The Announcer in the game announces all the event that is happening through out the game and is voiced by Cristina Valenzuela.


"Welcome to Mobile Legends!"
"Five seconds till the enemy reaches the battlefield, smash them!"
"All troops deployed!"

MCL Tournament

File:Anouncer.start04.ogg"Welcome to MCL Quarterfinals!"
File:Anouncer.start05.ogg"Welcome to MCL Semifinals!"
File:Anouncer.start06.ogg"Welcome to MCL Finals!"

Being Slain

"First Blood!"
"You have slain an enemy!"
"Wiped Out"
"An Enemy has been slain"
"An Ally has been slain"
"You have been slain"
"Shut Down!"

Single Streak

"Double Kill!"
"Triple Kill!"
"Enemy Double Kill!"
"Enemy Triple Kill!"
"Enemy Maniac!"
"Enemy Savage!"

One-At-A-Time Streak

"Killing Spree!"
"Mega Kill!"
"Monster Kill!"
"Enemy Killing Spree!"
"Enemy Rampage!"
"Enemy Unstoppable!"
"Enemy Dominating!"
"Enemy God-like!"
"Enemy Legendary!"


"You destroyed a Turret!"
"Your team destroyed a Turret"
"Our Turret is under attack!"
"Our Turret has been destroyed."
"Our Base is under attack!"
File:Anouncer.kill47.ogg"Our Inhibitor Turret is under attack!"


"An ally has slain the Turtle!"
"An ally has slain Lord!"
"The enemy has slain the Turtle!"
"The enemy has slain Lord!"
"Turtle resurrecting soon"
"Lord resurrecting soon"


"Launch Attack!"
"Initiate Retreat!"
"Request Backup!"

Smart Battlefield Message

File:Anouncer.kill55.ogg"Battle spell is ready."
File:Anouncer.kill56.ogg"Battle spell in cooldown."
File:Anouncer.kill57.ogg"Ult is not ready yet."
File:Anouncer.kill59.ogg"We’re even in turrets."
File:Anouncer.kill60.ogg"We’re ahead in turrets."
File:Anouncer.kill61.ogg"We’re behind in turrets."
File:Anouncer.kill62.ogg"We’re even in gold!"
File:Anouncer.kill63.ogg"We’re ahead in gold!"
File:Anouncer.kill64.ogg"We’re behind in gold."
File:Anouncer.kill65.ogg"Attack the Turtle!"
File:Anouncer.kill66.ogg"Attack the Lord!"



End/MCL Win

File:Anouncer.kill53.ogg"VICTORY! Welcome to Semifinals!"
File:Anouncer.kill54.ogg"VICTORY! Welcome to Finals!"
File:Anouncer.kill55.ogg"You are the winner of MCL!"


"Quadra Kill!"
"Penta Kill!"
"Enemy Quadra Kill!"
"Enemy Penta Kill!"


  • Quadra Kill and Penta Kill were the old Maniac and Savage, while Ace was the old Wiped Out.
  • Aside from voicing the announcer, Cristina Vee also voices Kagura.png Kagura and Lolita.png Lolita
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