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Hero Select

File:Atlas.select1.ogg"The ocean is not just our home, it is who we are."


File:Atlas.select1.ogg"When you gaze long into the ocean, the ocean will also gaze into you."

Hero Move

File:Atlas.move01.ogg"Tides rise, tides fall. This is the way."
File:Atlas.move02.ogg"Don't stick your nose, where it doesn't belong."
File:Atlas.move03.ogg"Resting at the bottom of the sea, are cold bodies of the greedy."
File:Atlas.move04.ogg"Feel the surge of the oceans!"
File:Atlas.move06.ogg"I can't see through the ocean, nor your desire."
File:Atlas.move07.ogg"Regret fills the faces of all drowning men."
File:Atlas.move08.ogg"The ocean is not just our home, it is who we are."

Hero Skill


Hero Ultimate

"Ask the sea for mercy!"

Hero Death

File:Atlas.death01.ogg"ahh... We'll return.. to the.. ocean..."
File:Atlas.death03.ogg"Uggh, aahh..."
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