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This page is about Heroes in ML's survey which has not yet been released or just canceled.

Unnamed Hero 01

This was found in an MLBB Hero Survey but was canceled for an unknown reason. This image was also released along with Lesley.png Lesley's first concept art design.

Unnamed Hero 02

This Hero image was released along with Helcurt.png Helcurt's concept art, but she never seemed to be released or any info leaked about her. Her appearance looks like Scylla, or the hero Murphy from Magic Rush, another Moonton game. In current days, the appearance of her look resembles Kadita.png Kadita.

Unnamed Hero 03

This got many people hyped. Being a hero with an instrument as a weapon of choice. But it seemed to be now forgotten. His concept art A is inspired from the hero Paganini from Magic Rush. This hero's design shares resemblance with Granger.png Granger.

Unnamed Hero 04

This hero's skill were revealed at a survey which featured bugs, but was the hero was never developed/leaked.

Unnamed Hero 05

Unnamed Hero 06

Unnamed Hero 07

Hang Tuah

Hang Tuah wasn't introduced as a new hero in spite of multiple versions of the survey given. There was a report that has surfaced the Hang Tuah's failure to be released is partially due to a strong backlash by Indonesian players against the new hero.

The main reason is Hang Tuah's weapon, the keris. Based on his story, he had received his trademark keris weapon from an Indonesian king after defeating Taming Sari.

Unnamed Hero 08

These partners may live in Northern Vale, a northern region of the Land of Dawn. It resembles Popol and Kupa.png Popol and Kupa due to the partnership and approximately same age of Popol.

Unnamed Hero 09

Unnamed Hero 10

Despite the discarded design of the hero, the cloak may be reused to Yu Zhong.png Yu Zhong's cloak. Because of that, Yu Zhong.png Yu Zhong's survey design before his release in the Advanced Server has no cloak.

Unnamed Hero 11

The design may possibly look similar to Yasson, A race in the Land of Dawn which is related to Karrie.png Karrie.

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