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Battlefield Overview

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Take a good look at the map - pay attention to where your enemies' position and pattern as this could potentially give you an advantage in the battlefield over team fights and strategies.

Lanes and Turrets[]

Main article: Defensive Turrets
Laning Overview

There are three lanes on the map: Top Lane, Middle Lane (or Mid Lane) and Bottom Lane (or Bot Lane).

All three lanes are set up with three turrets each and your goal is to get through waves of minions and destroy all the turrets. Once you’ve passed the turrets you need to destroy enemy base building to win the game.

When pushing lanes to get to a turret you don’t want to just charge in and fire wildly. That’s only going to amount to premature defeat.

Clear enemy minions as quick as possible so you have more time to attack the turrets. If your minions able to survived until the enemies turret ring, attack it until the tower is destroyed.

Be careful when attacking enemies turret, enemies will come to defend their precious defense (you should do the same!). Always keep an eye on the map and have a escape plan.

Just repeat the process on the next two turrets until you reach the enemy base. When you’re attacked by enemy heroes it's best to focus your attacks on them.

Have your lane ally back you up and if you’re lucky your team has a jungler to rush in and join the fray long enough to clear your lane. It's all about teamwork so being shy won’t get you far.


Main article: Jungle

Jungle is an area on the map between three lanes. Jungle areas weave and work their way into the map, so you can cut through them to get to one of the other lanes without having to go back and around.

The point of the jungles is to have a method of gaining gold or experience for your hero faster. There are monsters scattered throughout the jungle areas for you to slay in return for those rewards.

At the start of the match, the monsters are spawned and in the waiting period for the minions, you can spend that time killing one of the monsters. As the match goes on more powerful ones spawn for more powerful bonuses.

In some cases defeating a monster will give your heroes a certain type of bonus. They range from Health Regen, Experience to Gold.

There are certain heroes that are encouraged to the jungle, while some others are not. Check first your heroes' specialty in the jungle before locking in jungling items, emblems and spells.

Jungler is the fit role to take jungle area. They able to gain golds and experiences from killing jungle monsters. While Mid Laner and Sidelaner gain golds and experiences from clearing minions waves and Roamer gain golds and experiences from roaming after purchase roam items.

Try NOT to taking jungle monsters unless you are a jungler, otherwise your ally jungler will get behind in gold and experience. Thus they will got delayed from purchasing items and not able to dominate the game.

Battlefield Events[]

Time Event
2 Minutes First Turtle spawned
Jungler's extra damage reduction removed
Crab upgraded
5 Minutes Outer Turrets' energy shield dropped
Sidelane minions' bonus rewards removed
Jungler's minion penalty removed
8 Minutes First Lord spawned
Inner Turrets' damage reduction expired
Roamer begin to share minion/creep rewards
12 Minutes Lord enhanced
Inhibitor Turrets' damage reduction expired
Minions' movement speed greatly increased
18 Minutes Lord evolved
Death timer greatly increased
Fountain's movement speed boost greatly increased

Combat Tips[]

Prevent Enemies from Invade your Jungle[]

If you are roamer or midlaner pay attention to enemies movement at the first minute. If they want to delay your jungler from taking blue buff, fight them so they can not do it. If your jungler got delayed, their rotation will got delayed too, while enemies' jungler can rotate faster than your jungler.

Don't always show on the map[]

Try not to show up on the map very often, it will make enemies easy to ambush you, especially when you are play as a sidelaner and your allies are not around. Instead, wait in the bush until the next minions wave arrives.

If you are a roamer always provide vision to your allies by checking bushes and don't stick with your jungler unless your jungler got interrupted by enemies. Instead, you can roaming with your midlaner to poking enemies and even getting some kills.

Focus on Learning Heroes[]

For many beginners, it can be overwhelming to keep learning new heroes, especially if you still don’t know the basic mechanics of the game.

For example, as Layla Layla gets her ultimate skill to the max level, she is able to fire turrets without getting into the turret range. That means she is great for turret pushing. As long as she is protected in the front, she can fire away and destroy towers quickly.

Fanny Fanny can move around the map quickly with her cables and it requires a lot of practice to get used to her extreme mobility. Good Fanny Fanny players even able to getting away with dying in situations where most players would accept their fate.

Franco Franco’s hook also takes a bit of practice to keep landing them. Sometimes, you have to gauge whether your enemy will try to juke your hooks or walk in a straight line. Most new players will walk in a straight line, but more experienced players will make use of side steeping on going to bushes to make your hooks harder to land.

Turtle and Lord[]

Often times, new players will not pay too much attention to these two creatures in the game. The turtle gives extra gold for your team while Lord will push a lane for you upon defeating it. You can have your entire team push with it and try to get towers and eventually the base building.

Now, at lower tiers, most players won’t contest too much. However, in high ranked games, players will try to get every advantage they can and sneak in either the turtle or lord. The best time to do either objective is when you either ace the opponent team close to your base or when you catch 1 or 2 players out near the center of the map. Always get every advantage you can to increase your odds to win the game!

Always check the bushes if your team taking the turtle or lord and enemies are missing from the map to prevent enemies contess or steal the turtle or lord. As a jungler, make sure your Retribution Retribution spell is ready to secure the turtle or lord unless you are sure enemies are not around.

If enemies trying to contess the turtle or lord, fight them first to get some kills so your team will get advantage in number.

Lane Pushing[]

This is an unknown concept to new players. You want your minions wave to build up so they stack up and they will help siege the enemy tower for you without you being there. In order to build up a minion wave in your favor, you will need to kill the opponent minions wave with your hero so that your minions stay unharmed. Eventually, your minions will stack up and a huge wave will form to help you push a lane.

The easiest way to do it is when a huge minions wave of the opposing team forms. You use your hero to clear it and this reverses the process and you will start building your own minion wave. Once that is done, you can go support other lanes while you let the lane you left do its magic.

Destroying Towers[]

Tower siege allows you to get closer to the enemy base. Often times, players will spend too much time trying to kill enemy players and forget that your ultimate goal is to destroy the enemy towers. A typical newbie game will consist of players trying to get high kill scores while ignoring tower kills. Keep in mind that when you die to a tower dive for being too aggressive and wanting to kill the enemy, it opens up to a counter tower siege.

Only tower dive if you are way ahead of the enemy team or you are confident of killing them without dying. And we all know that most new players can’t do calculated risks too well…

Communicating with Your Team Mates[]

Keep your communication with your allies to prevent misunderstanding. There are four buttons you can opt to use if you are not a fast typist on your tablet or mobile phone. There is attack, retreat, group up and various short phrases to communicate your point across. Below are some of what you can quickly say to your teammates:

  • Well Played – Say that when your teammate makes a good play.
  • Attack the Lord – Use this on trying to kill the Lord. (Only after you have gained at advantage against the enemy team)
  • Rally and Push – Call your teammates to group up.
  • Request Assistance – Ask for support to defend your lane or attack your enemy.
  • Clear the Lane – Basically clearing minion waves to start a lane push.
  • Prepare for Team Fight! – Gather up and fight a 5 v 5 battle!
  • Defend the High Ground – Calling your allies to protect your Base.

They are useful commands to rally your team. Don’t neglect it!

Grouping Up for Team Fights[]

After the laning phase, it is usually where your ally groups up to siege towers. Most new players will just do their own thing, so it is vital that you use communication pings to huddle everyone together for a team fight. This is a great time to use the “Prepare for Team Fight!” command line to let your team know it is time to group up.

Also, make sure to know your team positioning in big 5 v 5 team fights. As a marksman and assassin, you don’t engage until your frontline initiate first. Sometimes, the enemy team will engage first and you are forced to fight them without your front line tanking. Unless you are far ahead and can do some serious 1 v 3 or more, you are not going to out damage 3 people most of the time. Be wise and don’t go too offensive, especially if you are a squishy hero.

Praise Your Team Mates More[]

A lot of times, you may get upset at your teammates for making poor decisions and get caught out. Yelling or cursing at them won’t do you or your team any good. It doesn’t contribute to you winning more. Just give up putting down teammates.

Instead, praise every small thing they do right. If they group up with you, say a good job. If they get a kill, say nice! This instills confidence in your team and they are more likely to make good decisions. Everybody wins and your odds of winning go up as well.

Have Fun[]

Last but not least, focus on having fun and not be to outcome dependent on whether you win or lose, in order to win, you will need to learn to take losses as well. Always look to improve your mechanics and learn from each game you play. Focusing on improving will make you much better in the long run.

Achievement Claiming after Battle[]

Always got to remember what achievements you haven't unlocked so you can attempt for them, sometimes they will happen... But also don't forget to claim them! (Always a big one to remember).

Use tactics for an effective strategy![]

Be independent and learn to strategize the battle! This is one of the most effective methods to win any battle. Diversion tactics, in particular, are effective in forcing the regrouping enemy forces to split up and slay the doer/s!

Know your hero![]

Learning your hero's pros and cons increases his/her effectiveness on the battlefield. But commonly for players, being alone is the greatest con. So, call a friend or be careful on the battlefield to avoid being ambushed/slain by enemy heroes!

Practice makes ANYTHING perfect![]

Cheer up and don't lose hope in winning your battle! You can play Human vs AI match to know your hero's strengths and weaknesses or watch Live streaming! Experience is your best teacher!

Watch your ping![]

Your internet connection determines the fate of any Mobile Legends battle! Watch out for red pings or sudden loss of internet connection if you don't want to lose a battle or disappoint your comrades!

Strategy Rundown[]

In the Start[]

-Turrets are at Strongest they hit for about 300dmg and increases by 200dmg per hit (And Doubles)

You will need to be careful where you move, and kill the players

-Every Character has about 100-125 Physical Attack & 18-25 Armor when the start (kinda odd because mages have that too) Give or Take Emblem Choice

-Penetration against Armor makes it easier to Kill. if it is in #, its Armor -Armor Pent = Real Armor

If it in %, it you have Devil Tears (70% Armor penetration) they only get to keep 30% of there Armor - # Armor penetration you have equipped

What Gives Gold/Group Gold[]

Your Money (GoldCoin is linked to your Exp Bar a little when you are about Level 7, you should have least 2100Coin gold (only minions)

*NOTE* if you kill with a player the money is shared, but your EXP stays the same

Individual Exp:

-Infantry/Lancer/Cannon (Minions) Infantry/Lancer rewards 45-50Coin, while Cannon are about 100-150Coin gold worth

Players are worth 200g (if soloed), 150 (with 2 player kill) 100 (3 player) 50g (4player) 25g (Full Team)

-Jungle Monsters: Scaled Lizard, Rockursa, Little Serpent, Crammer, Lithowanderer are all worth 25-50Coin gold.

BUFF Monsters: Fiend & Serpent are worth ?-?Coin?

Fiend and Serpent gives you different variety of buffs depending on your role.

Crab gives you +10 Coin Buff every 30 seconds and also last 30 seconds

Group Exp: (very helpful)[]

-Turrets (150Coin)

-Turtle (163Coin)

-The Lord (213Coin)

AI: Infantry/Lancer/Cannon (Minions)[]

They come in pairs of 3 every wave, of 30seconds, if they 3 minions are victorious they move to the 1st base, than mid than next base (and visa versa).


  • Some icon Jungle and Minions only available in Imperial Sanctuary Map.
    • Icon Minions in Imperial Sanctuary Map, also can use in Alternative Map.
  • For icon Jungle in Celestial Palace or Western Expanse Map, See here.

Recent Changes to the Battlefield

(Recent Changes is long, Click to Expand)

Patch Notes 1.5.88

  • Damage Calculation Adjustments
    • Minimum Physical/Magic Defense against enemy heroes: 0 → -60
    • When both percentage and fixed-value Penetration are in effect, the algorithm will now prioritize the percentage before the fixed value.
    • All heroes' Base Magic Defense increased by 5.
    • Magic Penetration provided by Arcane Boots Arcane Boots and Genius Wand Genius Wand: 15 → 12
  • Equipment Purchase Adjustments
    • Jungling/Roaming Equipment was replaced with Jungling/Roaming Footwear: Movement and advanced effects from Jungling/Roaming Footwear are exactly the same as those from Common Footwear; all that has been added are Jungling/Roaming-exclusive skills.
    • New Restriction: Players can buy one Footwear item only. (If you are equipped with Retribution, you can buy Jungling Footwear only; in other cases, only common or Roaming Footwear is available).
    • New Restriction: Players can buy one active equipment item only.
    • New Restriction: All Footwear's selling price should be 20% of its purchase price (60% for other equipment).
  • Jungling Equipment Adjustments
    • Retribution
      • New Effect: If you are equipped with Retribution, your creep rewards will be greatly increased, while more minion rewards will be reduced. The minion reward reduction effect stops after 5 min.
      • New Effect: When your kills/assists and the creeps you killed add up to 5, a corresponding advanced skill (determined by the Jungling Footwear purchased) will be unlocked. When the number reaches 15, extra Physical Attack and Magic Power will be granted.
    • Common Skill of Jungling Footwear
      • Unique Passive - Hunter: After dealing damage to a creep, they take 3s of further sustained damage.
    • Advanced Retribution
      • After purchasing the corresponding Jungling Footwear item, the original Retribution skill will be upgraded when your kills/assists and the creeps you killed add up to 5.
    • Ice Retribution
      • Can be used against heroes, dealing a small amount of True Damage and stealing Movement Speed from the enemy over 3s.
    • Flame Retribution
      • Can be used against heroes, dealing a small amount of True Damage and stealing Physical Attack and Magic Power from the enemy over 3s.
    • Bloody Retribution
      • Can be used against heroes, dealing a small amount of True Damage and stealing HP from the enemy over 3s.
  • Roaming Equipment Adjustments
    • Common Skills of Roaming Footwear
      • Unique Passive Devotion: Stops you from sharing minion or creep rewards with teammates for the first 9 min.
      • Unique Passive - Thriving: The extra rewards gained from assists and the extra rewards gained when you have the least Gold/EXP remain unchanged. New Effect: If you're not the one with the least Gold/EXP on your team, grants a lesser amount Gold or EXP to the ally who is instead. (Only one hero per team can enjoy Thriving's effect at a time).
      • Unique Passive - Blessing: Once the total amount of Gold gained from Thriving reaches a set amount, a free advanced Roaming skill (determined by the Roaming Footwear purchased) is automatically obtained. Gold can continue to be gained from Thriving to enhance this skill.
    • Roaming Skills
      • Purchase the corresponding Roaming Footwear item and collect 600 Gold from assists or Roaming Equipment to unlock a skill. Continues to be enhanced until 1500 Gold is gained from Roaming Equipment.
      • Conceal: The Movement Speed Boost greatly increased.
      • Encourage: Revamped it to be a Passive and removed the Movement Speed Boost.
      • Favor: New skill. At set intervals, the next time the hero casting a healing or shield skill, it also restores HP for a nearby ally with the lowest HP. (Skills that only affect the hero itself do not trigger this effect).
      • Dire Hit: New skill. At set intervals, the next time the hero damages a target and leaves it below 35% HP, they'll deal extra Physical and Magic Damage equivalent to a proportion of the enemy's Max HP.

Patch Notes 1.5.78

  • Toppling Turrets not only grants team rewards, but also gives you the advantage as it improves your sight range and ability to invade the enemy. This advantage is a little too strong, making it difficult for the team at a disadvantage to resist. In light of this we've adjusted the team rewards and offered more chances for the team under attack in such situations. Also, we've increased the amount of Gold you gain gradually, in order to help balance the influence of these changes on the flow of combat.
  • Gold gained gradually: 5 every 2s → 6 every 2s
  • Team Gold rewards for destroying Inner Turrets: 100 → 80
  • Team Gold rewards for destroying Base Turrets: 150 → 100 Team EXP rewards have also been reduced slightly.
  • Reduced the respawn time after a battle lasts 25 minutes, to improve player experience in lengthy matches.
  • Increased the HP Growth of melee and ranged minions.

Patch Notes 1.5.70

  • In this version we've made a considerable amount of adjustments to various battlefield values. We hope that those with the upper hand will still have the chance to keep pushing for the advantage, while retaining the possibility for their foes to turn the tables on them. In addition, we hope this version minimizes the appearance of matches that are too long/short in duration.
  • Adjusted heroes' respawn time to be shorter in the first 20 minutes of a game, after which it grows in duration.
  • Adjusted the bonus rewards for ending an enemy's streak.
    • Reward requirement: killing an enemy who's on a 4+ kill streak → killing an enemy who's on a 2+ kill streak.
    • Reward increase: 60 → 40
    • Reward cap: 300 → 400
  • Reduction in Gold granted to the enemy when killed by them each time: 30 → 20
  • Rewards for assists: 70% → 60% of the rewards for killing
  • Gold rewards given to team upon killing the Lord: 300 → 75 + 15 * game duration (in minutes).
  • Attributes of the Lord (which can aid pushes):
    • Physical Defense: 90 → 22 + 4.5 * game duration (in minutes).
    • Magic Defense: 60 → 10 + 3.5 *game duration (in minutes).
  • Reduced the damage minions deal to Bases by 50%.
  • To prevent abnormal Lithowanderer behavior in certain situations, you can no longer use control effects against them.
  • Optimized how Chou's Passive builds.
  • Optimized the color of the Mana values in Cecilion's skill description, to make it easier to differentiate between Mana bonuses and Magic Power bonuses.

Patch Notes 1.5.62

  • Slightly shortened heroes' respawn time for the early game and lengthened it for the late game.
  • Lane Optimization
    • In this round of updates we've revamped and optimized the game's lanes. The 5 lane icons have had their art style reworked, and the ground designs of Bases in "The Celestial Palace" and "Imperial Sanctuary" have been changed. In addition to this, we've added new effects to help indicate the different lanes to players, and a recommended "roaming" lane to the battlefield.
    • Besides, in this patch we have made adjustments to the arrangement of the barriers and bushes between Serpents and Sanctuary Lord, as well as the barriers near Fiend. Based on these changes, we've tried to ensure that the updated Lithowanderer could advance along its path smoothly.
    • Before all game resources are downloaded, the barriers on the map may not be as effective as they are displayed. Please start matches after downloading all resources, or set Graphics to "Smooth" so that the default map will be used automatically
  • Turrets
    • We have made adjustments to Turrets so that they can provide more defense for allied heroes in the early to mid game. We'll pay close attention to subsequent influences.
    • Energy Shield When active, it reduces the damage taken by nearby allied heroes by: 10% → 15%
    • Extra damage dealt by all Turrets and the Base to the same hero target consecutively: 40% → 75%
    • Damage from all Turrets to heroes for the first time reduced by 10%.

Patch Notes 1.5.52

  • Optimized the item icons of Warrior Boots Warrior Boots, Tough Boots Tough Boots, Bloodlust Axe Bloodlust Axe, Blood Wings Blood Wings, and Brute Force Breastplate Brute Force Breastplate.
  • Optimized the special effect of Angela Angela's Ultimate Ultimate to make it clearer for players to recognize which hero she chooses to attach to or is attached to.
  • Unified the sight of the units summoned by Nana Nana's Skill 2 Skill 2, Kagura Kagura's Seimei Umbrella Open Seimei Umbrella OpenSkill 1 Skill 1, Selena Selena's Abyssal Trap Abyssal TrapSkill 1 Skill 1, Diggie Diggie's Auto Alarm Bomb Auto Alarm BombSkill 1 Skill 1, and Popol and Kupa Popol and Kupa's Skill 3 Skill 3 to 50% of the heroes' sight.
  • Optimized the skill effects of Selena Selena's skin "Double Identity".
  • Optimized the skill effects Angela Angela's skin "Summer Vibes".
  • Optimized the effect of Clint Clint's Skill 2 Skill 2, which makes its immobilization effect clearer to both sides.
  • Optimized post-game statistics. Damage dealt by Turrets and summoned units are calculated.
  • Optimized laning and build recommendations for some heroes' main roles.
  • Optimized the recommended lane indicator.
  • Optimized the data of Sanctuary Lord Sanctuary LordLord Lord and Cryoturtle CryoturtleTurtle Turtle, to make it easier for players to hit them with skills.
  • Revamped Balmond Balmond's background story and voice-overs.

Patch Notes 1.5.46

  • The laning guide on the battlefield does not need to be set in each match now. It is automatically turned on. You can switch it on or off via the mini map on the Hero Selection screen.
  • Optimized the laning recommendations for some heroes.
  • Added a general special effect to the following heroes when revealing a target's position with skills: Hayabusa Hayabusa, Aldous Aldous, Mathilda Mathilda, Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin, Moskov Moskov, Argus Argus, Nana Nana, Angela Angela, Gusion Gusion, Chang'e Chang'e, Kaja Kaja, Belerick Belerick, Granger Granger, Terizla Terizla, Wanwan Wanwan, Silvanna Silvanna, Carmilla Carmilla, Atlas Atlas, Popol and Kupa Popol and Kupa, Barats Barats
  • Attack/Retreat/Gather signals will pop up in the center of the screen.
  • Optimized heroes' movements when they kill minions.
  • Optimized the special effect of Fanny Fanny's Steel Cable Steel Cable.
  • Replaced Hilda Hilda's skill icons with new ones.
  • Optimized Rafaela Rafaela's movements on the battlefield.

Patch Notes 1.5.44

  • Siege Minion Waves
    • Physical Defense Growth: 0 → 4
    • Magic Defense Growth: 0 → 3
  • Normal Siege Minion Waves: Physical Attack Growth: 15 → 25
  • Siege Minion Waves’ Physical Attack Growth after an enemy Base Turret is destroyed: 15 → 30
  • Siege Minion Waves’ Physical Attack Growth after Lord is killed: 19.6 → 33

Patch Notes 1.5.38

  • We have always received player feedback on the insufficient defense of Turrets. Many said that they were easily killed even within the range of Allied Turrets. Based on a large amount of data and suggestions, we decided to offer better defense to heroes by the energy shield. This can both protect heroes without advantages in the early game and give room for enemies to do turret dives. We will pay close attention to the effect of these adjustments and consider possible updates accordingly.
    • Outer Turret
      • New Effect: When the energy shield is active, damage taken by nearby allied heroes decreases by 10%.
  • Minions
    • Initial Movement Speed of Middle Lane Minions decreased by 6%.
  • If a Turret is destroyed in the first 8 minutes, the next Turret of the same lane increases Defense → If a Turret is destroyed in the first 9 minutes, the next Turret of the same lane increases Defense
  • Increased the team gold bonus from killing enemies with high net worth by 33%.
  • Optimized the Battle Spell effects of Jawhead Jawhead "Samurai Mech".

Patch Notes 1.5.32

  • Optimized the art of Siege Minion Waves that offer Gold and Exp in lanes.
  • Optimized the art of the Bases and turrets in the map "Imperial Sanctuary".
  • Added the "Merge Damage Text" feature: It can calculate and display the sum of some continuous damage. You can switch it on/off via [Basic Settings] - [Graphics]- [Merge Damage Text]. This feature applies to the following heroes: Alice, Gord, Cyclops, Hylos, Jawhead, Chang'e, Badang, Guinevere, Wanwan, Yve, Hanzo, Zhask, Silvanna, Carmilla, X.Borg, Balmond, Franco, Hayabusa, Baxia, Harley, Cecilion.
  • Optimized the art of some ground textures and creeps in the map "Imperial Sanctuary".

Patch Notes 1.5.24

  • The turret energy shield lasts 210s → 300s
  • Natural gold gain is changed from 2 gold every 1s to 5 gold every 2s.
  • Natural Exp gain is adjusted, but the number of each minute is almost the same as before.
  • Movement Speed growth duration of minions: 8 minutes → 9 minutes Increase every minute: 10 → 15 Increase Limit: 70 → 120
  • Removed the Walkie Grass that follows the killer of Lithowanderer. Movement Speed Boost remains the same.
  • In the first 3 minutes, now the pop-up reminder appears each time you've killed 6 minions with Jungle Equipment Items instead of killing 3 minions.

Patch Notes 1.5.16

  • For the first 7 waves the Siege Minions in each lane have special effects. The Siege Minions of the lane that is near the first Turtle give extra 50% EXP, whereas those of the lane that is far away from the first Turtle give extra 50% Gold. From wave number 8, all the Siege Minions stop giving such benefits.
  • Outer Turret (the first turret on each lane)
    • HP: 4000 → 4500
    • 50% Damage Reduction in the first 180s → A Shield that absorbs 4500 damage in the first 210s'
    • The shield provides 60% ranged damage reduction and 30% melee damage reduction: Gold bonus will be granted to nearby enemy heroes according to the damage done to the shield (0.8 Gold per 10 damage to the shield) Minions deal a fixed 75 damage to the shield.
  • Inner Turret (the second turret on each lane)
    • Physical & Magic Defense: 40 → 20
    • HP: 4600 → 5500
  • Team bonus gold from destroying inner turrets: 120 → 100
  • Team bonus gold from destroying base turrets: 160 → 150
  • Gold bonus from killing an enemy hero: 80 → 60; Max gold bonus in a match: 400 → 300
  • Team gold bonus from killing an enemy with high net worth increased by 50%, which works only when the team gold lags behind 2500 → 2000
  • Slightly increased the default Exp gain in the middle and late game.
  • At least 30 Exp and 50 gold will be granted from Killing an enemy hero multiple times consecutively.
  • Reduced each one's share when gold and Exp from minions are shared by multiple heroes.
  • Slightly increased the area of the restoration effect at the spawn point, synchronizing it with the map.
  • Added an "alert mechanism" to creeps. The creeps can discover nearby heroes and react now.
  • Added some special effects to Imperial Sanctuary under ultra graphics (some of which are interactive), including the bush collision effect, tree sway effect, the birds near the Core Guard, and more.
  • Optimized the skill vibration effect of most heroes.
  • Added visual effects to some skills in order to strengthen the hitstop.
  • Optimized some visual effects of battlefield and equipment.
  • Optimized the camera raising effect in order to make it smoother.
  • Battlefield Optimization
    • Optimized the effect of choosing targets
    • Optimized the art effect of the mini map
    • Optimized the visual effect of the in-battle text. Added new text of killing heroes.
    • Optimized the art effect of elimination effects
    • Optimized the art effect of the channeling bar
    • Adjusted teammates' HP bar and ultimate reminder near the score panel
    • Optimized some battlefield UI
  • Skill Indicator Optimization
    • Optimized the art effect of all basic indicators
    • The directional indicators can show whether the hero will move now
    • The area indicators can show whether the hero will move now
    • Added a new indicator for the skills that are cast toward yourself
  • Optimized the base explosion effect and battle result effect at the end of matches

Patch Notes 1.5.08

  • Eliminating enemies with high net worth now grants more bonus gold.
  • Optimized the walls in Imperial Sanctuary and The Celestial Palace.
  • Optimized the visual effect in the Western Desert map.
  • The numbers of HP Regen and Mana Regen are now shown every 1 second instead of every 5 seconds. (Regen effects stay the same as before.)
  • The Attack Speed number on the in-battle interface is the same as the actual number now (instead of being multiplied by 0.8). The actual effect remains the same.
  • Optimized the navigation mechanism for minions. Their routes are more reasonable now.

Patch Notes 1.4.94

  • FIX Issue Fixes
  • Optimized the map performance of Imperial Sanctuary in Ultra Graphics.
  • Fixed the abnormal damage result when Harley Harley casts his Ultimate Ultimate to Popol and Kupa Popol and Kupa.
  • Fixed the issue where Yu Zhong Yu Zhong would exit the Barrel prematurely when using Barrel skill in Black Dragon Form Black Dragon Form in Brawl Mode.
  • Fixed the abnormal skill timer of Lesley Lesley's Skill 1 Skill 1 caused by leaving bushes after using the skill.
  • Fixed Ling Ling's model color issue after getting off the wall caused by leaving bushes after using his Skill 1 Skill 1.
  • Fixed the display issue of the incoming HP restoration for Argus Argus' Ultimate Ultimate.
  • Fixed the issue happened when Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin and Jawhead Jawhead are in the same match.

Patch Notes 1.4.86

  • Reduced the Gold and Experience Sharing from Minions with Multiple Teammates.
  • Adjusted the Respawn Time from 6.5 (+1.8 per level) (+ Match Time in Minutes) to 3.2 (+2.1 per level) (+ Match Time in Minutes).
  • Increased the Gold Reward from Melee Minions by 30%.
  • Increased the Gold Reward from Siege Minions in the first 2 waves by 20%.
  • FIX Issue Fixes
  • Optimized the animation when Energy and Rage change.
  • Optimized the level-up logic of some skills.
  • Optimized the map performance of Imperial Sanctuary under Smooth or Ultra
  • Optimized some skill animations for the hero resurrected by Faramis Faramis.

Patch Notes 1.4.76

  • FIX Optimized the Lord's Animation in Imperial Sanctuary.

Patch Notes 1.4.70


  • In recent several seasons, we’ve noticed that players are focusing more and more on the early game, and the intensity of fights just keeps on rising. This is what we would like to see. But what we’ve also noticed is that it is not rewarding enough for the team that’s behind to pick off a core hero on the other side, maybe even after executing some brilliant team fight combos. So we introduced a new mechanism in this update to make the comebacks more likely to happen.
  • Of course, as mentioned previously, we still encourage players to play more aggressively and try to gain a decent lead in the early game. We will be watching closely on how this turns out, and deciding further optimization steps.
  • Newly added: When the side with a team gold disadvantage eliminates an enemy Hero with a gold lead, everyone on the side will now get elimination gold bonus based on the gold difference between the enemy Hero and the average among the 5 of side that’s behind.
  • Fixed the issue that Healing Increase/Reduction doesn’t work on some skills.
  • Improved the “Suppressed” effect, now it can be inflicted to targets which immune to CC correctly.
  • Optimized the action logic of Luminous Lord and Minions, now they will automatically move back to the lane once they’re dragged too far away.
  • Basic EXP of the Siege Minion of the first 2 waves increased by 10%.

Patch Notes 1.4.60

  • Team Gold for destroying Outer Turret reduced from 80 to 60.
  • Team Gold for destroying Inner Turret increased from 100 to 120.
  • Team Gold for destroying Base Turret increased from 150 to 160.
  • Increased the EXP gained by killing high-level heroes.
  • Improved HP bars of Creeps. Now each grid indicates the same amount of HP so that you can know how much HP the Creeps have.

Patch Notes 1.4.50

  • Turret
    • Team Gold for destroying Outer Turret decreased from 100 to 80.
    • Team Gold for destroying Base Turret increased from 125 to 150.

Patch Notes 1.4.44

  • Improved the display when there are too many in-battlefield skill tips.
  • Brief Skill Description: Now you can switch between the full/brief skill description at the bottom right corner of the skill description page outside the battlefield. Choose the version you like!

Patch Notes 1.4.36

  • Battlefield Overview
    • Do you want to get the information about season changes more easily and clearly? Do you want to have an overview of MLBB's battlefield? Do you want to know the stories behind the creatures on the map? Now, by tapping the "Battlefield Overview" button. you can overlook the whole battlefield!
    • In this update. we've designed a new sand table model for the new map "Imperial Sanctuary" where you can learn a lot of details about MLBB's battlefield. We hope that this new feature can help you to optimize your game tactics and to dominate your opponents!
  • Adjustments of the EXP and Gold bonus of the Creeps.
  • Adjusted the shape of the bushes which locate around the mid lane in the river.
    • Decreased the length of the bushes which locate around the Statued Shocker Statued Shocker.
  • When multiple shields and HP Regen Effects increase/decrease, the stacking method is adjusted from addition and subtraction to multiplication; after the stacking method is changed, the reduction effect will be stronger. We will adjust some heroes and equipment according to the data.
  • Optimized the animation and the visual effect displayed when the Luminous Lord hit the Turret.

Patch Notes 1.4.28

  • Optimized the performance of the arrow indicator.
  • New 5V5 map - [Halloween Carnival] is unavailable.

Patch Notes 1.4.14

  • In 5V5 battlefield of Classic, Rank and non-Arcade Modes, the Basic Movement Speed of Minions increased 15%. The Max Movement Speed remains the same.
  • First MLBB World Cup is ju st around the corner! 16 teams from 14 countries will fight for the champion! Stay tuned for our M1 Tournament and support your favourite team! We will change the map from the Celestial Palace to M1 Top Honor in the next 2 months.
  • Added new Tab - [Attribute] in Equipment Screen: Now players can tap the button on the top to check all basic attributes of all heroes in the battlefield.