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For the predecessor event, see Epic Showcase.

Grand Collection is a monthly limited-time event where players can get a collector skin by drawing in the event. The duration of this event ends on 21 days.


  1. Participate in the event to draw rare items and skins from the prize pool, including the new Collector skin featured in the current event.
  2. You can select a Super Prize from the given options for each prize tier. A permanent skin is guaranteed in the first 2 Super Prizes drawn.
  3. The Super Prize drawn is guaranteed to be one of the Super Prizes you have selected.
  4. A Super Prize is pre-selected by default for each prize tier. If you haven't selected Super Prizes manually, the Super Prize drawn will be one of the pre-selected Super Prizes.
  5. You can tap Draw 1X to perform a draw. The first draw during the event costs 10 Diamonds.
  6. From the 1st to the 18th draw, each draw performed increases the cost of the next draw by 10 Diamonds.
  7. The 19th to 24th draws cost 190 Diamonds each; the 25th to 30th, 250 Diamonds each; while the 31st to 36th, 310 Diamonds each.
  8. The first draw every day is 50% off.
  9. Each Grand Collection Token or Crystal of Aurora can deduct 1 Diamond from the draw cost.
  10. Prizes drawn will be removed from the current prize pool.
  11. Duplicate skins drawn will be converted into corresponding numbers of Grand Collection Tokens (400 for Epic Skin, 200 for Special Skin, 100 for Elite Skin, and 50 for Basic Skin).
  12. Unused Grand Collection Tokens will be removed at the end of the event. Please use them in time.
  13. On average, each draw grants a 16% chance to enter the Super Prize pool.
  14. Drop rates of different Super Prizes (from the lowest tier the highest): 40%, 30%, 20%, 5%, 4%, 1%.

Free Tokens

Grand Collection token can be used as a substitute before players draw with Diamonds. Each tokens is identical to 1 diamonds 1 and it will removed automatically after the end of the event.


Log in to the game. 40 Tokens 40
Buy once in the shop. 80 Tokens 80
Recharge any amount of diamonds. 60 Tokens 60
Recharge a total of 50 diamonds 50. 75 Tokens 75
Recharge 100 diamonds 100 in total. 90 Tokens 90
Spend 100 diamonds 100 in the event. 120 Tokens 120
Spend 3000 diamonds 3000 in the event. 500 Tokens 500


There are a total of 36 draws to get the guaranteed selected skin: 18 normal draws and 18 super draws. Every 6th normal draw guarantees entry into the super draw, but there is a chance to enter a super draw directly. At 6th super draw prize, the skin is guaranteed to obtain.

List of debuted skins