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An equipment (sometimes known as an item) is a modular enhancement that the player can equip in-game for gold.

Regardless of where the player is, equipment can be obtained using the shop interface. Each player can keep up to six pieces of equipment.


Most equipment provide champions with benefits. Some bonuses increase the hero's stats, while others grant different forms of advantages.

  • Bonus attributes increases the hero' attributes. This effect can be stacked up when the same item is bought multiple times.
  • Unique attributes increases the hero's attributes. When purchased several times, this effect only takes one effect at a time per piece of equipment.
  • Unique passive are always active while the hero has the equipment on, similar to a hero's passive skill.
  • Unique-active abilities are similar to hero skills. They are activated by tapping the equipment icon next to the hero skills. Like hero skills, they have cooldowns. Once activated, the item goes on cooldown and cannot be triggered again until the timer expires.



List of equipment


  • Attack Speed is limited to 3.00 attacks per second; if it exceeds this limit, it will remain at 3.00 attacks per second.
    • Using Inspire.png Inspire raises the limit to 4.00 attacks per second rather than 3.00 attacks per second.
  • Cooldown Reduction is capped at 40%, and if it exceeds this limit, it will remain at 40%.
  • For the first 15 seconds of the battle, selling an equipment refunds 100% gold; after 15 seconds, selling an equipment that is not a footwear refunds 60% gold; and selling a footwear refunds 20% gold.