Custom games are very similar to Vs. AI. The difference is the players set themselves up against other people or against AI. Players can invite friends to join, or add AI with existing buttons. Players can also add AI to the opposing team or on your team, you can also play alone with an AI.

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You can also choose which mode you want to go to Custom, Classic, Brawl, Draft Pick and Practice.

The purpose and rules of the game are exactly the same as the Classic Mode, but here you have the freedom to manage the number of players. You can do 1 on 1 with friends in the game, or play three against 5 AI, or one against 5 AI.

The purpose of Custom Mode in Mobile Legends is for practicing new heroes or experimenting item builds, hero skills, etc. Many Youtubers gained quite the popularity through experimenting heroes and items on Custom, Hororo Chan became famous for her experiments on heroes and items in Custom Mode along with her partner Zkael even the Mobile Legend promotes her Warrior's Lab series.


  • Custom Mode will not affect your Statistics. You also won't benefit BP Battle-points-cost or any EXP.
  • If you have Trial Cards with heroes you don't still have Draft Pick still has a Bug that allows you to use that Trial Card with the hero you still don't have, the Trial Card won't be consume/used.
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