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Cheats have been part of Mobile Legends since its first rise to popularity during 2017. However, cases like this are very rare, but in early 2020, cheating cases have skyrocketed, some cheats are patched up, but some are still ongoing and are abused by these cheaters.

Cheater caught cheating and even uploaded a video of him using both Map Hack and Drone View on YouTube.

These are the cheats that plagued Mobile Legends, both past and present.

List of Cheats

WARNING: Using cheats in any conditions can cause the game atmosphere to be disturbed from many players. Use of the cheats must be careful and need to follow the applicable instructions to avoid the risk of the account being banned for a certain time or permanently, resulting an account lost!.

1. Map Hack

One of the most common cheats in Mobile Legends is Map Hack. Map Hack gives you unlimited vision without using vision-giving skills like Selena.png Selena Abyssal Trap.png Ultimate Skills or Aldous.png Aldous's Contract Chase Fate.png Ultimate Skills. Using the advantage of knowing where everyone is in the map, the cheater can avoid ganks, know where the enemy is hiding and know if they're getting objectives (Turrets, Lord and Turtle) while also utilizing the advantage of making ambushes out of nowhere, making enemies very confused on how they know their positions despite they didn't use vision giving skills or there are no enemy Minions.

The cheat made a lot of players very angry because the cheaters aren't playing fairly. This also caught the attention of the developers themselves and decided to sprung into action by terminating accounts that are detected with third-party plugins/scripts. They also posted the terminated accounts in their Instagram account for players to know the effects of using this scripts. They also improved their detection system, detecting Map Hackers quicker than before.

2. Lag Hack

Lag Hack, as the name says, makes the match very laggy, only the cheater/s themselves are the ones not affected by the lag and can move very smoothly, it's even more dangerous if executed by a squad. When you entered a match against a squad of these cheaters, the match will suddenly be laggy, then the ping will soon be red, then yellow, then red and the pattern starts again, only a few green pings will appear but later, the lag appears again. It's only in the late game phase that the lag subsided, but the cheaters are very well-fed and managed to take a lot of objectives.

Some big figures of MLBB like Gosu General experienced this cheat in MLC, you can watch it here.

A lot of players again reported this issue to both the developers and moderators of the Official Facebook Page of Mobile Legends, but the moderators answered with very dumb answers and the developers didn't even respond to the reports. However, Lag Hack is not as common as Map Hack.

Even though many believes the cheat is caused by VPN and VPN users and Lag hackers are the same, some players conducted a test and proved them wrong, because the player with VPN activated is the only player in the match that will lag and not all of them, unless the player forms a party and activates a VPN, causing all of them to lag, same for the other team. Also, the main purpose of VPN is to unblock illegal sites in a country and fake your network location, some use VPN to claim rewards of an event that's exclusive to that country/region only.

3. Exploit

An exploit is where there is a bug, glitch, issue, or otherwise problem with something in a match and a player uses it for their own benefit. Benefits can include an unfair advantage over players from using bugs such as to deal abnormal damage. But some of the bugs are harmless. Moonton has monitoring systems that report and flag suspicious activity. These accounts and activities will be investigated, if any are found to be exploiting, punishments can be issued. This includes permanent banning.

4. MMR Booster

MMR Booster, as the name says, boosts your MMR easily in unjust ways to climb the leaderboards easily.

Inspirasyon Gaming, a Filipino YouTuber explained that there are 2 ways to farm MMR easily, the 1st method was patched up but is still being used, but the 2nd one is still ongoing and Moonton are still finding ways to fix this.

In the first method, the cheater will pick heroes that he will use to feed try to feed so that he can lose the game and will do the process again until he reaches the Grandmaster Rank(III), he will then unleash the heroes he wanted to farm his MMR, greatly increasing his MMR because he/she's playing in the tier he's not even suppose to play with.

Moonton later changed the MMR System by lowering the MMR you get if your rank is low, this forced some MMR farmers to rank up fairly and gain MMR even though, just momentarily.

The 2nd method was later put into action, however, it's very complicated to understand, explained here.[1]

The 2nd method later spread into countries with high MLBB fanbase like Japan, the cheat also caught the attention of Hororo Chan and later exposed them through their YouTube channel. Some cheaters even advertise the MMR Booster method or otherwise known as 10-Man Boosting.

Even though Moonton is finding solutions to stop this cheat, they still can't fix this because they're constantly multiplying and some use YouTube as means to advertise the cheat. So it actually depends on us if we'll use the cheat or not. Most people whose using the MMR Booster are probably from Indonesia or Philippines.

5. Attributes Modification

Thia cheat is one of the earliest cheats developed in the history of Mobile Legends, it requires an App Cloner (such as Parralel Space) and Game Guardian to work, Game Guardian works better or doesn't even need an App Cloner if the device is rooted. Game Guardian is banned by ML because it lets you modify the configurations of the app and add scripts, but Game Gaurdian can rename itself with random names and IDs to evade the ban.

This is a cheat that lets you deal massive amounts of damage even without obtaining items, even turrets with shields can't stop and reduce the damage of the hero. However, Moonton can easily detect the cheat because of the massive amount of damage and Moonton greatly improved their detection system, although not very much.

If we research further and gain information about this cheat, it only actually works in Custom Mode (offline mode) for this reasons:

A. It's Custom Mode (offline), and doesn’t work with real matches.

B. If it was in real match, Game Guardian won't affect any of the game's aspects; because the server is encrypted, but scripts sometimes work

However, if someone, found a way to enable the cheat to work on Classic and Rank, Moonton can detect the cheat easily.

6. Kick/DDoS Attack

Kick: This cheat is one of the mysterious cheats known in ML, because not many knew this cheat. The cheat functions that while loading, the game will suddenly crash or disable you in a match that won't let you reconnect, making the system believe that you are AFK, reducing your Credit Score greatly.

However, only a few players reported the cheat and it's not recorded properly whether the cheat even exists or not. However, we must be aware of the cheat and never abuse it.

DDoS Attack: Distributed Network Attacks are often referred to as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. ... The DDoS attack will send multiple requests to the Network using their IP Address - with the aim of exceeding the network's capacity to handle multiple requests… and prevent the player to reconnect to the match.

7. Drone View

Drone View greatly augments the height of your camera, giving you the ability to perform very accurate skill casts, examples of heroes that need precise accuracy are Selena.png Selena, Franco.png Franco, Moskov.png Moskov, Granger.png Granger (though, only her ultimate needs precision), Chang'e.png Chang'e, and more.

When Drone View is coupled with Map Hack, the cheater becomes very dangerous because not only they can perform accurate skill casts, but also they have unlimited vision, making ganks more dangerous than before.

However, like Map Hack, users that use this cheat were also banned and enhanced their detection system and are also exposed to make cheaters ashamed of what they're doing and let the players know the effects of using cheats.

Before Project NEXT was released in the Original Server, Moonton developed a new feature called Camera Shift which functions almost like Drone View, however, only a few heroes can use the Camera Shift and only long-ranged skills are applicable to this effect.

8. Diamond Hack

Working Sample Youtube

Diamond Hack, generates unlimited amounts of diamonds, hence the name. However, the cheat actually doesn't work, the effects are either, they're just tampered visually, meaning you are the only one who can see it, you can't also buy skins or other stuffs that costs diamonds because in reality, they're just like scripts that tampers the diamonds you own visually.

Another effect, is a very dangerous one, it can lead to your account being compromised because it can hack your Json Device ID, this ID protects your account from being hacked but if you gave confidential information of your account, the hacker can easily access your account because the method doesn't even require your email and password.

So, a piece of advice: Never use cheats to avoid your accounts from being hacked!

9. Play against Bots in Classic Cheat

This cheat, like the Crash them Disconnect Hack, is a very mysterious cheat because there's only one known player that managed to find a way how this cheat works. This cheater's IGN is a fake JessNoLimit that abuses this cheat to climb Top Global Victory matches. Demonal made a video about this cheat in here.

Because only one user ever used this cheat. It's shrouded in mystery how this player utilized the cheat. The fake JessNoLimit's current status is unknown but is presumably terminated.

10. Free Skin Script

Although considered by most of the ML community as a harmless cheat/script, the developers labeled these skin scripts as cheats and banned an app called iMLS(or IMLS) that allows you to use all skins for free(although you're the only one that can see this skin). The reason why Moonton labeled these scripts as cheats is unknown, but many theorized it's because of some YouTubers offering this script can directly access your ML account and thus, making your account compromised. However, many still use skin scripts so that they can feel what it's like using your favorite skin in the game.