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Hero Select

File:Carmilla.select.ogg"True Love is like blood."

Hero Move

File:Carmilla.move01.ogg"May the world be embraced with blood."
File:Carmilla.move02.ogg"Night falls, yet love stays still."
File:Carmilla.move03.ogg"Mmm... The smell of blood excites me."
File:Carmilla.move04.ogg"A puddle of blood is a sight that relieves me."
File:Carmilla.move05.ogg"*laughs* Whoever wrote my lines is a long-winded bastard."
File:Carmilla.move06.ogg"Loneliness is not about being alone, missing him is.."
File:Carmilla.move07.ogg"Ahh.. My thirst for blood and for him is just insatiable."
File:Carmilla.move08.ogg"No one is more sincere than Cecilion."
File:Carmilla.move09 ogg"Do not go gentle into that good night."
File:Carmilla.move10.ogg"Love grants us courage to keep on going."

Hero Skill


File:Carmilla.skill02.ogg"Til death, do us part."

Hero Talk (Cecilion)

File:Carmilla.talk01.ogg"The show is lacking some blood."
File:Carmilla.talk02.ogg"No one could hurt me when I'm in your heart."
File:Carmilla.talk03.ogg"Well, since he doesn't need to know anymore."
File:Carmilla.talk04.ogg"Time... devours all but you."

Hero Ultimate

File:Carmilla.ult.ogg"The curse of blood stretches far and wide!"

Hero Death

File:Carmilla.death02.ogg"Starts at night.. ends at night..."
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