Ability Effects


Movement Speed 250 Mana 468
Physical Attack 112 Attack Speed 0.8
Magic Power 0 HP Regen 38
Physical Defense 19 Mana Regen 16
Magical Defense 10 Basic Attk Crit Rate 0
HP 2524 Ability Crit Rate 0


  • Can easily burst a single enemy.
  • The most easiest mage to use.
  • Point and click stun.
  • 1st Skill is a good source of poke and wave-clear.
  • Point and click ultimate.
  • Can inflict a 1.5 second stun with 1st Skill then followed by her 2nd Skill.
  • Deals massive amount of damage when equipped with both Clock of Destiny and Light Truncheon.
  • Very good at 1v1's
  • Good at roaming due to her stun.
  • A free hero.
  • Destroys marksman heroes.


  • Short-ranged skills.
  • Long cool downs on both her basic skills.
  • Needs ultimate to properly burst enemies.
  • Defenseless without her stun.
  • Easily bullied when against long ranged heroes like Gord and Chang'e
  • Outclassed by mages more powerful than her.
  • No mobility.
  • Needs mobility spells like Sprint or Flicker.
  • Squishy.
  • Can only burst one enemy in team fights.
  • Non-meta in high ranks.
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