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(This page refers to Specialties which contains Charge, Burst and etc, and is not to be confused with Hero Roles which contains Tanks. Mages and etc.)

Hero Specialties refers to the different categories that categorizes heroes according to their skillsets and playstyle. Some heroes specialize in chasing down enemies which they'll be categorized in the Chase Specialty or if some heroes specialize in starting team fights with sets, they'll be placed in the Initiator Category.

Types of Hero Specialties


Main Article: Regen Regen is the specialty assigned to heroes, who usually have the ability to regenerate HP for themselves or allies, without the need of Physical Lifesteal.png Physical Lifesteal, Magic Lifesteal.png Magic Lifesteal and Spell Vamp.png Spell Vamp from the Equipment Shop or select Emblems & Talents that may grant the hero any sort of healing.

Regen Heroes posses skills that allow them to heal themselves or their own team or heroes that have a skill that benefits/provides Physical Lifesteal.png Physical Lifesteal, Magic Lifesteal.png Magic Lifesteal, and Spell Vamp.png Spell Vamp to themselves.

Crowd Control

Main Article: Crowd Control

Crowd Control is a specialty assigned to heroes that are capable of controlling multiple enemies at once by their Crowd Control skills that enable them to initiate up teamfights, initiate defensive plays, and initiate aggressive plays.


Main Article: Reap

Reap is a specialty given to heroes who have capabilities to kill a continuous corresponding targets by using a Burst skill, heroes that has faster Attack Speed.png Attack Speed to kill an enemy, heroes that can finish off enemy heroes in a far distance or heroes that can kill a hero in a short period of time. Reap is an advanced specialty of Poke.


Main Article: Charge

Charge refers to a hero with the specialty to quickly charge into a battle by using a Blink skill or charging in with increased Movement Speed. If a hero are capable of charging and initiate a team fight, then this specialty will become Initiator instead.


Main Article: Push

Push is a specialty assigned to heroes that can clear minion waves and destroy turrets so quickly.


Main Article: Damage (Specialty)

Damage is a specialty assigned to heroes that can deal decent without any damage equipments and deal more damage with damage equipments.


Main Article: Burst

Burst refers to the specialty of a hero that can instantly burst an enemy hero by having a skill that deals a lot of damage in a short period of time.


Main Article: Poke

Poke is a specialty assigned to heroes with skills that has a longer range and can harass an enemy hero to force them to retreat in a far distance.


Main Article: Initiator (Specialty)

Initiator is a specialty assigned to heroes that can initiate teamfights, mainly by gathering multiple enemies with a Crowd Control skills and initiating an unexpecting incoming attacks from a far distance.

Magic Damage

Main Article: Magic Damage

Magic Damage is the specialty assigned to heroes that deals with Magic Damage, but not necessarily considered as Mage because of their gameplay and skillsets. Their skills usually does not benefit from Physical stats such as Physical Penetration.png Physical PEN and Physical Lifesteal.png Physical Lifesteal, but often from Magic stats such as Magic Penetration.png Magic PEN and Magic Lifesteal.png Magic Lifesteal.

Mixed Damage

Main Article: Mixed Damage

Mixed Damage is a specialty assigned to heroes that skills benefits from both Physical Attack.png Physical Attack and Magic Power.png Magic Power, they can also deal both Physical Damage and Magic Damage that allows them to have a more diverse and strategic gameplay on which they can adapt during a match and combo certain emblems or equipment that normally wouldn't be possible.


Main Article: Guard

Guard is a specialty assigned to heroes, who can provide protection to their team and usually serve in making sure their allies and carries are safe. They are equipped with a skill that can push away enemies from an ally hero, and track any upcoming ambushes by revealing them from enemies, block any projectiles or ranged Basic Attack.png Basic Attack or become a ward to give a vision for the team. As well as applying cc effects in order to protect your allies.


Main Article: Chase

Chase is a specialty assigned to heroes that specializes in chasing down fleeing enemies in and out battles. Their skillsets includes mobility skills that when used with the right timing and proper positioning, they could instantly close the gap between them and their enemy and kill them.


Main Article: Control

Control is the specialty assigned to heroes, who have skillsets that can control a single target. If the hero are capable of controlling multiple enemies at once, then Control becomes Crowd Control specialty instead.


Main Article: Support (Specialty)

Support is a specialty assigned to Heroes, who posses skills that interacts with other allied heroes and moreover aid them in ways such as teleporting or transporting allies to designated locations across the map, providing damage resistance or granting advanced vision, to the team .