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Azrya Woodlands

This place is the home to all kinds of Elven creatures. This is where the Elf Kingdom is located. Azrya Woodlands is also known as Izirea.


The Moonlit Forest

The place that is home to all kinds of elves, such as Light Elves, Moon Elves, and Leonins. This is where Nana Icon.png Nana and Harith Icon.png Harith lived, after leaving their homes in the Enchanted Forest. This was known as the target area of the abyssal creatures.

Lunar Temple

Located in center part of Azrya, this is where the believers and devotees of the Moon Goddess come to pray. Many considered this temple to be holy and this place was ruled and protected by King Estes Icon.png Estes until Alice Icon.png Alice and the Orcs attacked. Even though Estes defeated Alice, he was weakened and was forced to rest for a long time in a corner of the forest. When Alice attacked again, she brought this forest and the Moon Elves, close to extinction. Seeing this, Miya Icon.png Miya prayed to the Moon Goddess for aid and was blessed with a magical bow, with the help of which, she managed to defeat Alice and the Orcs. So Miya was temporarily chosen as the Moon Elves' head since they thought Estes Icon.png Estes was dead. Later on, Alice Icon.png Alice attacked the Moon Elves again, thinking there was no one to protect them, but Estes Icon.png Estes woke up with a new power called "Code of Moonlight", blessed by the Moon Goddess and thus, Alice Icon.png Alice and the Orcs were beaten once again. This is the place where the Tree of Life can be found. The Tree of Life endows the life of elves and gives them strength. When Thamuz Icon.png Thamuz and the fire demons tried to burn down the Tree of Life, Belerick Icon.png Belerick was there, along with Lunox Icon.png Lunox. Belerick saw the Moon Elves lose all hope and so he decided to sacrifice himself to protect the Tree of Life. He successfully protected it, but at the cost of his life, though, Belerick was later reborn in a new form. Gavana, Goddess of the Moon, was exalted from Moon Elves as the Supreme God. She was revived in the prayers of the Moon Elves. The moonlight would once again shelter her people.

Shadow Swamp

The place south of the empire, which is considered to be sacred by the Dark Elves. The once fertile and prosperous land now became swamp due to corroded by the Abyss. The Dark Elf Selena Icon.png Selena was once thrown in a bottomless pit where she got her powers from the Abyss Devil. Karina Icon.png Karina and Irithel Icon.png Irithel and Gloo Icon.png Daktec race also lives here.

Enchanted Forest

Harith Icon.png Harith and Nana Icon.png Nana were born here and is also where they grew up until they were forced to leave their hometown. Irithel Icon.png Irithel and Leo grew up here as well after Nana saved them from slave traders and taught her to speak and fight. In past times, the Twilight Orb was kept in a valley deep inside the forest, and this is where Lunox Icon.png Lunox was born. Helcurt Icon.png Helcurt once led his army into the depths of their forest and mercilessly decimated the village of the Leonins.

Dark Forest

A forest which contains many varied species of giant trees, strange plants, flowers, and many dangerous predators. This forest is also believed to be an entrance to a black cave which was known to house, vicious monsters.


Related Heroes in Azrya Woodlands

  • Harith Icon.png Harith was born here, and then later moved to the Moniyan Empire, after being rescued by Alucard Icon.png Alucard.
  • Thamuz Icon.png Thamuz had attempted to burn down the Tree of Life inside the Moonlit Forest but it was saved by Belerick Icon.png Belerick, who sacrificed himself in the event.
  • Helcurt Icon.png Helcurt and his fellow shadowbringers once plotted to destroy the Leonin Village and carried it out successfully, wiping out the entire village except Harith Icon.png Harith.
  • Selena Icon.png Selena once lived her along with Karina Icon.png Karina, before she was claimed by the demons in the Abyss.
  • Alice Icon.png Alice once led her army of Orcs, including Balmond Icon.png Balmond into the forest in a failed attempt to slaughter the moon elves.
  • Aulus Icon.png Aulus also lived here before he step his feet out to begin his adventures.



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