Alucard was born in the capitol of the empire. His parents were once mentors to Tigreal's Order of Knights. In one of the Order's trial missions, Tigreal's overconfidence led to Alucard's parents sacrificing their lives in order to save him from demons. Unable to accept this harsh reality, Alucard went into the territory of the demons in order to search for his parents. All he found on the battle, however, was the family crest worn on his parent's chest. He was then suddenly ambushed by the demons, who captured and tortured him for months. He was eventually freed by a demon hunter, after which he took up refuge as a resident of the Temple of Light.

Alucard's youth was full of tragedy. During his captivity his mind was consumed with surviving moment to moment, and the rage within his heart was buried. Though he was humiliated countless times by hs demon captors, he never gave up his desire for revenge. It was this desire that gave him strength to survive his months of imprisonment. Alucard became drawn to the abilities of the demons hunter who rescued him. Unwilling to return to the Order of Imperial Knights that him feel nothing but sadness, he went with the demon hunter to the Temple of Light. He trained there for multiple years, becoming an exceptional demon hunter himself. He spend his days researching how to better hunt and kill demons. Holding nothing but the hate for demons in his heart, he follow the three principles of the demons hunters: independence from all organizations and territories; no mercy for even a single demon; no "last" missions. Most mysterious about him are the demonic claws on his right hands; nobody knows what they are or how they got there.