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Hot Summer

Prince of Sand wall

Latest Basic Skin:
Khaleed - Prince of Sand | 269 Diamonds-cost Released in August 6th, 2020

Basic skin is the first skin of every hero (mostly). Basic skin has no additional effects. There are several heroes who don't have the Basic skin, some of them are Miya Miya, Fanny Fanny, Lolita Lolita, and Hylos Hylos. Basic skin can be purchased with 269 Diamonds-cost, in 2016 the Basic skin looks very different from the original hero but now it looks like it just changes color.

Complimentary Skins

NOTE: The list of every hero's complimentary skin will be considered in their primary role to prevent duplication of images. The list is alphabetical.

Season First Recharge

These skins cost 50 Diamonds-cost in Season First Recharge. The corresponding skins will be available until the next season arrives.

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