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Arcade Modes is an additional game mode in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that can time-to-time be playable during Special Events, Holidays, or Occasion. The mode feature various strategy based sub-games, that are listed below.

In update Patch Note 1.4.60, Magic Chess was included as a permanent arcade game mode, after temporality being added in January 2020.

Moonton's Official Patch Note 1.4.86 Statement: After 2 years released, we're planning to add more new contents to this mode. That is to say, there will be a significant update in the future. Therefore, there is going to be the first season settlement of the Survival Mode along with the S16 Settlement. You will receive the reward according to your division in the Survival Mode. Meanwhile, your division will be reset. Survival Mode will be unavailable for a period of time for upgrades and optimizations. The new Survival Mode will be back as soon as the upgrade is complete. Stay tuned and let's join in the Magic Chess during this period!


Intense, Fast-pace, Exciting, 5v5 Arcade!

In the past, this game didn't really have an official name. Back when Easter 2017 came, this Game Mode was first released and it was simply called Easter. The gameplay was different, with consumable Eggs scattered through the map, each type giving different buffs; only some heroes were playable and some of their skills were modified for this Game Mode, you also started at level 4; the mode was then removed when Easter ended. Then Summer Carnival came and it had the same features as Easter, but the Map was modified to fit the Summer theme, as well as using bonus Fruits instead of Easter Eggs. During Halloween, this mode came back again with the same feature as Summer Carnival, Modified Skills, Candies as bonus items, and Halloween themed Map. Then Christmas came and the mode had the same features; however, while the Map was changed to fit Christmas, candies were kept as consumables. Finally, Mayhem Mode was introduced: this time the Game Mode didn't have consumables, but it had Modified Skills and Map Changes.

There are only 50 heroes available in this mode.


Duels of the same hero but using different tactics!

Mirror mode uses the same map as Bruno Cup Mayhem mode (in fact, the map's layout, the Lord, and minions have the same theme), however, during the selection phase, in each team, the players will upvote one amongst the six randomly picked heroes. The one with most votes will be the chosen hero for their entire team. Like Mayhem mode, the players will start at hero level 4 and receive 900 gold. Just as with all game modes, the objective is to destroy the enemy base.


Will you be the one who stands to the last?

Survival is similar to any other Battle Royale game, but with few tweaks in order to fit in Mobile Legends. Survival only works with teams of 3 players in a 99 Players battle (33 Teams) and the Map won't be Celestial Palace or Western Expanse, as in other game modes, it will rather be settled on a unique Map, the Maze of Minos, which is a very large map to fit 99 Players in it. Survival only offers 15 selectable heroes, dividing them into three groups of 5: Physical, Magical, and Defense. Looting in this Game Mode is different from Battle Royales: you have to kill Creeps/Jungle Monster in order make them drop items, and there are 4 New Creeps in this Game Mode, each one with different chances of dropping items for the three categories. To find out more about this game mode click the highlighted text above.

Survival: Nexus

Enter into Eruditio and strive to be the last one standing.

In recent times, a most fascinating competition that grows in popularity by the day has taken Eruditio by storm. Known as "Survival: Nexus", it draws in participants from across Eruditio. Convenient terminals allow participants to control virtual Beatrix avatars using only their brainwaves, immersing themselves in a virtual realm. Here, they can take part in a tactical competition in which the last player standing receives a huge reward. Grab the chance while you can, adventurers, and join Survival: Nexus!


Play different heroes in a single-match!

It is another game type on Mobile Legends, the selection is much similar to survival whereby the player must choose a hero among the randomly selected heroes, whether owned or not. In gameplay, when the hero dies, the player must choose another hero. If there are two players who chose the same hero, he/she must choose another. There are two ways to achieve victory: either to destroy the enemy base or achieve 30 kills before the enemy does. In 2019, this is released in coordination with the Spring Festival. So, the battlefield is matched to this occasion.


In this mode, various food items can be found around the mode. By picking different food items up, players can get different buffs that enhances their hero abilities. Some Achievements are exclusive to Frenzy Mode and can only be achieved by playing this mode.

Food items can be found at the spot where some of the creeps are killed, a spot where some of the special minions are killed, a spot where enemy heroes are killed and supply spots inside the home and enemy base.

Food items List

Icon Food item Buff
Frenzy Gold.png Gold The next Kill/Assist yields large amounts of gold.
Frenzy Red Tin.png Red Tin Greatly enhance Attack Speed and Critical Rate.
Frenzy Candy Corn.png Candy Corn Become invisible. Using Basic Attack or Skills will force the hero to become visible again.
Frenzy Random.png Random Get a random effect (Gold, Red Tin, Candy Corn, Rubber Candy, Blue Tin, Green Tin, Hard Candy or Ham).
Frenzy Rubber Candy.png Rubber Candy Respawn upon death and restore all HP and Mana.
Frenzy Blue Tin.png Blue Tin Greatly reduces cool down of all skills and increases Mana regeneration speed.
Frenzy Green Tin.png Green Tin Greatly increases Movement Speed.
Frenzy Hard Candy.png Hard Candy Decrease defense power. Deals a large sum of damage to nearby enemies upon death and reduce the time of this respawn.
Frenzy Ham.png Ham Increases the size, as well as HP, Attack Power and Defense Power.


It was released on April 20, 2019.

In this game mode, 15 players are dropped in a map where they have to level up and evolve by collecting gems that are dropped by monsters or randomly spawn around the map, aiming to be the last player standing. Killing an enemy player won't eliminate them, they'll rather suffer a respawn penalty time and lose some experience; however, once the first player has reached Level 15 and becomes the "Devil", any death is permanent.

Monsters will also drop colored gems that permanently increase stats: Red Gem.png red gems increase physical attack, Blue Gem.png blue gems increase magical attack and Green Gem.png green gems increase HP. Different monsters drop different gems. Some higher-level monsters will also drop Battle Spells to equip; only one can be equipped at a time, as one is already given once reaching Level 6.


There is no champion select screen, all players start as Level 1 "Cells" and can evolve by reaching certain levels of experience.

Level 1: Cells

They cannot attack and have low health, but since everyone started in this state, it doesn't represent an issue. They're also the fastest mobs.

Monsters will not spawn at this stage of the game.

Level 3: Minions

Once reached Level 3, players can choose to evolve into Basic Minion, Ranged Minion or Ballista Minion.

Other than having different attack and speed, this choice also affects all later available evolutions.

After 1 minute has passed, monsters start to appear. At this stage, only blue and red gelatins will appear, but they won't attack players.

Level 6: Minor Monsters

Players will evolve in different monsters depending on which minion they choose. Minor monster will have one skill each.

Physical route: If the player has chosen Basic Minion, they will evolve in Giant Mouth or Crammer.

1. Giant Mouth's skill will deal damage to an enemy equal to a percentage of target's max HP.
2. Crammer's skill will greatly increase its lifesteal for some time.

Magical route: If the player has chosen Ranged Minion, they will evolve in Goblin or Crimson Lizard.

1. Goblin's skill will launch a high damaging energy ball in one direction.
2. Crimson Lizard's skill will create an energy area that continuously deals damage to enemies within.

Tank route: If the player has chosen Ballista Minion, they will evolve in Spinner or Death.

1. Spinner's skill will instantly regen a certain amount of HP.
2. Death's skill will continuously deal damage to surrounding enemies.

When reaching Level 6, players may also choose one of two random Battle Spells to equip for the rest of the match. The possible Battle Spells are Flicker, Sprint, Execute, Inspire and Aegis.

Level 9: Major Monsters Major monsters will have two skills, many of which are inspired by existing heroes' skill or by attacks that these monsters perform in other game modes.

If the player has chosen Physical route, they will evolve in Gargoyle or Cleaver

1. Gargoyle's skill 1 will increase its movement speed for a while, skill 2 will increase its attack.
2. Cleaver's skill 1 is a blink similar to Flicker, its skill 2 is its signature delayed wave attack from other game modes.

If the player has chosen the Magical route, they will evolve in Pioneer or Statued Chaser.

1. Pioneer's skill 1 launches an orb that will block enemies similar to Cyclops Ultimate, skill 2 is its signature poison trap from other game modes, but in a straight line.
2. Statued Chaser's skill 1 resembles Gusion's first skill (they will throw a dagger in a direction, and if it hits an enemy the skill can be used again to chase them); skill 2 will attack enemies in front of it, dealing great damage.

If the player has chosen Tank evolution, they will evolve in Statued Shocker or Core Guard.

1. Statued Shocker's skill 1 will improve its next basic attack, which will stun enemies; skill 2 will provide them with a shield that will explode after some time or when it's destroyed, similar to Uranus' second skill.
2. Core Guard's skill 1 will taunt nearby enemies, forcing them to attack, skill 2 will reflect damage received for a period of time. (Both skills resemble Gatotkaca second skill.)

When reaching Level 9, players may also choose one of two passive buffs that last the rest of the match, depending on their route:

Physical buffs: 30% Attack Damage or 40% Attack Speed

Magical buffs: 40% CD reduction or 40% Spell Vamp

Tank buffs: 2% of health converts to damage or recover 300 HP every 5 seconds

As soon as at least one player has reached Level 9, Minor Monsters will also start to appear as mobs; they will attack players if provoked and will drop more gems.

A "Dark Turtle" may also appear. It can drop large amounts of big Gems. Its location will be visible on every player's map.

Level 12: Heroes (Needs more info: available heroes may specifically change depending on Level 6 and Level 9 routes. More heroes might be available than those listed. )

If the player has chosen Physical route, Marksman or Assassin heroes will be available.

Marksman: Karrie, Lesley, Bruno, Claude.
Assassin: Lancelot, Saber, Freya.

If the player has chosen Magical route, Mage or Support heroes will be available.

Mage: Odette, Gord, Alice, Esmeralda, Harley.
Support: Angela, Estes, Nana.

If the player has chosen Tank evolution, Fighter or Tank heroes will be available.

Fighter: Kaja, Lapu Lapu, Alucard.
Tank: Hylos, Uranus, Akai, Jhonson.

When the first player has reached Level 13,  major monsters will start to appear. They can drop bigger Gems that are worth more than normal ones, and even battle spells to equip. Big exp gems will also start to spawn.

Level 15: The Devil

The first player to reach Level 15 will become the Devil. They'll become bigger and have their stats increased, but they'll move slower and their position will be revealed to every other player's map. They will also have to the ability to transform for some time into the Lord, gaining new powerful skills that resemble Lord's attack from other game modes.

Skill 1 and Skill 2, "Lord Strikes": Heavily hammers the ground, dealing True Damage to surrounding enemies and leaving a crack under their current position; after a while, the crack will explode dealing damage and knocking up enemies.
Skill 3, "Spinning Strikes": After charging for a short time, the Lord will spin his hammer dealing True Damage to surrounding enemies in a great area.

Any other player that reaches lv 15 will not become the Devil: the only way to claim the title and buffs is to slay the current Devil.

In this final stage, the safe zone will start to shrink slowly, forming a circle centered on the current "Devil" and forcing other players towards them.; the zone will move with the Devil, trying to keep them in its center. From now on, killing a player will eliminate them from the match.


Sci-fi style scramble battle.

The mysterious rift in the parallel universe is gradually expanding. An airship from Zlatan is about to crash into the Land of Dawn, which would be a disaster and a challenge! Warriors, the Ravage is now open. Show your courage and strength to save Zlatan and defend the Land of Dawn.

Ravage is a mode where each team consists of 5 different roles and fights for Aquamarines. Each player can choose 5 heroes of different roles before partaking in a Ravage match. After the matchup, each player randomly uses one of the 5 heroes they previously chose.

In this mode, S.A.B.E.R. and V.E.N.O.M. are fighting each other. While they fight, Aquamarines begin to drop around them. The first team that collects a certain amount of Aquamarines will win the match. Being eliminated causes a player to lose all Aquamarines, which scatter on the ground. If a player holds more than 10 Aquamarines, his location will be exposed on the mini-map.

In the center of the Ravage Mode map lies the only HP Regeneration spot. Upon elimination, players quickly respawn in the Control Center and can rejoin the battle very soon. Elimination enemies and collecting their Aquamarines is the goal of this mode.

The first team to accumulate 15 Aquamarines will win this match. No laning, no destroying turrets, to kill, and ravage is the goal of this mode! Come and have fun, you will be the winner!

From 7–13 August 2020, Ravage Mode came back with a new 3V3 mode. Only 3 out of 5 roles will be used and all players will start with 30,000 Coin.png and hero level in 15 (max).


Exciting Brawl Match among the Mirrored Heroes!

Hero Selection: In this mode, players vote for the hero they would like to use out of a random set of heroes. The hero with the most votes will become the hero that is used by the entire team.

Hero Adjustment: In this mode, different heroes receive different attribute buffs to create more balance among heroes of different roles, thus improving the overall game experience.

Chess TD

Tower Defense Battle Royale Match

Harper, who was venturing in the southern Abyss, inadvertently enters the Abyss. He discovers that the demons headed by Dyrroth Dyrroth are gathering in the Abyss. Soon they will cross the Lantis Mountain and destroy the Moniyan Empire. However, all the creatures along the way will suffer pain brought on by the disaster.

CHESS-TD is an Arcade Mode that is full of fun and strategy! In this mode, 6 will be distributed into 6 maps and confront with each other and with creeps. Players can buy heroes from the shop, buy their own lineup, loot golds, and enhance their troops to get to the victory.

The map is random for every match. Players can buy Heroes from the shop and deploy them on stones that are higher than the ground (slots). Deployed heroes will attack nearby enemies automatically and cast their skill once they gain enough mana.

Definition of Round: A round contains 4 phases: the preparation phase, the get ready phase, the battle phase, and the resolving phase. The preparation phase is for players to buy, deploy, recall, or sell heroes and upgrade the capacity. During the battle phase, one of the other players' heroes will invade your map. If these invaders successfully get to the destination before they are eliminated, you will receive relative damage.

Definition of Gold & Capacity: At the end of each round, players will get a certain amount of Gold and Interest (for every 10 gold owned, get extra 1 gold). Additionally, getting winning streaks or losing streaks will also grant an extra gold bonus. Capacity decides how many heroes you can deploy. The maximum is 9. At the end of each round, you will get 1 Capacity Exp. Also, you can choose to buy 4 Capacity Exp. with 4 golds. The chance to get elite heroes scales with the level of the capacity, at the same time, the chance to get common heroes decays with it.

Hero Level & Star: There are 4 levels for heroes, which indicate the rarity and the cost of them. Generally speaking, high-level heroes should be more powerful. If there are 3 same heroes on the battlefield, they will upgrade into a higher-level hero. Three 1-star heroes will upgrade into a 2-star hero. Three 2-star heroes will upgrade into a 3-star hero.

Synergy: Every hero has 2 attributes: faction & role. The synergy effect will be activated if there are enough heroes with the same attributes on the battlefield (the same heroes' attributes will be counted once only). It is important to take synergy into consideration.

Magic Chess

Fast-paced auto chess competition among 8 players.

Magic Chess is an 8-player complex strategy based game mode, where players will compete against each other and random creeps in the Magic Chessboard. The goal of this game is to buy and upgrade your heroes and the little commander, customizing your lineup to trigger and counter more and stronger synergies. The victory belongs to the one stands till the last!

Shadow Brawl

The Brawl on the Bridge of Destruction.

In Shadow Brawl, players vote to select a hero among several randomly appearing heroes. All players in the team will use the same hero to play the game. Players are equipped with Blade of Silence.png Chain which marks the current position and connects a chain to it. The chain will automatically pull your hero back to the marked position after 4s. CD is 20s.


1v1 Auto Card Battle.

A new kind of game has taken Moniyan by storm. The Little Commanders and their magical items can now be found in each and every home throughout the land. The Crystal Balls sense all kinds of life throughout the Land of Dawn and channel their Energy; which is transformed into collectible cards. There are Monster Cards and Hero Cards. Monsters are easily gained and controlled, while heroes require a heftier price and more advanced Energy. Decks are built and battles held with others; people are striving to defeat enemy's Little Commander and achieve victory.

In "Arena" mode, you will match up against another player in a 1v1 battle. Your goal is simple, take down your opponent's Little Commander before they take down yours. In order to do so, you will have to use cards to summon Heroes and Monsters and cast spells to fight against your opponent's troops. The battle will keep going until the Little Commander on one side is taken down. "Shard", the resource to summon Monsters and use spells, is generated every 3 seconds. And by spending 5 "Shards", the resource used to summon Heroes, "Essence", will be generated.

After entering the "Arena", you will be given a series of tutorials to get you started. After walking through the full tutorial, you will be rewarded 9 basic cards. As you play, you can get cards from Battle Chests and Summoning Orbs. The duplicate cards obtained will be used to upgrade the corresponding cards to give it more strength. In addition, more cards will be unlocked as you progress your rank. All cards will be unlocked when Legend is reached. There are two levels of rarity for Hero cards, Uncommon and Epic. There are two cards, Uncommon and Epic. There are two levels of rarity for Monster/Spell cards as well, Common and Uncommon.

You can earn Cup Points, Battle Points, and Battle Chests after each match. More cards can be unlocked with more Cup Points. You can get Battle Points or cards that are already unlocked from the Battle Chests.


Main article: Boommander

A fascinating competition called Boommander is now trending in Laladona, and many Little Commanders have become its fans. The rules are simple: collect Fluffy growing in the oasis near the Tree of Origin and cast these explosive puffballs at others. Can you dodge the attacks and blast your opponent? Join Boommander and try it out now! In Boommander Mode, you'll play as Little Commanders and cast Fluffy to compete against each other on maps pieced together with different scene tiles.