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File:Toy Rex wall.jpg

Latest Elite Skin:
Barats.png Barats - Toy Rex
599 DM 599 | 419 DM 419 (30% OFF)

Previously Elite Skin:
Khaleed.png Khaleed - Crescent Scimitar | 599 DM 599

Elite Skins are one of the major skin types in MLBB and they have elite skin tags. Elite Skins can be obtained from Limited-time Events, Diamonds or Arrival Shop. It costs 399 / 599 DM 399 / 599 or 10 Crystal of Aurora.png / 90 Crystal of Aurora.png. Purchasable Skins can upgradable (For learn more about upgradable skins, see Skin Upgrade).

Purchasable Skins

Event Skins


  • Eudora.png Eudora's Christmas skins are the only ones can be purchased in the Fragments Shop for Premium Skin Fragment.png 250.
  • Miya.png Miya's Honor skins and Eudora's Vivo Selfie Goddess the only ones tagged as an Limited Skin Limited Skin Tag.png.
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