The Jungle refers to any area of the map that is not a lane or part of either team's base, including the river that divides it. Junglers rely on killing neutral mobs in the jungle to keep up with their laning teammates in terms of gold and experience. In a standard 5-on-5 game of Mobile Legends, 4 players on a team will be Laners, and 1 player will be a designated Jungler. Jungle Creeps exclusively showcase in Imperial Sanctuary Map. Jungle creeps are very strong in the early game. The team shares the jungle from the top and bottom areas. Some heroes are very fast at clearing jungles, especially Assassin and Marksman, due to having an Energy Bar and giving them buff in order to have burst damage.

The purpose of the jungle is to gain buffs such as Gold, Healing, and Blue Buff, etc. The monsters are scattered throughout the jungle area in order for you to kill in return for those loots and rewards. At the beginning of the match, the monsters and the Cyclone Eye are spawned at different periods. There are decent heroes that are better for jungling than other heroes with the help of jungling gear build or just jungling item. Creeps and Battlefield Field features are constituent of the Jungle. Creeps are classified into 3: Common, Elite, and Legend. Common Creeps give a medium buff such as Healing Buff, and Gold Buff. Elite Creeps give a role buff that increases the heroes' attributes and has a special innate. Legend Creeps have big HP bar, and then always spawn in the river.

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Before we start at the jungle, we should first learn the minimap. The colors of the dots represent monsters that grant different buffs. Monsters indicated by Purple Dots grant you Blue & Red Buffs. Monsters at Yellow Dots grant you a Gold Buff. Monsters at Green Dots grant you a Healing Buff. The Purple Paw & Cross is the Turtle and Lord, with the minimap explained. let's go right ahead to the jungle. Turquoise Dots grant you Walkie Grass which gives you Regeneration Effect in a small area. Blue Diamonds are Cyclone Eyes.

Note: LEGEND: Initial Attributes / Growth per Minute / Attributes after 12 Minutes under the Attributes on Jungle Creeps Infobox.

Common Creeps

The Lithowanderer is considered only as a common creep, because it won't attack you but moves only at the designated path. It can be found in the bush near the river in each half of the middle lane. If you kill the Lithwanderer, it will become Walkie Grass, which will heal you including minions and allies within the specific area. Walkie Grass will follow you wherever you go for a limited time. It is very helpful for team fights.

Story: Due to the divine power of the King of Light in the Imperial Sanctuary, it seems that everything could have souls. Around the riverway, there lives a mysterious and mild creature, named Lithowanderer. However, because the Walkie Grass that is living on its back has a magic power of healing, the Lithowanderer is often brought into the battlefields of war.

Scaled Lizard doesn't give any buff, aside from little gold and a Healing Buff. Of course, this is also essential to clear from time to time. Players that usually clear jungle camp once the push is still far away from his tower generate more gold than a player that stays on his lane. He uses his tongue as a weapon to damage his enemy.

Story: It is said that when the Imperial Sanctuary was initially found, there were a lot of creatures living on this land. They looked completely different and possess the most powerful abilities. They were scattered one was the Scaled Lizard. They lived among the bushes and specialized in ganking enemies, making them the most frequent creature warriors to come across.

Crammer doesn't give any buff, aside from little gold and a Healing Buff. Of course, this is also essential to clear from time to time. Players that usually clear jungle camp once the push is still far away from his tower generate more gold than a player that stays on his lane. After killing it, it will turn into a Little Crammer that can survive up to limited-time.

Story: In the Imperial Sanctuary, the Crammer is considered as the lowest class of creatures. Though in their thought, they have sharp and deadly fangs, in the warrior's view, the Crammer is just a kind of insect and their fangs are just the basic materials for making some tools.

Rockursa doesn't give any buff, aside from little and a Healing Buff

. This is also essential to clear from time to time. Players that usually clear jungle camp once the push is still far away from his tower generate more gold than a player that stays on his lane. Story: Among the countless creatures in the Imperial Sanctuary, the Rockursa is the most combinative one. It is courageous, energetic, and very strong. In Rockursa's eyes, he is the bravest fighter in the Sanctuary.

Crab gives you a Gold Buff which will provide an extra gold every second in a limited time. Little Crab will appear first and then the crab. The developers added the Crab in previous versions in order to give players more impetus to compete for jungle control, as well as to reward teamwork. Due to the crab's position being far away from where players usually fight, he soon became largely ignored. In the new map they have given the crab a new life, he will now be more closely situated to the top and bottom lanes, they hope this will break up the monotony of the top and bottom laning phases, allowing players use the crab to snowball or chase a lead.

Story: Shuttling around the riverway of the Imperial Sanctuary, you can find a lot of Crabs there. They are fond of collecting ancient gold and shells there. Hordes of treasure could be found inside their big house. That's why people here like to call them the Imperial Treasure.

Elite Creeps

They are the duo monsters in the jungle, these duo jungle monster will give more gold than the smaller monsters and will give a Blue Buff. They are located in the left side of the jungle area.

Story: In the Imperial Sanctuary, any creature could be a lethal threat. Take Serpent, the most mysterious and sneaky one, as an example - for a long time, Serpent has been the challengers' favorite. Roaming beside the river, Serpents love to attack the intrudes who break into the territory. They often go in an overwhelming quantity, thus, making with challengers struggle. Anyone who beats a Serpent will be rewarded with endless strength.

It is also a jungle buff monster. It is located at the right side of the map almost on the bottom lane near the second turret. After killing, it gives medium money than the duo monsters but it will also gives a Red Buff.

Story: There are a lot of creatures in the Imperial Sanctuary. Fiend, being the most aggressive creatures among them, has been resting beside the Temple of Heroes. Its powerful strength is its way of protecting itself. Moreover, the most appalling thing about it is that it possesses the power of genetic mutation so that it could adjust its strength according to the ability of its components. It is said that the warriors could regain the gene of its strength after defeating it.

Legend Creeps

The Cryoturtle spawns within 3 minutes in the game time. It will reward all teammates with gold and EXP. It gives Turtle Buff to the last hitter after killing it. Its basic attack is ranged only and it shoots the sparkling ball and it deals short damage. Spawn location and countdown for Turtle are displayed 120 seconds before it spawns.

Story: Cryoturtles are the slowest energy creatures of the Imperial Sanctuary. As it's recorded in the Warrior's Scripts, Cryoturtles are covered with numerous priceless treasures, including gold and crystals. The most amazing thing about it is that it has signed a mystic contract with the Lord of the Temple of Heroes. The warriors believed that the Cryoturtles overlook the Temple of Heroes from the other side of the lake, which meant they were interlinked in some way. To be specific, they believed that Cryoturtles are the critical keys to awaken the Lord of the Temple.

Sanctuary Lord spawns within 9 minutes of the game starting. He will reward the player with a good amount of Gold and EXP, not only the players but also for the minions. Once defeated, Lord will respawn and fight alongside the team that defeated him. Spawn location and countdown for Lord are displayed 120 seconds before he spawns. Lord spawns every 4 minutes in a random location after he is killed for the first time. He has more attack skills than The Turtle, with his basic attack using his cudgel to hit the enemies, and it includes a bit of AoE where direct impact isn't imminent.

His old appearance is similar to Tigreal's Dark Guardian skin but with a dark helmet on. With its new appearance, lord now has a more giant lava-theme devil and what seems to be steel or iron armor, lava horns on its head and yellow eyes. it's shown wearing armor and its chest has flowing lava on it. Lord does not seem to have armor on the lower parts of his arms. His current appearance is very similar to Hylos model, Centaur.

Story: Legend has it that there is a mysterious creature hidden in the ancient Imperial Sanctuary, symbolizing power, victory, and destruction. The Lord of the Temple of Heroes possesses the supreme power to endow everything on the battlefield with strength and make himself immortal. No one can be compared to him and even the bravest fighter could only seek shelter from him for a fairly short period. For a long time, the Lord of the Temple of Heroes posted here. Once awaken, he would be the most steadfast defense within the Imperial Sanctuary.

Removed Creeps

Rock Golem

Also due to the golem being in a deep area, making it hard to farm, the developers are removing the golem from the new map. He will be replaced by the new monster, the spiderling. The spiderling and the spinner will become a new jungle monster duo, appearing in a new place, these duo jungle monsters will give more gold than the smaller monsters, we hope these will create more competition between junglers.

Terrain Features

When you enter the Bush, if there's no enemy unit in the bush, after seconds of brief delay, you will become Invisible and cannot be detected by enemy units.

  • Story: Though the Imperial Sanctuary is not as prosperous as before, its inner grand temperament has never changed. In the Sanctuary, the once mysterious bushes have now become a place for adventurers. You would never know whether there is a hidden shelter or a deadly trap. However, this might interest the truly brave adventurers.

Heroes will get the Power of Cyclone when going through here that makes them glide forward after a brief stay of 1s. During gliding, Heroes can pass through some obstacles. The Power of Cyclone will disappear once it is activated and appear again when gathering enough power. There are 4 Cyclone Eyes on the battlefield in total. The Cooldown is 30s and it refreshes at the 40s of the game.

  • Story: The Cyclone Eye has been in existence when the Imperial Sanctuary was established. Just like an oracle claimed, they were the ancient arcane left by the King of Light, containing the great power of cyclone. Only a true warrior could master this ancient power and make use of it, otherwise, those who step on it will be lost forever in the cyclone.


Battlefield Features

Defensive Turrets

Base • Base Turret • Inner Turret • Outer Turret


Lancer • Infantry • Cannon

Common Creeps

Lithowanderer • Scaled Lizard • Crammer • Rockursa • Crab

Elite Creeps

Serpent • Fiend

Legend Creeps

Cryoturtle • Sanctuary Lord


Bush • Cyclone Eye

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