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Draft Pick is a type of selection phase that can be only seen on Ranked Game, Custom and Vs. AI (in Original Server: Epic Division and above; in Advanced Server: Grandmaster Division and above), Custom Draft Pick, or in competitive tournaments within Mobile Legends such as MPL, MCL or Conquest of Dawn.

The main purpose of Draft Pick is to diversify the hero pool of a player and not rely only on a singular or few heroes they specialize in, instead, it forces the player to adjust and strategize amongst their teammates to win.

In Draft Pick, there are 3 phases: Banning Phase, Picking Phase, and Last Change Phase.


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In Draft Pick, there are different functions to help the player communicate with their teammates. And giving them a change to Counter enemy heroes

Chat Function

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Hero Select Function

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Top 3 Heroes, Lane and Country

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Banning Phase


Banning Phase is the first phase the player will experience upon entering Draft Pick. During this phase, 3 players (S3, S4, and S5 Players) will ban out a hero that will be unable to be picked for the entirety of the match for the enemy team and your team.

Players can ban up to 6 heroes during this phase and if a player doesn't choose to ban a hero within the time limit, their specific ban slot will be left without banning any hero and move on to the next player who will ban a hero.

The purpose of this phase is to ban out strong heroes that can dominate a match given the right usage and strategy and to ensure that other heroes will also be picked.

Difference from Competitive Tournament

Players on both teams can now ban up to 10 heroes in MPL and Tournament Events.

Picking Phase


Picking Phase is the second phase and the most important phase in Draft Pick as you will pick what heroes you will play for the entirety of the match.

The order of the picking will be like this:

  • First Player (S1) of Blue Team
  • First and Second Player (S1 & S2) of Red Team
  • Second and Third Player (S2 & S3) of Blue Team
  • Third and Fourth Player (S3 & S4) of Red Team
  • Fourth and Fifth Player (S4 & S5) of Blue Team
  • Fifth Player (S5) of Red Team

The purpose of this phase is to make sure there will be no "pick-the-hero-fastest" competition, players could prioritize Meta Heroes that could valuable in dominating the match and that players could adjust their lineup according to the enemy team's lineup.

Players can't choose heroes that are already picked by the other team and banned in Banning Phase.

After player picked heroes for play in the match, you can modify what Skins, Emblems & Talents, Spells and Gear they would use during the match or also can pick what heroes you want play for allied players during the Picking Phase.

Last Change Phase


Last Change Phase is the third and the last phase the player will experience in the game that lasts for 30 seconds before heading to battle. During this phase, players could modify what Skins, Emblems & Talents, Spells and Gear they would use during the match.

The Swap Mechanic is also available during this phase where two players would swap their chosen heroes. However, this could only be done if:

  • If both players have purchased both heroes they would swap.
  • If both players accept the swap.


After all phases are finished, both teams will head for battle.