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Crowd Control (commonly shortened to CC) is a blanket term used in MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) and MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) to describe abilities or spells that remove or diminish the control a target unit has over aspects of itself - aspects such as being able to cast spells or initiate movement commands. As crowd controls impact a unit's combat ability, they are essentially more specialized forms of debuffs - however, this ability to directly hinder a unit's ability to fight means that crowd controls are often given significantly more importance in regular gameplay than normal debuffs, resulting in their special classification.


Heroes that are stunned cannot move, use their basic attack or use skills. Stun effect can last from less than 1 second to 2 whole seconds. Some examples are Eudora.png Eudora's Ball Lightning.png Ball Lightning, Rafaela.png Rafaela's Holy Baptism.png Holy Baptism or Gord.png Gord's Mystic Projectile.png Mystic Projectile. People that can inflict stun effect include:


A form of CC that prevents the enemy from moving, locking them in place. It does not prevent them from using Basic Attack or skills except for most Blink skills or other movement abilities. Some examples are Esmeralda.png Esmeralda's Falling Starmoon.png Falling Starmoon, Miya.png Miya's Arrow of Eclipse.png Arrow of Eclipse or Angela.png Angela's Puppet-on-a-String.png Puppet-on-a-String. Heroes that can inflict this type of CC include:


A special form of CC that forces affected targets to get close to the caster and use Basic Attacks against them. The only heroes that can inflict this form of CC are:


A form of CC that prevents the target from using skills, without hindering Movement or Basic Attacks. Some examples are Akai.png Akai's Hurricane Dance.png Hurricane Dance, Helcurt.png Helcurt's Shadow Transition.png Shadow Transition (during Dark Night Falls.png ultimate) or Natalia.png Natalia's Assassin Instinct.png Assassin Instinct. The only characters that can inflict Silence effect are:


A powerful form of CC that disables all sorts of actions.

It will ignore CC Immunity effects like Badang.png Badang's Fist Crack.png Fist Crack, Guinevere.png Guinevere's Violet Requiem.png Violet Requiem and Benedetta.png Benedetta's An Eye for An Eye.png An Eye for An Eye despite still keeping the invincibility period.

Suppression cannot be removed by:

  • Spell Purify.png Purify,
  • Crowd Control removing skills (like Wanwan.png Wanwan's Needles in Flowers.png Needles in Flowers and Valir.png Valir's Vengeance Flame.png Vengeance Flame)
  • Time Controlled Reduction (like Tough Boots.png Tough Boots).

Heroes that can inflict this form of CC are:

Knock Up / Airborne

A type of CC that launches the target in the air, preventing them from moving or attacking for a few moments, this CC isn't affected by Resilience and can be removed using the Purify.png Purify Battle Spell or other skills that clear CC effects. Some examples are Guinevere.png Guinevere's Spatial Migration.png Spatial Migration, Jawhead.png Jawhead's Ejector.png Ejector, Kadita.png Kadita's Breath of the Ocean.png Breath of the Ocean or Ling.png Ling's Tempest of Blades.png Tempest of Blades. Several characters can inflict knock up / airborne effects, including:


A form of displacement CC that displaces an enemy by dragging them towards the caster or towards a designated location.

Some forms of Pull will have a continuous effect over time while others will pull the targets only once. Most Pull skills have an AoE effect, except for Franco.png Franco's Iron Hook.png Iron Hook , Minsitthar.png Minsitthar's Spear of Glory.png Spear of Glory or Diggie.png Diggie's Reverse Time.png Reverse Time, which can only pull a single enemy.

Heroes that can pull enemies towards themselves include:

Heroes that can pull enemies towards a location include:


A form of CC that displaces an enemy by knocking them away from the caster or pushing them in the same direction that the caster is traveling. Knock Back distance ranges from barely noticeable, such as Balmond.png Balmond's Soul Lock.png Soul Lock or Hilda.png Hilda's Art of Hunting.png Art Of Hunting, to very long distances, such as Chou.png Chou's The Way of Dragon.png The Way Of Dragon or Valir.png Valir's Searing Torrent.png Searing Torrent, and even slightly knock enemies in the air, such as Bane.png Bane's Deadly Catch.png Deadly Catch or Lesley.png Lesley's Tactical Grenade.png Tactical Grenade. Independently from its strenght, Knock Back is a form of istantaneous CC that will stop enemy heroes from casting skills by very briefly stunning them, but won't usually have lasting effects.
Heroes that can inflict Knock Back effect includes:

Unique types of CC that are only exclusive to one hero in the game.


Raises a target above the hero's head and places them behind the hero.
Exclusive to:

Causes the target to drop their weapons, preventing them from using Basic Attack.png Basic Attacks; weapons can be picked up to immediately to end this effect.
Exclusive to:

Prevents affected enemies from using Blink skills. Does not inhibit their movement. It will ignore cast Blink skills/spells such as Gusion.png Gusion's Sword Spike.png Sword Spike/Incandescence.png Incandescence, Lolita.png Lolita's Charge!.png Charge!, Lylia.png Lylia's Black Shoes.png Black Shoes and spell Flicker.png Flicker.

Grounding/Rooting cannot be removed by:

  • Sprint.png Sprint/Purify.png Purify/Flicker.png Flicker,
  • Time Controlled Reduction (like Tough Boots.png Tough Boots).

Exclusive to:

Creates a link between targets, causing them to share Damage and CC effects received.
Exclusive to:

Prevents one enemy hero to escape the targeted area for a few seconds. It will ignore cast CC immunity such as Chou.png Chou's Shunpo.png Shunpo, Aldous.png Aldous' Contract Chase Fate.png Contract: Chase Fate, Harith.png Harith's Key Insight.png Key Insight, Nana.png Nana's Molina's Gift.png Molina's Gift in nullified before transform, Hanabi.png Hanabi's Ninjutsu Equinox.png Ninjutsu: Equinox and spell Flicker.png Flicker.

Restrain cannot be removed by:

  • Sprint.png Sprint/Flicker.png Flicker,
  • Time Controlled Reduction (like Tough Boots.png Tough Boots).

Exclusive to:

Transforms an enemy hero into a harmless creature, unable to cast Basic Attack.png Basic Attack or skills, but not hindering their movement.
Exclusive to:

Causes an enemy to lose control of their character's movement, and affected heroes will be unable to use Basic Attacks or skills and will move randomly in a small area.
Exclusive to:

Similar to stun, this Crowd Control makes a target unable to move, cast skills, or Basic Attack.png Basic Attack - however, this Crowd Control is not affected by any Time Controlled Reduction stats.
Exclusive to:


  • Fanny.png Fanny is the only hero who does not have any form of crowd control, not even slow.
  • Alucard.png Alucard has a unique interaction with the Silence effect: due to his Pursuit.png Passive, that lets him move closer to a target with his Basic Attack after using a skill (counts as a skill), when affected by Silence, Alucard will be unable to use Basic Attacks.
    • This has been fixed on his latest revamp.
  • Jawhead.png Jawhead is the only hero in the game who can inflict CC on his allies, by using his second skill Ejector.png Ejector.
  • To remove slow effect, use heroes with slow immunity abilities or spell Sprint.png Sprint.
  • To remove CC effects (except Suppression/Grounded), use hero with CC removing/immunity skill (Restrain effect cannot be immunned), spell Purify.png Purify or buy Wind of Nature.png Wind of Nature (for Physical Heroes - Marksman/Fighter/Assassin)/Winter Truncheon.png Winter Truncheon (for Magical & All Role Heroes).
  • Helcurt.png Helcurt's silence effect was nerfed 2x in latest 2 Patch Notes, which are removing Silences in certain skills:
    • Patch 1.5.08: Silence in Race Advantage.png Passive only can triggered when enemies affected by the CC skills effects.
    • Patch 1.5.32: Silence in Shadow Transition.png 1st skill only during his Dark Night Falls.png Ultimate in active; Using Shadow Transition.png 1st skill without Dark Night Falls.png Ultimate, Silence effect was removed and replaced to Slow effect.
  • 2 Heroes thats are got nerfed which are removing from CC effects to replaced with Slow effect:
    • Atlas.png Atlas - Perfect Match.png 2nd skill (using Fatal Links.png ultimate in Ejected State): removing from stun 0.2s to replaced with only slow 40%, will making can only affected CC effects without Ejected State by Perfect Match.png 2nd skill when using Fatal Links.png ultimate.
    • Helcurt.png Helcurt - Shadow Transition.png 1st skill (without Dark Night Falls.png ultimate): removing from silence 1.5s to replaced with slow 1.5s, will making silence effect only during Dark Night Falls.png ultimate in active when using Shadow Transition.png 1st skill.
  • Before Clint.png Clint's revamp, he used to possess an exclusive Crowd Control named "Blind", which would reduce the enemies' Basic Attack hit rate in Blind Smoke.png 1st skill. After his revamp (in patch 1.5.32), this mechanic was removed.