Combat Mode Choices

Classic Rank Draft Pick Brawl Vs. AI Custom Events

Each Mode has its own Setting

Normal Game Modes

Classic - Player vs Player 5v5 (Casual Gameplay).

Rank - Similar to Classic but players will compete against each other for Ranks.

Brawl - 5 vs 5 PvP, One lane, Simple base fight with Random Choice of Characters.

Vs. AI - 5 players vs 5 AIs depending on Difficulty, Mode, +you will need to invite 4 others to get started. (or leap of faith by finding 4 others by random).

Custom - 1+ vs 1+, this mode is exactly like Human Vs AI but you can play alone and have up to 1-5 AIs against you. or invite real players to compete with you.

Draft Pick - Unlocked at Epic division (Grandmaster at Advance Server). Similar to Rank matches but both teams are able to ban 2 heroes.

Event Modes

Mayhem - Any heroes have overpowered optimization on their skills. Some heroes are excluded in the list.

Mirror - Players on each team must vote any hero, each team chose and only use same hero.

Survival - 3 Players on 1 Team versus 33 Teams - 99 Players 

'Chess-TD - It is a tower-defense game.

Magic Chess - Similar to Chess-TD but it is like a real chess.

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