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[[File:Fists of Valor wall.jpg|center|600px|thumb|Latest Basic Skin:
[[File:Hero1131-icon.png|20xpx|link=Yin|Yin]] Yin - Fists of Valor]]

[[File:Twinge Weaver wall.jpg|center|600px|thumb|Upcoming Basic Skin:
[[File:Hero1141-icon.png|20xpx|link=Melissa|Melissa]] Melissa - Twinge Weaver]]

[[File:Celestial Safeguard wall.jpg|center|600px|thumb|Previous Basic Skin:
[[File:Hero1111-icon.png|20xpx|link=Edith|Edith]] Edith - Celestial Safeguard]]

Basic skin is a skin that always sales along with the release of new heroes and is the first skin of every hero, and has no skin tag or additional skill effects. In early 2016, Basic skins looked significantly different from the original skin of the hero, but now the only differences are the colors and slightly modified designs.

All Basic skins can be purchased with 269 DM 269 with 30% discount for a week since the release. However, there is many way to get permanent Basic skins, such as drawing Lucky Spin, watching ads, participate in particular event, some can be bought in Starlight Shop with Starlight Gem.png 2 and many more.

However, every hero have a chance to get another Basic skins. Every new season start from season 12 there will be Season First Recharge event where players can make a recharge and purchase the following Basic skins for only 50 DM 50. The corresponding skins will be available until the next season arrives.


Note: The list of every heroes complimentary skin. The list based on heroes alphabetical name.

Season First Recharge


  • Season First Recharge required obtaining the hero first.
  • Guinevere Guinevere and Gloo Gloo's Basic skins is the only Basic skin that have color changed skill effects.