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  • The name Beatrix came from the name Viatrix, originated from Late Latin name Viator, meaning "Voyager" or "Traveler".
  • In the New Arrival Shop, Beatrix's hero description is "A gifted crack shot with a variety of strong and lively weapons".
  • According to one of the tips during her in-game loading screen, carrying different weapons puts Beatrix in different moods; explaining her different voice tones when picking up certain weapons.
    • Mechanical Genius (Nibiru).png Nibiru is represented by a grinning emoticon, hence the name of the Ultimate "Nibiru's Passion.png Nibiru's Passion".
    • Mechanical Genius (Wesker).png Wesker is represented by a winking with tongue-out emoticon, hence the name of the Ultimate "Wesker's Elation.png Wesker's Elation".
    • Mechanical Genius (Renner).png Renner is represented by an expressionless or apathetic emoticon, hence the name of the Ultimate "Renner's Apathy.png Renner's Apathy".
    • Mechanical Genius (Bennett).png Bennett is represented by a pouting or angry emoticon, hence the name of the Ultimate "Bennett's Rage.png Bennett's Rage".
  • According to her Lethal Nexus character page, Beatrix is 17 years old and develops weird inventions for a hobby.
  • According to a question in April 2021's Trial of Knowledge, Beatrix dislikes the number four.


  • Beatrix's skills do not benefit from Spell Vamp, but from Physical Lifesteal instead.
  • Beatrix is the fourth hero in the game whose passive converts a stat (Critical Chance) to another stat (Physical Attack).
  • Beatrix is the second Marksman Marksman Icon.png without Mana or Energy, the first being Granger.png Granger.
  • Beatrix is the fourth hero who can attack turrets from outside their range, using Mechanical Genius (Renner).png Renner or Mechanical Genius (Bennett).png Bennett.
    • The other heroes are Layla.png Layla upon maxing up the level of her Destruction Rush.png Ultimate, Clint.png Clint with his Double Shot.png Passive activated, and Lesley.png Lesley with her Lethal Shot.png Passive activated.
  • Using Mechanical Genius (Renner).png Renner or Mechanical Genius (Bennett).png Bennett, Beatrix is the second hero whose Basic Attack.png Basic Attack requires manual aiming, the first being Kimmy.png Kimmy.
  • Beatrix is the second Marksman Marksman Icon.png with bullets reloading mechanism, the first being Granger.png Granger.
  • Beatrix is the second hero with maxed or 100% difficulty statistic, the first being Fanny.png Fanny.
  • Including Survival: Nexus and Ravage mode, Beatrix has a total of 10 weapons.
    • Beatrix's weapons are a pair of Mechanical Genius (Nibiru).png sub-machine guns, a Mechanical Genius (Wesker).png shotgun, a Mechanical Genius (Renner).png sniper rifle, a Mechanical Genius (Bennett).png grenade launcher, a heavy machine gun, a boomerang, a laser gun, an energy gun, a flamethrower, and a sword.
      • Aside from Mechanical Genius (Nibiru).png Nibiru, Mechanical Genius (Wesker).png Wesker, Mechanical Genius (Renner).png Renner, and Mechanical Genius (Bennett).png Bennett, the rest of Beatrix's weapons currently have no known names.


  • Beatrix was originally called Boudicca.
  • In the Advanced Server, Wesker's Elation.png Wesker's Elation was previously a circular AoE Damage skill before being revamped.
    • Beatrix's previous line of the Ultimate was "Bullets around!" before being replaced by its current line.
  • Beatrix originally gave a salute with her right hand and did not wield any weapon at the end of her hero animation.
    • This is replaced as Beatrix currently salutes with her left hand as her right hand wields Mechanical Genius (Bennett).png Bennett.



  • The name of Beatrix's Basic Skin 'X Factor', lexically refers to a noteworthy special talent/quality and also a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome.
    • The term 'X Factor' also refers to several different things; with the most popular being The X Factor, a television music competition franchise.
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