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The evil powers lurking above the skies have finally interrupted the silence of the Dragon Altar. The Land of Dawn has been plunged into an Abyss of suffering and fear, under the threat of the Evil Dragons. In heeding the dragons' calls, the brave warriors step forward one after the other. The first hero, Valir, confronts his inner fear and fate as the Fiery Dragon calls to him.

Fiery Dragon's Call: Valir's Fate

Ages ago, under the protection of the Mighty dragons, our world used to be greatly prosperous and remained at peace. However, all this was before the vicious Kraken and his minions broke through the magical barrier that isolated the Land of Dawn from the external forces of evil. Charging in with his the minion army, Kraken prepared to launch an assault on the entire Land of Dawn. As expected, after these events, everything changed for the worse. To protect the human world, the Guardian Dragons met the Kraken with force and waged an arduous battle against the Kraken and it's the bloodthirsty army. However, little did the people know about the Kraken's secret power, which deprived the Guardian Dragons of their energy and abilities. Ultimately, the battle shifted to Kraken's favor and all the Guardian Dragons grew weak and debilitated. Running out of options, the Guardian Dragons had no choice but to retreat to the Dragon Sanctuary, a place initially constructed by humans, as a safehold for the Guardian Dragons. With what little power they had left, the Guardian Dragons summoned a magical wand, that was strong enough to withstand the Kraken's fearsome attacks. At the same time, they called upon all human warriors, brave enough, to protect the world from evil. Eventually, the first champion who successfully passed through the ward and the Dragon Trials heeded the call from the Great Fiery Dragon. Yet, countless obstacles and difficult challenges await him on the path ahead. Only by facing his deepest fears, can the champion embrace his true destiny.

Challenge of Wisdom: A Test of Estes' Destiny

To save the world from endless suffering, the Guardian Dragons harnessed their powers once more, sensing the Dragons' Resurgence, with themselves. The powerful Kraken hastened his plan to destroy the world, and dominate his dark reign. Inspired by the Fiery Dragon Warrior, many fine and noble warriors journeyed and entered the Dragon Trials. Among them, was a warrior from an ancient Elven Realm, who made his way to the Dragon Sanctuary, where the final trial of wisdom awaited.

Blaze a Trail to Glory

In hopes of stopping the Guardian Dragons from fully regaining their strength, Kraken sent his minions to attack the Dragon Sanctuary. The shield protecting the century was growing weak. Attack after attack, the Guardian Dragons barely had the power to guide the Dragon Warriors. Falcon warrior from the Northern Vale entered the sanctuary and one would await bad.

Frost Wing

While the Guardian Dragons tirelessly fought for the prosperity of the world, the Kraken was equally relentless in his attacks with a final warrior on her way to aid the Guardian Dragons.

The final war that would determine the future of humanity broke out. Freeze and sweep away all the forces of evil in the world with extreme cold. The warrior from Moniyan Empire is all set to engage the evil dragon.

Night Shade

A mysterious swordsman from the Cadia Riverlands heard the Dragon's Call. Hearing promises of divine weapons and rewards he devoted all of his energy and time to aid the dragons no matter the cost.

With another courageous warrior accepting the challenges of the Dragon Trials, the Kraken had another fearsome opponent to worry about.

The Assembly of Five Dragon Tamers

In the final battle, the mighty Kraken made his way to the frontlines to deliver a fatal blow against the Dragon Sanctuary. Anyone would have thought the end was near but unexpectedly, the Guardian Dragons combine their strength. The Warriors who came to Ava ultimately, the Kraken met is ahead. The end...


Mage Icon
Draconic Flame "My will burns like wildfire."
"Valor is engraved in my soul."
"Rise flames rise."
Support Icon
Rattan Dragon "Everyone possesses a burning spirit."
"Who says a Dragon Tamer can't be graceful?"
"Let's get this over with. I'm starting to get bored."
Marksman Icon
Frost Wing "Hush little baby don't say a word, Kimmy's gonna bring you a cold iceberg."
"Some lessons need to be repeated."
"Calm and cool. Just like Ice."
Assassin Icon
Night Shade "You will lose everything in the wind."
"My blade strikes like a splitting wind."
"It's not everyday you see such a handsome Dragon Tamer, like me."
Fighter Icon
Dragon Armor "Everyone has a beast within."
"My fist is always the right answer for the dark questions."
"Stand firm, strike hard. My motto is that simple."






  • Masha Masha being a part of the squad may be referencing the fact that her character may be based on Yang Xiao Long from the web series, RWBY. Since Yang's full name in Chinese literally means "Sun Little Dragon" or "Little Sun Dragon".
    • Artwork from her Dragon Armor Skin has the same pose as Her Starlight Skin, Combat Maiden.
  • Kimmy Kimmy’s entrance line: "Hush little baby, don't say a word... Kimmy's gonna bring you a cold iceberg" is a reference to a popular lullaby.
    • Skin name was changed from Glazed Horn to Frost Wing.
  • As of now, Dragon Tamer Squad and Lightborn Squad has an established hero that takes on the Fighters Fighter Icon role, that being Masha Masha and Alucard Alucard respectively.
  • Due to Masha Masha’s role change (from Fighter Fighter Icon / Tank Tank Icon to just pure Fighter Fighter Icon) in Patch 1.4.94, this is the first and only squad to not have a Tank Tank Icon members.
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