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Hero Select"Come on! Let's roll!"

Hero Move

File:Johnson.move02.ogg"I love rushing in at lighting speed!"
File:Johnson.move03.ogg"Hey youngster, need a ride?"
File:Johnson.move04.ogg"Installment of vehicle missiles is a must for safe driving."
File:Johnson.move05.ogg"A pair of powerful pliers is important to fix both cars and people."
File:Johnson.move06.ogg"Hold tight! I'm stepping on the gas!"
"Autobots? Sounds familiar..."

Hero Death

File:Johnson.death01.ogg"It's only.. an accident.."

S.A.B.E.R. Automata

Hero Select

File:Johnson.saberskinselect.ogg"Bust through my shield first, then we will talk!"
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