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Latest Grand Collection Skin:
Hanabi Icon.png Hanabi - Riverland Phoenix

File:Empyrian Paladin wall.jpg

Upcoming Grand Collection Skin:
Zilong Icon.png Zilong - Empyrian Paladin

Previous Grand Collection Skin:
Nana Icon.png Nana - Aqua Pura

Grand Collection (previously known as Epic Showcase) is event replaced from Lucky Box and recycled of Legend Encore event starts Badang Icon.png Badang - Fist of Zen in July 2020. Most Epic Skins are from Grand Collection which will cost thousands of diamonds to get. It can be obtained by Grand Collection limited-time event using Diamonds, Crystals of Aurora, or Grand Collection Tokens. The duration event time is 20 days.

Grand Collection (Riverland Phoenix) Shop.jpg


Grand Collection comprises prizepool rewards, such as:

  • Normal Rewards

Free Tokens

Grand Collection token can be used as substitute before players draw with Diamonds. Each tokens is identical to 1 DM 1 and it will removed automatically after the end of the event.


Log in to the game. Grand Collection Token.png 40
Buy once in the shop. Grand Collection Token.png 80
Recharge any amount of diamonds. Grand Collection Token.png 60
Recharge a total of 50 DM 50. Grand Collection Token.png 75
Recharge 100 DM 100 in total. Grand Collection Token.png 90
Spend 100 DM 100 in the event. Grand Collection Token.png 120
Spend 3000 DM 3000 in the event. Grand Collection Token.png 500


Epic Showcase

Grand Collection


  • As of February 5, 2021, Epic Showcase was changed to Grand Collection.
    • Addition to this change is new voice lines, skill sound effects for the monthly-release of a Collector Skin Collector Skin Tag.png.