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Attack speed is an in-game mechanic which is the speed of the hero's basic attack. Unless otherwise stated, it does not affect skills. The higher Attack Speed a hero has, the quicker they hit their basic attack. Emblems, (physical, fighter, jungle and marksman) can increase a hero's Attack Speed, as well as in-game items.


Items in the shop can increase a hero's basic attack, such as the Windtalker.png Windtalker and the Scarlet Phantom.png Scarlet Phantom. These are all the items that can increase attack speed:


In general, Marksman.png Marksman are the heroes who depend and specialize in attack speed, as well as other physical attack aspects such as critical chance. However, most mages and heroes do deal magic attack generally do not prioritize Attack Speed. Some heroes that prioritize Attack Speed are:

Hero011-icon.png Hero181-icon.png Hero431-icon.png Hero651-icon.png Hero131-icon.png Hero401-icon.png Hero311-icon.png Hero601-icon.png Hero121-icon.png Hero161-icon.png Hero811-icon.png Hero531-icon.png Hero891-icon.png Hero901-icon.png Hero211-icon.png Hero621-icon.png Hero501-icon.png Hero451-icon.png Hero271-icon.png Hero281-icon.png Hero581-icon.png Hero881-icon.png Hero721-icon.png Hero851-icon.png Hero511-icon.png Hero771-icon.png Hero421-icon.png Hero691-icon.png Hero791-icon.png


If you want to increase a hero's attack speed, you can purchase the Windtalker.png Windtalker which adds 40% attack speed which is the most an item can add. However, you can also buy the Scarlet Phantom.png Scarlet Phantom or the Wind of Nature.png Wind of Nature to increase your hero's attack speed by 20% and 25% attack speed respectively.



  • The maximum Attack Speed a hero can have is 3.0
  • Some Marksman.png Marksman do not prioritize attack speed such as Kimmy Kimmy and Granger Granger.
    • This is because Kimmy Kimmy naturally has the maximum attack speed which is 3.0 and all attack speed effects from items is turned into movement speed bonus.
    • Granger Granger is unique to most Marksman.png Marksman because he is a more skill-based Marksman.png Marksman than Basic Attack Basic Attack which means he does not need to rely on Attack Speed much.