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Diamond (Dia DM Dia, DM DM DM) is an in-game currency that is rarely obtained without buying it for real-life money. It is used to purchase heroes, skins, emotes, or draw events, etc.

Diamond can also be used as a replacement currency, 1 Diamond DM Diamond is identical to 1 Ticket ticket Ticket and Magic Dust MD Magic Dust when it's not enough to buy.

Diamond Use

Diamond DM Diamond is used to:

  • Purchase heroes
  • Purchase items/item bundles
  • Draw events (e.g. Aurora Summon, Magic Wheel, Zodiac Summon, Grand Collection, etc.).
  • Purchase skins
  • Upgrade skins
  • Purchase emotes/emote bundles
  • Purchase starlight membership
  • Purchase skins/items/emotes through normal events.

Acquiring Diamond

Purchasing Diamond

  • Diamonds are mostly obtained through buying them, either in Mobile Legends' Diamond shop (if you press the Diamond symbol) or through external sources, such as Codashop.
  • Sometimes, there are diamond sellers and advertise them through Facebook. However, this is unofficial and an unreliable source to get diamonds, since you might get scammed or even hacked.

Through Events

  • The Lucky Hit Event, if you to pay approximately US$1.09 to the event and you can get 55 Crystals of Aurora, 50+ diamonds and a token which you can use to get a skin.
  • The 100% Rebate Event, if you pay approximately US$2.96-US$9.91 (dependant of the price of the featured skin) on the event, you will get the skin. After waiting for 7 days, you will receive extra 100% of the skin's value as diamonds.

Free Diamond Events

  • The only way to get diamonds for free is through the Diamond Draw and the Callback Draw Event. The Diamond Draw Event will give you 1-10 (+0-100% diamonds spent during the event) diamonds depends on your guess number, the closer your guess number to the correct number, the higher the spent scaling. The Callback Event grants you chance of getting 1000 diamonds for free by inviting friends that hasn't been online for a month.

KOL Streamer Membership

  • Moonton gift KOL streamers an insanely large amount of diamonds (some even reach a million diamonds). However, it's hard to become a KOL streamer, since you need to follow strict set of rules and breaking one can result in disqualification, it is said that when you're disqualified, you're prohibited to sign up as a KOL streamer again.


  • Some small and medium-scale tournaments has prizes that reward diamonds instead of real cash. The exact amount depend on the organizers or sponsors.
  • Sometimes, MPL organizers give away codes during a livestream of the tournament. There's a chance to get diamonds when redeeming. Be sure to redeem fast though since some codes has limits (sometimes, it's the number of players who can only redeem it or it's time-limited).
  • MPL teams that has high standings can get diamonds as a reward for fighting hard.

Gift from other persons

  • Some humans are kind enough to host giveaways or maybe a friend of yours would like to give you diamonds as a gift. This is another way of getting diamonds for free though it's rare to see kind people like this.