Burst refers to the specialty of a hero to instantly burst an enemy hero by having a skill that deals an enormous amount of damage in a short duration (ex: Claude.png Claude's Blazing Duet.png Blazing Duet and Helcurt.png Helcurt's Deadly Stinger.png Deadly Stinger), bursting enemies from a far distance (ex: Chang'e.png Chang'e's Meteor Shower.png Meteor Shower and Lesley.png Lesley's Ultimate Snipe.png Ultimate Snipe) or bursting through a series of skill combinations (ex: Gusion.png Gusion's Shadowblade Slaughter.png Shadowblade Slaughter or Lancelot.png Lancelot's Phantom Execution.png Phantom Execution).

There are currently 41 Heroes with the Burst Specialty.

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