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  • He has a small resemblance to Silver Surfer, both riding on a floating surfboard-like craft.


  • Like Claude, his Ultimate skill can only be interrupted by knock-up and morph effects, but not stuns.
    • Before his rework, he execute this skill through his floating board. Now, he execute it with his hands only.
  • All of his skills have an Area of Effect (or AoE) ability, making him a good poker.
    • Before his rework, his passive dealing extra magic damage after 4 hits with skill or basic attack to the same target on the next attack. Now, his passive grants true damage on the next attack. This made Gord the only tank-killer mage with continuously dealing true damage from all of his skills.


  • In Patch 1.2.86 Gord's hero title changed from Mystic Magician to Professor of the Mystic and his second skin to Professor of Hell, to match his reworked background.
  • Before his rework, He had 3 skins (Mystic Magician, Hell Mage and Christmas Cheer) with the same entry animation.
  • Gord has only 4 skins.
  • His "Conqueror" is the third legendary skin in the game. The only other hero to have one are Saber (Codenamed: Storm), Miya (Modena Butterfly) and Alucard (Obsidian Blade).
    • There is also an achievement and an avatar border for owning his Legendary skin, along with Saber's, Miya's and Alucard's.
    • His first legend skin design strongly resembles Ultron, one of the antagonists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • His Legend skin is reworked before releasing in the original server. His skin color have been changed from red, black and silver to blue, black and silver.
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