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Cadia Riverlands

This is the place where the Oriental Fighters and most of the eastern Heroes lived. Yu Zhong Yu Zhong, the reincarnated Black Dragon, wanted to dominate the whole of Cadia Riverlands and fight the Great Dragon.

At the easternmost tip of the Land of Dawn lies an isolated, ancient land, cut off from the rest of the world. The climate here is as diverse as it is abundant in natural resources. Each region of this land has its own unique cultural heritage. Different city-states are scattered across the Cadia Riverlands like pieces on a chessboard, possessing regional characteristics unique from anywhere else in the Land of Dawn.

Harmony among all things has always been the philosophy of the Cadia Riverlands, so after journeying to this land, the adherents of the Great Dragon began to divide into different cultural groups, promising to coexist in a natural and harmonious way. Therefore, the inhabitants of the Cadia Riverlands refer to their home as the Free Land.

In this land of all-embracing freedom and harmony, where cultures continuously grow and learn from each other, the people of the Cadia Riverlands have enjoyed a long history of contentment, with few people venturing beyond its borders.[1]


Dragon's Altar

Main article: Dragon's Altar

Located deep in the mountains and surrounded by thick fog all year round, this is the place where Great Dragon and his disciples live. The great power of the Great Dragon blocks the entrance between the Dragon's Altar and the outside world. Only those with permission can enter the place from the "Heavenly Gate".

Hidden Land of the Dragon

This place where Oriental Fighters formed and trained their skills. Baxia Baxia and Yu Zhong Yu Zhong were taught and trained under the Great Dragon as friends until the Black Dragon was overcome by evil and left this place, planning to destroy the Dragon's Altar and rule the whole Eastern Land. Zilong Zilong and Ling Ling fought for who would be the next leader of the Hidden Land of the Dragon, and although Zilong intentionally tried to lose in order to achieve Ling's dream, the Great Dragon chose Zilong to be the next leader. Unfortunately, Ling was full of anger and he suddenly left for Sky Arch. This is also the place where Sun Sun was born from a rock.

Dragon Sanctuary

Main article: Dragon Sanctuary

A place initially constructed by humans as a safehold for the Guardian Dragons. Chang'e Chang'e and Zilong Zilong's hometown.


It is the gateway through Dragon's Altar.

Scarlet Shadow

Main article: Scarlet Shadow

Also known as the Scarlet Shadow Territory, this is where the great House of Akakage was located. It is the pace of origin for the "Japanese" heroes. There are currently three clans known; the Onmyoji clan, and the two orders: Shadow Sect and Scarlet Sect. Although originally being called Order of the Scarlet Shadow, until the previous Shadow, Hanzo Hanzo, wreaked havoc upon the land, a division was caused between the sectors as well as conflict on who would be the strongest ninja fitting for the role of the new Shadow and task of hunting Hanzo down. Hayabusa Hayabusa won this title, albeit angering his childhood rival Hanabi Hanabi whom he had fought over it since childhood. The events that followed were extremely dangerous as the last chapter to this land's lore ended at the final frontier in which Hanabi attempted to face Hanzo alone, resulting in her near fatality if it weren't for Kagura Kagura and Hayabusa joining the battle. This place was previously named "Iga".

Bamboo Forest

Even as one the most beautiful regions of Cadia Riverlands, this place is the lair to many bandits and gangs of troublemakers.


A small village located near the Bamboo Forest. This is where Hayabusa Hayabusa, Hanabi Hanabi and Kagura Kagura fought against the previous Shadow, Hanzo Hanzo.


This is where Luo Yi Luo Yi's hometown is located. Yu Zhong Yu Zhong, the reincarnated Black Dragon is the ruler of this place.

Misty Mountain's South

The chilling mountain range, located in the northern regions of Cadia Riverlands. This is the place, where Luo Yi Luo Yi met Yu Zhong Yu Zhong for the first time.

Forbidden Area of Dragon Soul

The secret place, where the previous Black Dragon's Reverse Scale had been sealed into and kept for many years. Yu Zhong Yu Zhong, the reincarnation of the next Black Dragon was escorted by Luo Yi Luo Yi in order to return his past-life memories and break the Sealed Reverse Scale.

Jaguar Peak

This is the place, where young Wanwan Wanwan was saved by Yu Zhong Yu Zhong from wild beasts. As a result, Yu Zhong was terribly injured.


Also known as The Land of the Abundance. Wanwan Wanwan and other Tangmen, who owned hidden weapons and skilled craftsmen lived here. This is also where Yu Zhong Yu Zhong was rescued by Wanwan and her father then brought into their house. They spent their time with him until the Black Dragon suddenly left without leaving a word.

Land of the Mystic Tortoise

Also called as Land of Xuan'ao. This place is where Baxia Baxia was born.

Sky Arch

Ling Ling and the Finch assassins lived here. It was also the shortcut gateway to the Hidden Land of the Dragon. Ling was commonly known as Cyan Finch since he was thought to be the greatest assassin in Cadia Riverlands.

City of the Dragon

It is located to the northeast Cadia Riverlands, reconnecting the Frozen Sea and Sea of Hope. It is the only passage for all ships sailing from Northern Vale to Cadia Riverlands and further south, and also is home for Paenlong people. They had always been invaded by the pirates from Frozen Sea and Sea of Hope. Yi Sun-shin Yi Sun-shin is one of the Paenlong people, and with his Paenlong Fleet he would fight back all the pirates who dare to approach their lands.

Sea of Hope

Pirates who made a living by invading and raiding the City of the Dragon, occupied these seas, under their domain.

Stream Valley

Stream Valley or so-called Kawa Village is located in the middle part of Cadia islands. This is where pandas like Akai Akai lives and enjoy a carefree life. Even though this place inhabited mostly by pandas, but there are few humans live coexisted with them.

City of the Sand

Known as Mahar Pura. A prosperous kingdom with the great historical position, ruled by Minsitthar Minsitthar, who was regarded as one of the four greatest Generals of Mahar Pura.


This quiet and peaceful village lies deep in the northern mountains of the Cadia Riverlands. This village is home to the legendary Tianyin Swordmaster Sect with its leader, Master Longma, and is also the place where Saber Saber spent his life as Duan Meng before he went to Laboratory 1718 to gain greater power.



Related Heroes

  • Saber Saber born and spent his life as swordmanship disciple before he obsessed to become invincible swordmaster until finally he decided to begin his journey to Laboratory 1718.



  • The region is based on East Asia, the eastern region of Asia or Mostly the Sinosphere.
    • Mahar Pura is the only sublocation that isn't based on East Asian Culture (unlike the other sublocations are based on it), but rather based on Southeast Asian culture. In some cases, Myanmar is part of the Indochinese Peninsula (a continental portion of Southeast Asia) which the peninsular's culture is influenced by Indian and Chinese civilization despite Myanmar's culture is mostly influenced by Buddhism (a major indian religion), which is why Mahar Pura is part of Cadia Riverlands despite it's not based on East Asian Culture.
  • Minsitthar Minsitthar is the only hero in Cadia Riverlands that the culture isn't based on the parts of East Asia.
  • Mahar Pura is reference to Amarapura from Myanmar which means "City of Immortality" and was former capital of Myanmar.
    • Same as Iga that resembles the province of Japan that is located at the western Mie Prefecture. Iga is known as the birthplace of the Iga-ryu ninja, one of Japan's leading schools of ninjutsu (the art of stealth).
  • Kagura Kagura and Luo Yi Luo Yi are the heroes to use the concept of Yin-yang.
  • The character who is not in in-game is the Great Dragon. He is the main character in this conflict.
  • Yu Zhong Yu Zhong is a friend of Baxia Baxia but he betrayed.
  • Yu Zhong Yu Zhong and Luo Yi Luo Yi are partners who are the main antagonists of the Oriental Fighters.
  • Zilong Zilong and Ling Ling are in one force.


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