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A hero skin is an alternate appearance for any given hero.

Skins are often purchased with diamonds DM diamonds in the store, and some are only accessible for a limited time, with just a few being unobtainable after the first release.

Every skin has its own model and splash art, and some skins additionally provide heroes with various particle effects, entrance animations, voice-overs, and sound effects (their price varies accordingly). Painted skins simply add a new color palette to an existing skin.


These are the pricing for skins that can be purchased straight from the shop.
Basic: 269 diamonds DM diamonds
Elite: 399~599 diamonds DM diamonds
Special: 749 diamonds DM diamonds
Epic skins: 899-1089 diamonds DM diamonds.

If the skin is released and purchasable directly from the shop, the price is discounted by 30% for the first week.


Main article: Basic skins

Basic skins are the most common type of skin that does not include any tags or special effects (unless otherwise stated). It is normally priced at about 269 diamonds.

A basic skin can be used to upgrade to an elite or special skin via Skin Upgrade (except if they're only available for a limited time), however only a fraction of the skin's cost is deducted.


Main article: Elite skin

An example of an elite skin, Miya's Burning Bow.


Main article: Special skin

An example of a special skin, Miya's Suzuhime.

Special is a type of skin that fluctuates about 749 diamonds DM diamonds and has guaranteed unique skin particles, except Franco Franco's Masterchef.

Basic skins can be upgraded to special skins via Skin Upgrade, albeit only a fraction of the cost of the basic skin is subtracted from the special skin's cost.

Special skins are also available on New Arrivals after they are released, unless they are only available through events.


Main article: Epic skin

An example of a epic skin, Miya's Christmas Carnival.


Main article: Legend skin

An example of a legend skin, Miya's Modena Butterfly.