.
  • Chase: Chase is a specialty assigned to heroes that specializes in chasing down fleeing enemies in and out battles. Their skillsets include mobility skills that when used with the right timing and proper positioning, they could instantly close the gap between them and their enemy and kill them.
  • Push: This specialty helps in easier killing of minions or jungle creeps and in also in faster turret pushing, with their skills, because they can deal high damage to turrets when compared to heroes without this specialty.
  • Damage: This specialty allows a hero to deal a range of low to average damage, within a long period of time. This is good for harassing enemies or reducing the opponents' HP consistently, and bit by bit. This specialty is very superior in the early game laning phase, where everybody still stays cautious in exchanging attacks.
  • Mixed Damage: Mixed Damage is the specialty assigned to heroes that have abilities that benefits from both Physical Attack and Magic Power that allows them to deal both Physical and Magic Damage and have more diverse and strategic gameplay on which they can adapt during a match and combo certain emblems or equipment that normally wouldn't be possible.
  • Magic Damage: Magic Damage is the specialty assigned to heroes that deal Magic Damage but aren't necessarily considered as Mages due to their playstyles and skillsets. They do not benefit from Physical stats such as Physical PEN or Physical Lifesteal but instead benefit from Magic stats such as Magic PEN or Magical Lifesteal.
  • Burst: This specialty allows a hero to deal a range of average to high damage, within a short period of time. This specialty is good in ganking enemies as they can finish them off within a short span and is usually used by mages and assassins. Heroes with this specialty are suitable to fight enemy heroes who have a smaller amount of HP because a hero with this specialty is able to kill off low HP enemies quickly in a short notice.
  • Poke: This specialty allows a hero to harass enemies, with long-ranged attacks, dealing decent damage and making them fall back from their lane. It can be used to stop the enemies from attacking, as these heroes can force the opponent to retreat, by using their poke skills.
  • Initiator: This specialty allows a hero to start or initiate a teamfight by using a powerful multi-unit skill. This specialty is also known as 'Setter'.
  • Guard: Guard is the specialty assigned to heroes that are protectors of their team and usually serve to make sure their team and their carries are safe. They are equipped with skills that make sure that their Carry won't be killed throughout the whole game and provides the vision for the entire team.
  • Support: Support is the specialty assigned to Heroes, who possess skills that interacts with other allied heroes and moreover aid them in ways such as teleporting or transporting allies to designated locations across the map and providing damage resistance.

Laning Roles

There are a total of 5 laning roles which are also taken by 5 players and namely, Roam, Jungle, Mid Lane, EXP Lane, and Gold Lane.

Roamers are often associated with Supports Support Icon.png or Tanks Tank Icon.png.

Roamers can have strong early-game combat and teamfight capabilities without relying on equipment. It is recommended to buying Roaming Equipment Items and follow a teammate in the early game to get extra gold and experience.
Junglers are often associated with Assassins Assassin Icon.png.

They have high mobility and have the potential to burst on single targets. In the early game, they can level up quickly by killing creeps and find chances to kill lone enemies by teamwork. It is recommended to buy Jungling Equipment Items and use Spells Retribution.png Retribution to get bonus from killing creeps.
Mid Laners are often associated with Mage Mage Icon.png.

After reaching a certain level, they can deal considerable AoE damage to clear lanes efficiently. It is recommended to take advantage of turrents to farm steadily in the early game, and be ready to back up and roam in the middle game.
EXP Laners are often associated with Fighters Fighter Icon.png and Tanks Tank Icon.png.

They can both fight, tank and level up quickly by killing Siege Minions that offer extra EXP.
In the early game, they can make a great contribution in scrambling for the first Turtle.
Gold Laners are often associated with Marksmen Marksman Icon.png.

This is the side lane that is far away from the location where the first Turtle spawns. Gold Laners are reletively weak in the early game, but can accumulate equipment items more quickly by killing the Siege Minions that offer extra gold, which can provide the team with a strong continous damage ability in the late game.

Meta Heroes

Main Article: Meta Heroes
Meta heroes are usually the recently released ones or recently buffed ones, with overpowering skills, or naturally, the ones that most commonly or very rarely banned in Draft Pick-Ranked Game. The meta heroes mostly include most heroes who deserve urgent nerfs and some heroes who were totally nerfed in a row, without a buff, due to their low chances of being banned. They are the ones who shift the hero picks for every game you play, forcing you to try your luck around with multiple heroes, and making the matchup more intense.


Main Article: Land of Dawn

Note: It should be noted that some factions are not clearly stated/named in the game's lore. Some Factions are based on the Magic Chess Synergy. Some names of the factions are non-canon, which is not the official name.


  • Rafaela.png Rafaela, Johnson.png Johnson, Layla.png Layla, Cyclops.png Cyclops, and Saber.png Saber are members of the S.A.B.E.R. Squad.
    • After Patch Notes 1.2.76, They added new entry voices.
    • All the names of their skins are matched from the name of the squad.
      • Strangely, Cyclops has been renamed to Blaster from Exploder (In the Advance Server). The reasons for renaming still remain, unknown.
        • Later, Exploder was changed to Enforcer.
    • In Patch 1.5.88, S.A.B.E.R. Squad has a new background, entrance animation, and new voice lines.
  • Angela.png AngelaGusion.png GusionHanabi.png HanabiHarley.png Harley, and Grock.png Grock are members of the V.E.N.O.M. Squad
    • This squad rivals S.A.B.E.R., is in control of the metropolitan city, Zlatan.
    • Each corresponding heroes have their own lores and background stories, with provided comics and illustrations, which are also under temporary notes for addition to this wiki.
    • Despite their squad name, none of the members' (Vespid, Emperor Scorpion, Nephila, Octopus or Monitor Lizard) venoms are actually neither fatal nor harmful enough, to humans or any other creatures, to cause certain death.
      • In fact, Vespid venom can actually be mixed with medicine and be used as an injected remedy to cure a number of illnesses.
      • Gusion.png Gusion and Harley.png Harley received in both Assassin Role.
  • Tigreal.png Tigreal, Fanny.png Fanny, Alucard.png Alucard, Granger.png Granger, and Harith.png Harith are the members of the Lightborn Squad.
    • These warriors are the chevaliers of the Moniyan Empire and they ought to protect its glory and fight the Abyssal Demons.
    • Fanny.png Fanny and Alucard.png Alucard received in both Assassin Role.
    • Different with another skins, Ranger Lightborn has have a wings.
    • Silvanna.png Silvanna is one of them, according, to the game's lore, however, she has no special skin of this type, but instead only the default one which pretty much matches the color scheme. Kimmy.png Kimmy is also said to play a major role, here, as a protector of the Moniyan Empire.
  • However, Valir.png Valir, Estes.png Estes, Masha.png Masha, Ling.png Ling, and Kimmy.png Kimmy are the members of the Dragon Tamer Squad.
    • This squad aims to help the Guardian Dragons, fight back the Kraken and eradicate their evil dominance, in the Dragon Altar.
  • Aldous.png Aldous, Franco.png Franco, Layla.png Layla, Esmeralda.png Esmeralda, and Claude.png Claude are members of the Blazing Bounties Squad.
    • Layla.png Layla and Claude.png Claude received in both Marksman Role.
    • Franco.png Franco and Esmeralda.png Esmeralda received in both Tank Role.
    • Blazing Gun can be obtained by Blazing Gun's Call Event after release on November 17, 2020.
      • As of December 2, 2020 Blazing Gun is now available on purchasing with 899 DM 899 Diamonds.
  • Bruno.png Bruno, Lancelot.png Lancelot, Chou.png Chou, Vale.png Vale and Esmeralda.png Esmeralda are members of the HERO Squad.
    • All HERO Squad Skins only purchasable in limited events.
  • Chou.png Chou, Brody.png Brody and Selena.png Selena are members of the S.T.U.N. Squad.
  • In fact, some heroes was have more than 1 Squad Skins, thats are:
  • Some heroes, who have Seasonal/Special skins are:
  • Alucard.png Alucard, Karrie.png Karrie, Minotaur.png Minotaur, Valir.png Valir, Irithel.png Irithel, Gord.png Gord, Tigreal.png Tigreal, Martis.png Martis and Leomord.png Leomord all have Inferno-themed skins and are also referred to as the Hell squad.
  • Balmond.png Balmond, Nana.png Nana, Karina.png Karina and Eudora.png Eudora are the only heroes to have 3 complimentary skins with their same entry.
    • Saber.png Saber, Alucard.png Alucard and Gord.png Gord were like this, until Alucard's default skin was revamped and so were Saber and Gord's first and second skins.
  • Hylos.png Hylos is the only hero who doesn't have a complimentary skin with a same entry of his default skin.
  • Miya.png Miya, Saber.png Saber, Gord.png Gord, Alucard.png Alucard,  Lesley.png Lesley, Gusion.png Gusion and Granger.png Granger are the only heroes with Legendary skins.
  • Alucard.png Alucard and Clint.png Clint are the only heroes with their default skin to be remade with different entry, but not their complimentary skins. (Lone Hero and Fiery Inferno for Alucard and Sun 'n' Sand for Clint.)
    • Although Kagura.png Kagura has a complimentary skin (Flower Season), her entries were bit different when comparing it to her default skin.
    • Miya.png Miya, Karina.png Karina, Franco.png Franco, Eudora.png Eudora, Lolita.png Lolita, Hayabusa.png Hayabusa, Chou.png Chou and Sun.png Sun are also the only heroes with the entries of their complimentary skins to be changed without re-modeling after their first skin re-model.
  • Only 6 heroes received the limited edition, special King of Fighters collaboration skins, namely:
  • Paquito.png Paquito received the exclusive regional edition, special Manny Pacquiao collaboration skins.
    • Manny Pacquiao Skins can only be available purchase in countries Asia Server: Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia
  • Only some heroes received the limited edition, special Star Wars collaboration skins, namely:
    • Argus.png Argus - Darth Vader
    • Cyclops.png Cyclops - Master Yoda
    • Star Wars Skins can only be available purchase and authorized in the regions areas: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, East Timor, and Japan.
  • Some heroes get particular repainted versions of their existing skins, that is, mostly Elite and Special skin types, and rarely Epic Skin type too. For further insight, please look into Painted Skins.
  • Upon introduction of Mastery Codes, there were also a couple of heroes, receiving a Sacred Statue. Sacred Statues grants +5 star-raising bonus points and can only be used in 5v5 matches. For further insight, please look into Sacred Statue.
  • Carmilla.png Carmilla and Cecilion.png Cecilion are the only couple heroes who have their complimentary skins shared.

  • Angela.png Angela, Rafaela.png Rafaela, Minotaur.png Minotaur and Estes.png Estes are only heroes who can heal themselves and nearby allies.
  • Roger.png Roger and Selena.png Selena are the only two heroes that can transform into another form, even in the early game.
  • Most of the old heroes in the game have been reworked, at least once in their model and/or one or multiple skills (not including the most recent heroes).
    • Johnson.png Johnson, Lolita.png Lolita, Sun.png Sun, Clint.png Clint, Akai.png Akai, Hayabusa.png Hayabusa, Minotaur.png Minotaur, Bane.png Bane, Kagura.png Kagura, Nana.png Nana, Valir.png Valir, Belerick.png Belerick and Freya.png Freya were reworked almost completely, including their skills and model.
      • Clint.png Clint was the very first hero to be reworked. He is also the only hero whose rework was specifically aimed to nerf him, as he was considered too powerful and less tactical than intended; all the other reworked heroes received significant buffs in playstyle, with Johnson now being one of the top heroes in the game.
    • Alice.png Alice, Gord.png Gord, and Rafaela.png Rafaela got their model reworked, but with less significant changes to their skills.
    • Chou.png Chou, Zilong.png Zilong, Eudora.png Eudora, Freya.png Freya, Franco.png Franco, and Layla.png Layla got their models considerably reworked but kept almost identical skills. However, Freya's skills were given a slight buff.
    • Kagura.png Kagura, Vexana.png Vexana, Gatotkaca.png Gatotkaca, Yi Sun-Shin.png Yi Sun-Shin (2019), Hayabusa.png HayabusaZhask.png Zhask, Badang.png Badang, Bruno.png Bruno, Pharsa.png Pharsa, Natalia.png Natalia, Hanzo.png Hanzo, and Lancelot.png Lancelot got a rework in their skills but kept the same model.
    • Almost every other hero only got minor reworks of some sort in their model, portrait, or skills, or were changed only in early stages of the game (Miya.png MiyaTigreal.png Tigreal,...) and were left, basically untouched since then.
  • The only pair/group of heroes with a buff or bonus when playing together are Lesley.png Lesley and Harley.png Harley, Carmilla.png Carmilla and Cecilion.png Cecilion.
    • Dyrroth.png Dyrroth, and Silvanna.png Silvanna have their own buff too when they are against each other on the battlefield.
    • It is very similar to the Oriental Fighters, if at least 2 of the members are playing together, they receive a special buff, of up to 4 members. The more members you play with, the higher buff you get.
    • In the future, some bonuses might be given to other pairs/groups of related heroes, such as S.A.B.E.R. Squad, Lancelot and Odette, Karina and Selena, Vale and Valir, etc.
  • Aurora.png Aurora is the only hero in the game who can freeze enemies by triggering her passive: Pride of Ice.png Pride of Ice.
    • However, before Miya.png Miya's new revamp in Project NEXT: Phase 1, she could freeze her enemies using her Rain of Arrows.png Rain of Arrows. Miya's current replaced second skill to Arrow of Eclipse.png Arrow of Eclipse will now immobilize the enemies, making Aurora.png Aurora be the only hero with a freeze effect.
  • Zhask.png Zhask, Lunox.png Lunox, Masha.png Masha, Pharsa.png Pharsa, Popol and Kupa.png Popol and Kupa, Yu Zhong.png Yu Zhong and Sun.png Sun are the only heroes with more than 3 active abilities without transforming.
    • The latter has the most number of abilities with 5, surpassing Zhask (with 4).
    • However, Lunox's first and second skills are upgraded simultaneously and share cooldown time when one is used; thus they could be technically be counted as two versions of the same skill, similar to her ultimate.
    • Before Pharsa's revamped, she had only 3 active abilities.
    • Masha and Pharsa's fourth skills have no upgraded skills compare to the Zhask, Popol, and Yu Zhong's last skills.
    • In the development of Luo Yi.png Luo Yi's abilities, she had 4 skills, but in the later patch, she was reworked making it into 3 skills.
    • Cecilion.png Cecilion too has the fourth skill; However, it can be accessed only in the presence of his lover Carmilla.png Carmilla, and is more of an in-game pair buff within Moonlit Waltz.png Moonlit Waltz.
  • Additional lines of the hero can be found in their skill descriptions.
  • In a single update, Patch 1.4.60, 4 heroes were revamped: Freya.png Freya, Lancelot.png Lancelot, Hanzo.png Hanzo, and Natalia.png Natalia.

    • Balmond.png Balmond, Nana.png Nana, Belerick.png Belerick, Freya.png Freya, Yi Sun-Shin.png Yi Sun-Shin, Eudora.png Eudora, Zilong.png Zilong, Miya.png Miya, Saber.png Saber, Alucard.png Alucard, Layla.png Layla, and Lapu-Lapu.png Lapu-Lapu are the only heroes who have their voice lines and actors changed.
    • Diggie.png Diggie, Nana.png Nana, Harley.png Harley, Harith.png Harith, Angela.png Angela, Chang'e.png Chang'e, Lylia.png Lylia, Ruby.png Ruby, Popol and Kupa.png Popol and Wanwan.png Wanwan are the only child-like heroes in the game.
      • Harley is an 8 year old-boy.
      • Lolita, Harith, Dyrroth, Wanwan and Mathilda is confirmed to be 15 years old.
      • This was also true for Lolita.png Lolita before she was reworked. She now looks like, more of a teenager.
      • Although, as a matter of fact, Chang'e is actually a couple of hundred years old.
      • Jawhead.png Jawhead is the only hero who carries a companion (Ailee) that does not help him in the fight
    • Vale.png Vale, Valir.png Valir, Kadita.png Kadita, Grock.png Grock, and Uranus.png Uranus are the only heroes with the powers of Greek classical elements.
    • Johnson.png Johnson, Alpha.png Alpha, Angela.png Angela, Jawhead.png Jawhead, X.Borg.png X.Borg, Saber.png Saber, and Atlas.png Atlas are only the heroes who are robots or mechanicals.
      • Most of them are Cyborgs, except Angela and Jawhead that are fully mechanical heroes.
      • Cyclops.png Cyclops' S.A.B.E.R. Squad skin is the only fully mechanical hero who is originally biological. The reasons for this change are unknown.
      • Additionally, Johnson.png Johnson and X.Borg.png X.Borg were born humans, who were later transformed into humanoid cyborgs. This information can be found in their respective lores.
    • A particular case regards Roger.png Roger, who had a minor rework after Patch 1.2.70. The only change was the cigarette he put in his mouth is removed because of the international laws, regarding cigarettes. Now, he can be seen on his entry animation putting a wolf pin on his coat (it also applies for his Dark Gent skin, but with a rose instead). A similar change for the same reason was made to Yi Sun-Shin.png Yi Sun-Shin's skin "Apocalypse Agent" 's entry animation, where he no longer smokes a cigarette but can be seen drinking vine, from a flask.
      • Saber.png Saber is the only one who can transform, as it is seen upon his hero select animation, executing his ultimate skill and his recall animation.
    • There are only 12 heroes with full names.
    • Many heroes are directly inspired by characters from Magic Rush, another game developed by Moonton (but published by Elex in Google Play Store).
      • Some of them share the same design, such as Alpha.png Alpha, Akai.png Akai, Helcurt.png Helcurt, and Ruby.png Ruby.
      • Others have the same voice acting and quotes, such as Franco.png Franco, Bane.png Bane, Fanny.png Fanny and Nana.png Nana (this may have been a choice to reduce production times and expenses).
    • The current list of Sibling Heroes are as follows:
      • Lesley.png Lesley / Harley.png Harley (adoptive and the only pair to have a special buff for them in-game)
      • Lancelot.png Lancelot / Guinevere.png Guinevere
      • Karina.png Karina / Selena.png Selena
      • Zilong.png Zilong / Chang'e.png Chang'e
      • Tigreal.png Tigreal / Fanny.png Fanny
      • Rafaela.png Rafaela / Argus.png Argus
      • Miya.png Miya / Estes.png Estes
      • Gusion.png Gusion / Aamon.png Aamon
      • Silvanna.png Silvanna / Dyrroth.png Dyrroth (they are no longer allies but Silvanna persistently considered her brother. They also have a special buff for them in-game, but only when they are in the opposite team)
      • In Kimmy.png Kimmy's early development stages, she was presumed to be released as Layla.png Layla's sister, this idea was scratched however as Kimmy was a Moniyan Ally, whilst Layla is from the city of Eruditio.
        • In addition to this, her original name was Mary, Splat Queen.
    • The current list of heroes with romantic relationships are as follows:
      • Lancelot.png Lancelot / Odette.png Odette (Lovers)
        • They are the most obvious lovers in-game, however, with no special buff for them in-game.
      • Khufra.png Khufra / Esmeralda.png Esmeralda (Enemies?)
        • Although it is often speculated that Khufra and Esmeralda had been lovers in the past, this is untrue. In fact, it might be Esmeralda's ancestor instead, or a fellow astrologer. She is able to feel sorrow for the past failure of their love, but nevertheless, took the task upon herself to lock Khufra in his boundaries.
      • Hayabusa.png Hayabusa / Kagura.png Kagura (Lovers)
        • Formerly assumed to be childhood friends, it was later confirmed that the two had been 'Childhood Sweethearts' instead.
      • Hayabusa.png Hayabusa / Hanabi.png Hanabi (???)
        • Although, Hayabusa and Hanabi were considered to be childhood rivals, it was said that Hanabi had taken a secret liking towards her rival. She was always jealous when she saw Hayabusa spend time with Kagura. Later on, though, she had once again made her mind to not waste time on petty things like love.
      • Gusion.png Gusion / Guinevere.png Guinevere (???)
        • Although their relationship is unknown, it is a fact that the two of them show mutual affection and love for one another, although unnoticed, it is definitely mutual. Guinevere, however, might be engaged by agreement to one of Gusion's brothers.
      • Harith.png Harith / Nana.png Nana (???)
        • It was said that Nana had feelings for Harith, though the latter rejected and insisted that she stay clear of him, in worry of her safety.
      • Carmilla.png Carmilla / Cecilion.png Cecilion (Lovers)
        • They are the closest lovers in the game and also have their unique ability, the only interactive skill, Moonlit Waltz.png Moonlit Waltz.
    • Zilong.png Zilong, Baxia.png Baxia, Ling.png Ling, and Wanwan.png Wanwan are the members of the Oriental Fighters
    • In 2020, Clint.png Clint, Tigreal.png Tigreal, and Zilong.png Zilong's model were tweaked. White hair and small hats for Clint, remodeled shield for Tigreal, and a new hairstyle for Zilong.
    • Zilong.png Zilong, Irithel.png Irithel, Diggie.png Diggie, Pharsa.png Pharsa, Gusion.png Gusion, Aldous.png Aldous, Kimmy.png Kimmy, Harith.png Harith, Dyrroth.png Dyrroth, Baxia.png Baxia, Ling.png Ling, Luo Yi.png Luo Yi, Yu Zhong.png Yu Zhong, Benedetta.png Benedetta, Barats.png Barats, Brody.png Brody, Paquito.png Paquito, Yve.png Yve, Beatrix.png Beatrix, Gloo.png Gloo and Natan.png Natan have their old names during their development stages: Yun Zhao, Mona, Digger, Fasha, Gossen, Aulrad, Mary, Lambert, Darius/Dyrus, Bixi, Rynn, Yi, Chong, Bella, Barts, Protti, Parry, Lobe, Boudicca, Daktec and Zandrinn/Newt/Nathan respectively.
      • Zilong was once named Yun Zhao, which was later changed into Zhao Yun, and then the current name.
      • Before Rynn, It was named Zoe, and Qingque is the codename before its showcase in the Advanced Server.
      • For Luo Yi, Yi may disambiguate the name from Yi Sun-Shin.png Yi Sun-Shin.
      • In the situation of Yu Zhong, many players are offended because of its name (the original), since it unintentionally referred to something that is unknown.
      • Barats was not only one renamed himself, but also his partner Detona which was previously named Rahal.
    • Faramis.png Faramis, Belerick.png Belerick, Silvanna.png Silvanna, Luo Yi.png Luo Yi, Benedetta.png Benedetta, Mathilda.png Mathilda and Phoveus.png Phoveus are the only heroes whom you can get for free by logging-in during certain Major Events.
    • Kagura.png Kagura and Luo Yi.png Luo Yi are the heroes to use the concept of Yin-yang.

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