Mobile Legends has Event Modes that can time-to-time be playable during Special Events, Holidays or Occasion. As of now there are only Three Event Modes: Mayhem, Mirror, and Survival.


In the past, this game didn't really had an official name. Back when Easter 2017 came, this Game Mode was first released and it was simply called Easter. The gameplay was different, with consumable Eggs scattered through the map, each type giving different buffs; only some heroes were playable and some of their skills where modified for this Game Mode, you also started at level 4; the mode was then removed when Easter ended. Then Summer Carnival came and it had the same features as Easter, but the Map was modified to fit Summer theme, as well as using bonus Fruits instead of Easter Eggs. During Halloween this mode came back again with the same feature as Summer Carnival, Modified Skills, Candies as bonus items, and Halloween themed Map. Then Christmas came and the mode had the same features; however, while the Map was changed to fit Christmas, candies were kept as consumables. Finally Mayhem Mode was introduced: this time the Game Mode didn't had Consumables, but it had Modified Skills and Map Changes.


Mirror mode uses the same map as Bruno Cup Mayhem mode (in fact, the map's layout, the Lord, and minions have the same theme), however ,during selection phase, in each team the players will upvote one amongst the six randomly picked heroes. The one with most votes will be the chosen hero for their entire team. Like Mayhem mode, the players will start at hero level 3 and receive 900 gold. Just as with all game modes, the objective is to destroy the enemy base.


Survival is similar to any other Battle Royale game, but with few tweaks in order to fit in Mobile Legends. Survival only works with teams of 3 players in a 99 Players battle (33 Teams) and the Map won't be Celestial Palace or Western Expanse, as in other game modes, it will rather be settled on a unique Map, the Maze of Minos, which is a very large map to fit 99 Players in it. Survival only offers 15 selectable heroes, dividing them into three groups of 5: Physical, Magical, and Defense. Looting in this Game Mode is different from Battle Royales: you have to kill Creeps/Jungle Monster in order make them drop items, and there are 4 New Creeps in this Game Mode, each one with different chances of dropping items for the three categories. To find out more about this game mode click the highlighted text above.


It is another game type on Mobile Legends, the selection is much similar to survival wherein the player must choose a hero among the randomly selected heroes, whether owned or not. In gameplay, when the hero dies, the player must choose another hero. If there are two players chose the same hero, he/she must choose another. There are two ways to achieve victory: either to destroy the enemy base or achieve 30 kills before the enemy does. In 2019, this is released in coordination with the Spring Festival. So, the battlefield is matched to this occassion.