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The power of the Valkyries as recorded in the Wine of Poetry, represents Valhalla's unwavering and eternal protection and responsibility to the northern tribes.

Athena's Shield is an equipment in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Best equipped by heroes to greatly increase their abilities to resist Magic burst damage.
File:Athena's Shield passive.jpg

Grants Magic Resistance once triggered.

Athena's Shield can counter most Mage Icon Mages and Magic Damage Fighter Icon Fighter, it is recommended for use against Eudora Eudora, Vale Vale, Phoveus Phoveus, and others.

Tanks, Fighters, and Supports that wear this can safely check bushes even if the enemy has burst mages hiding in as they will mostly be able to survive the ordeal.

In the laning phase, heroes who deal Magic Damage will be able to poke and wait for the Shield Unique Passive to first dissipate before unleashing their full burst when given the opportunity, this however is only possible at the early to mid stages of the game as team fights usually start and end in mere seconds.


As explained in Shield, all incoming Magic Damage are automatically reduced by 25% within 4 seconds. Unlike Twilight Armor Twilight Armor who cannot reduce the triggering damage.

Rose Gold Meteor Rose Gold Meteor, Magic Blade Magic Blade, and Athena's Shield all share the same blue aura effect when their Unique Passives are triggered. This can be used to confuse enemies if Shield was triggered or Rose Gold Meteor and Magic Blade's Unique Passive Lifeline was triggered.

Keener enemies will however be able to differentiate the difference on what Unique Passive triggered as Lifeline includes a Shielding effect, but the possibility of both triggering simultaneously can happen making one near impervious to any form of Magic Damage.



Athena's Shield (Old)


Patch 1.4.86[]

NERF ↓ Increased the Crafting Price from [[gold|130 Coin 130]] to [[gold |230 Coin 230]].


  • This item was previously known as Saint's Refuge and had a different Icon.
  • Athena's Shield is a reference from Greek mythology, it is a device carried by Athena and Zeus.


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