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Latest Christmas Skin:
Rafaela Icon.png Rafaela - Angelic Sonata
749 DM 749

Previous Christmas Skin:
Fanny Icon.png Fanny - Christmas Carnival
Time-Limited Event

Special Skins are one of the major skin types in MLBB and they have special skin tags. Some special skins are tagged as not special, such as Christmas, Halloween, etc. Special skins can be obtained on a limited-time event or using 749 DM 749 with 30% off in first week after release (524 DM 524). It can also be obtained from New Arrival Shop using 10 Crystal of Aurora 10/90 Crystal of Aurora 90. Players can upgrade the purchasable Basic Skins or Elite Skins into Special Skins. To learn more about upgradable skins, see Skin Upgrade).

Some special skins have exclusive backgrounds with their entrance animations and they modified each skill effect on the battlefield. Most Special skins are intended for their corresponding events, seasonal (Summer, Christmas, etc.), and esports.



  • Miya Icon.png Miya's skin can only available in limited some events (i.e. Party Box & Collaboration Skins).
  • Fanny Icon.png Fanny's skin can only available in limited Christmas Carnival's Call Event 2020.