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  • Johnson, Alpha, Saber, Jawhead and Angela are the only heroes who are mechanicals: Alpha, Saber and him are cyborgs, unlike Jawhead and Angela who are fully mechanical.
  • Johnson is the only hero whose skills' damage is based on his armor stat, and not physical or magical attack. This means he can be a very strong tank and still deal a lot of damage. But his second skill follows magic power due to the update, Deadly Pincer is the only skill in mobile legends that follows Armor stats.
  • Johnson is one of the heroes who can transform. The others are Selena, Roger and Yu Zhong. But unlike the other two, he doesn't get different skills upon transforming.
  • He uses the front of his vehicle form as a weapon. The others who uses their shield as a weapon are FreyaTigreal and Minsitthar.
  • Despite being an AoE, his first skill can be blocked by Lolita's shield like a projectile if it didn't reach its furthest target.
  • The old version of Johnson was one of the characters in the Mobile Battleground - Blitz.


  • His quote "Autobots? Sounds familiar." is a reference to Autobots from Transformers franchise.
  • His quote"Installment of vehicular missiles is a must for safe driving" is reference to his old second skil' Missile tackle, and thus it's not factual anymore.


  • If Johnson transforms into his car form and someone rides him and if Angela tries to possess him, this results 2 passengers in him. If Cecilion uses Moonlight Waltz and ride Johnson, this also results 2 passengers in him, too.
  • Players often try using his ulti for fun and attempt to circle the entire battlefield in his vehicle form without bumping into an obstacle or any enemy hero. When used carefully, he can be fast enough not to be hit by the enemy turrets' attack.
    • This makes actually an intriguing mindgame, since the enemies knows that he's around the map but not where or when will he strike, and is sometimes used even in ranked matches. However, this could backfire to Johnson if they manage to intercept him near their base or a disadvantageous position.
  • Johnson and Odette have possibly the strongest combo in the game: If Odette rides in Johnson's car form and uses her Ultimate upon impact with an enemy, this will most likely result in the target's death. Since Johnson's Ultimate is an AoE stun and Odette's Ultimate is a really high-damaging AoE, They could potentially wipe the entire enemy team if they're all pushing the same lane, especially in Brawl mode.
  • While he is using his ultimate, he is immune to all CC as well as Molina. But Silvanna's ultimate can block Johnson's car from moving further.
  • Johnson's car can be arrived using Luo Yi's ultimate, giving enemies a surprise attack. Same for Franco's hook.
  • In mayhem mode, All teammates can ride Johnson, leaing to a serious traffic accident when crashed into enemy Johnson.
  • If you press the ultimate key multiple times close to an enemy hero, you can deal multiple damage. This strategy is very hard to trigger.
    • Also there is a bug that causes Johnson to run very fast instead of turning into a car when using the Ultimate. This bug makes a very hilarious scene!
  • In single hero mode, when two Johnson uses the ultimate at the same time, there was a serious bug where both become invisible.
  • When your allies are attacking the enemy base and you think your team would win, you can tease the enemy team by driving around the enemy's base. But be careful not to crash into the base or and enemy hero, you might be executed inside the turret.


  • Johnson is the one of the member of S.A.B.E.R. Squad, for the letter A for 'Automata', alongside with RafaelaLayla, Saber, Cyclops. He transforms into an half-track armored personnel carrier (APC) despite that it can carry only up to 1 passenger (excluding Angela).
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