The Jungle refers to any area of the map that is not a lane or part of either team's base, including the river that divides it. Junglers rely on killing neutral mobs in the jungle to keep up with their laning teammates in terms of gold and experience. In a standard 5-on-5 game of Mobile Legends, 4 players on a team will be Laners, and 1 player will be a designated Jungler. Jungle Creeps exclusively showcase in Imperial Sanctuary Map. Jungle creeps are very strong in the early game. The team shares the jungle from the top and bottom areas. Some heroes are very fast at clearing jungles, especially Assassin Assassin Icon and Marksman Marksman Icon, due to having an Energy Bar and giving them buff in order to have burst damage.

      The purpose of the jungle is to gain buffs such as Gold, Healing, and Blue Buff, etc. The monsters are scattered throughout the jungle area in order for you to kill in return for those loots and rewards. At the beginning of the match, the monsters and the Cyclone Eye are spawned at different periods. There are decent heroes that are better for jungling than other heroes with the help of jungling gear build or just jungling item. Creeps and Battlefield Field features are constituent of the Jungle. Creeps are classified into 3: Common, Elite, and Legend. Common Creeps give a medium buff such as Healing Buff, and Gold Buff. Elite Creeps give a role buff that increases the heroes' attributes and has a special innate. Legend Creeps have big HP bar, and then always spawn in the river.

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Before we start at the jungle, we should first learn the minimap. The colors of the dots represent monsters that grant different buffs. Monsters indicated by Purple Dots grant you Blue & Red Buffs. Monsters at Yellow Dots grant you a Gold Buff. Monsters at Green Dots grant you a Healing Buff. The Purple Paw & Purple Cross are the Turtle and Lord, with the minimap explained. let's go right ahead to the jungle. Turquoise Dots grant you Walkie Grass which gives you Regeneration Effect in a small area. Blue Diamonds are Cyclone Eyes.

Monster Respawns and Buffs

There are different types of monsters in Mobile Legends. Each of these monsters give different amounts of gold, experience and unique in-game buffs. It is vital for you to know the basics and advancements about these jungle monsters, if you want to be a successful Jungler.


Common Creeps
There are numerous small monsters or creeps, scattered throughout the jungle. These are really easy to kill and do not give out any buffs and are naturally, good for gold and experience only. These monsters spawn after 1 minute and you can clear these camps often, to obtain more gold and experience. If you are killing these monsters, when the enemy push is farther away from your tower, you will get bonus experience and gold.


LithowandererThis creep won't attack you and gives you Regeneration Effect including nearby allies and minions over the period of time.

Scaled Lizard

Scaled LizardThis creep has ranged attacks and arouses through increasing its own defense points when it has low HP.


CrammerThis creep will turn into a little Crammer when killed and can survive up to quarter a minute.


RockursaThis creep has no special abilities aside from Healing Buff.


CrabThis creep that provides you a Gold Buff and Baby Crab will appear first.

Elite Creeps
These monsers spawn after 45 seconds of the game and can be killed, by a solo player. These monsters grant the killer with exceptional in-game buffs. These buffs are classified into red and blue ones and have their own specialties.


SerpentThey are Duo creeps that give you a special buff called Blue Buff (aka Purple Buff).


FiendThis creep gives a special buff called Red Buff (aka Orange Buff).

Legend Creeps
The Legends creeps are comparatively, more difficult to kill. However, they grant the entire team with gold and EXP boosts, along with other useful grants.


CryoturtleAllies will get Gold Bonus and the killer receives Turtle Buff.

Sanctuary Lord

Sanctuary LordThe most powerful creep that launches multiples to the enemies when provoked. When killed, it greatly enhances minions and associates with killers to push.

Removed Creeps

  • Rock Golem: This creep was featured in a deep area of the jungle, but was much harder to jungle, hence their removal. This creep was replaced by the Spiderling and Spider (known as Serpent)

Terrain Features


BushYou will become invisible if you hide inside the bush.

Cyclone Eye

Cyclone EyeCyclone Eye provides you a blink effect that will glide forward in moving direction.


  • Healing Buff: Restores 5% Mana and 350 HP in 2s.
    • Source: Scaled Lizard Scaled Lizard, Crammer Crammer, Rockursa Rockursa, Little Serpent Little Serpent.
Walkie Grass Demo
  • Walkie Grass: Helps the allied target within the 6-unit range to restore 2% HP and Mana every second. To minions, restores 3% per second. The Walkie Grass will follow the killer.
    • Source: Lithowanderer.
  • Gold Buff: The killer gains a Gold Buff that will last of 30s and provide 100 extra Gold.
    Little Crab, the killer will gain 30 extra Gold in 9s.
    • Source: Crab Crab.
Red Buff Demo
  • Red Buff: Each time the killer attacks the enemy Heroes, the Soul of Lava will attack them once, dealing extra damage and slowing them for 1s based on the killer's Role. The attack has a CD of 3s. Aka Orange Buff.
    • Assassin Assassin Icon / Fighter Fighter Icon / Tank Tank Icon: deals 50 (+50% Total Physical ATK) True Damage and slows the targets by 80%.
    • Marksman Marksman Icon / Mage Mage Icon / Support Support Icon: deals 50 (+50% Total Physical ATK) True Damage and slows the target by 30%.
    • Source: Fiend Fiend.
Blue Buff Demo
  • Blue Buff: Reduces all skill's CD by 10%, Mana Cost by 40%, Energy Cost by 25%. When killing an enemy unit, restores HP based on the type of this unit. Aka Purple Buff.
    • Minion: 3%
    • Hero: 8%
    • Creep: 12%
    • Source: Serpent Serpent.
Turtle Buff Demo
  • Turtle Buff: The killer gains a shield that can absorb 400(+40*Hero Level) Damage when the killer doesn't take any damage in 5s. The shield can increase the killer's Physical ATK by 20(+2*Hero Level), Magic Power by 25(+4*Hero Level).
    • Source: Cryoturtle Cryoturtle.


Death Icons

They only appear whenever the hero gets executed or gets assisted by an enemy kill via a jungle monster. To see their portrait you just tap the "death replay" and their portrait shows up there.

Imperial Sanctuary Creeps

Old Creeps

They were no longer available in the current map.

Jungling Tips

Jungling is a reference, to when you leave the lane, stay in the jungle to level up, and help your teammates by doing occasional surprise attacks, during group fights. The basic idea here, is that your team will be relying on you for late-game ganking. You should always gank, only when your abilities have been unlocked and upgraded. Always support your weakest lane, as this is your main job as a ganker. Your best bet, to get a kill, while ganking will be when your enemy's escape skill are inactive or on cool down.

As a ganker and jungler, it is imminent to never reveal your location. Going near to an opposition lane or using your skills on minions, will reveal your location to the enemy. So, it is always advised, that you should always stay in the shadows and work your business, only from there. Try to anticipate the enemy's movements and plan your attack strategy, accordingly. However, keep an eye on the enemy jungler and keep your team updated about his/her activities. Even when there are enemy heroes near your tower, the only thing preventing them from taking offense on your tower, is the thought that there might be a hidden ganker, who might jump on them, at any moment. So, being stealthy and letting the enemy walk into the trap, is highly necessary and advantageous.

Another task as a jungler, for you, is to slay the monsters and get buffs for both, your team and yourself. Slaying the Lord or Turtle can grant epic buffs, for the entire team. Target for last hits on the monsters, as the enemy jungler might be on the same page, with you. It is important for you to have a thorough knowledge of the complete map, so that you don't have to spend needless time, exploring and finding monster spawning places, as a random movement will increase the chances of encountering, the enemy jungler. Use the ping to alert allies, about the enemy jungler's movements.

As a jungler, you must never abandon any tower, without another hero. If any teammates have died, fighting the enemies and the tower is left with no hero to protect, it is suggested that you must go there in their place and defend the tower until that particular ally comes back into action. If you even find, a player to be weak and unable to defend the tower or maybe is on a really low HP, you should unhesitatingly assist them in such situations. You should also be a good and supportive team player, when being a jungler.

One last thing you must always keep in mind is that, as a jungler, you will level up and farm much faster, in the jungle, so always give enemy hero and minion kills to your teammates, who are playing in the lane as it is their only source of earning gold and leveling up. You can even CC\disable the enemies, so that it is a confirm kill for your ally.

How to Farm

As soon as the game begins, do not go for the kills, the way most low-ranked players do. Always prioritize, killing the minions and attack enemies, only to push them back. Once you are done killing the minions, go to the jungle and attack a monster, to kill it and obtain it's buff. By the time, you are done with the monsters; new minions will be on their way. Kill those new waves and go back to the jungle, to kill a few more monsters. This is a continuous process and you repeat it, until you reach at least level 10. This will thus grant you a great boost, at the start.

Attacking minions and monsters, since the start, will give you a lot of experience and gold, right from the beginning. Once through that, Jungling will no longer be a big role, at this moment, since all monsters can be killed by almost, everyone. Hence, you should avail this opportunity, to make the most of ganks. The more you farm, the more gold you get, the more items you can buy, and which in turn, increases your chances of winning occasional ganks. Lastly, it is much best to not go for the kills, early on in the game, but instead, proceed farming and then, make your move, later into the game.

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