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Hero Select

File:Cecilion.select.ogg"Only love and night are everlasting."

Hero Move

File:Cecilion.move01.ogg"Hmm... Such a tender lambent moon tonight."
File:Cecilion.move02.ogg"Ahhh... night in, night out. Year after year."
File:Cecilion.move03.ogg"Blood for blood."
File:Cecilion.move04.ogg"So cold and pale is the moonlight, and my Carmilla."
File:Cecilion.move05.ogg"Fear rises, yet love stays still."
File:Cecilion.move06.ogg"My Carmilla, why are you so cold and pale? Just like the moonlight."
File:Cecilion.move07.ogg"Ahhh... Living forever is not a blessing, but a curse."
File:Cecilion.move08.ogg"Do you fear red? I embrace it!"
File:Cecilion.move09.ogg"We both know there is no end for us."

Hero Skill


File:Cecilion.skill03.ogg"Just one dance, please."

Hero Talk (Carmilla)

File:Cecilion.talk01.ogg"The curtain of the show is drawn."
File:Cecilion.talk02.ogg"I fear nothing with you in my heart."
File:Cecilion.talk03.ogg"Hey! Be gentle to ladies."
File:Cecilion.talk04.ogg"You make me forget time instead."

Hero Ult

File:Cecilion.ult.ogg"Feel the bloody embrace!"

Hero Death

File:Cecilion.death01.ogg"Where is.. she?"
File:Cecilion.death02.ogg"Just.. never.. end..."
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