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An assassin is an agile champion that specializes in killing or disabling roaming targets picking them of as they try to replenish HP. Focused on infiltration, deception, and mobility, assassins are opportunistic hunters who find favorable moments within a fight before jumping into the fray. Regardless of the size of the enemy team, assassins specialize in positioning and artful killing. They strike when the time is right – no sooner, no later. Assassins are more suitable to be played by experienced players as they have low HP and high burst of damage they are ideal to take out opponents easy, but easier to kill due to bad positioning and wrong timing..

There are currently 15 Assassins in 4 categories in the game (Assassins, Fighter/Assassins, Mage/Assassins, and Marksman/Assassin).


  • 2 of the assassins have Season Exclusive skins: Alucard and Fanny.
  • Karina, Selena, and Gusion are the only Mage/Assassin Hybrid heroes in the game.
  • Natalia and Lancelot are the only assassins whose first skill can be cast again if it hits an enemy.
  • Lesley is the only Marksman/Assassin Hybrid, which gives her a deadly advantage due to her longer range than regular Assassins.
  • Zilong, Alucard, and Lapu-Lapu are the only Fighter/Assassins in the game. This gives them more survivability than other Assassins, but more damage than Fighters.
  • Fanny is the hardest hero to handle because of the complexity of her skills, with 100% difficulty rating, but is also considered one of the strongest heroes. She is also the most agile hero in the game.
    • Because of this, she is one of the most banned heroes in the Draft Pick.
  • Fanny, Hanzo and Lesley are the only Assassin heroes unplayable in Mayhem Mode.
  • Natalia and Helcurt are the only assassins who can silence enemies.
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