Full Map of the Land of Dawn

Map of the Land of Dawn


      The Land of Dawn is where the background places of all the heroes and where all the battlegrounds in Mobile Legends are located. The Land of dawn is home to elves, orcs, demons, humans, and many other races. It is also, home to many epic fables, battles, and events that have occurred here during the past times. The Land of Dawn is dominated by a certain number of Factions, some of which, are against others.

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Moniyan Empire

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Moniyan Empire

Moniyan Empire

Previously, known as Mossenia, this is the place where most of the Heroes live. This place is the main setting of Dyrroth Dyrroth's Invasion on the Moniyan Empire and the Empire Reborn Event. This is where the Lightborn Heroes live. The Moniyan Empire is ruled by Princess Silvanna Silvanna and her family and is also, her brother, Prince Dyrroth's original birthplace until he was kidnapped by the forces of the Abyss. The Lightborn Heroes protect and serve this Empire.
Benedetta Benedetta was rejected when she signed up for the trials of the Empire Army because the powerful men who ran the Knight's Order were furious because of the betrayal of Alucard Alucard's parents and the second division soldiers and ordered that no descendant of a rebel could ever join the Imperial Army so that they would never seek the truth, just like Alucard did.

Entrance Background - Imperial Sanctuary

Imperial Sanctuary
It can be seen from the Lightborn Squad Skins' Entrance Background.

  • Imperial Sanctuary: It is located at the heart of the Moniyan Empire. The Imperial Sanctuary acts as the empire's main defense body. Home to Tigreal Tigreal and the Imperial Knight's Order, this has been a grooming place for many warriors.
    • Temple of Heroes: A royal Temple, constructed within the Imperial Sanctuary, in order to honor the greatest of warriors, who had dedicated their lives in battle. The Imperial Knights, worship within this temple, before going for a war. It is also said that this Temple houses many highly-priced artifacts and is protected by the greatly famed Sanctuary Lord and Cryoturtle.
  • Lightborn Capital: The central part of the Moniyan Empire. Kimmy Kimmy lives here along with her father, who is a General, serving the Empire. Terizla Terizla used to live here as the Leader of the Smiths, but when he was forced to surrender to the Empire, he disagreed and was captured and imprisoned in the Monastery of Light for 10 years, where he suffered from experimentation.
  • Monastery of Light: The part of the Moniyan Empire where the Demon Hunters like Alucard Alucard, and Granger Granger live. Granger was adopted here. Natalia Natalia used to live here as well but she left out of shame after her failure in a mission where her teammates were all killed, except her.
    • Temple of Light: This is where Alucard Alucard and Granger Granger trained to become the greatest of Demon Hunters.
    • Church of Light: This is where Natalia Natalia's orphanage can be found.
  • Moniyan Plains: The region which surrounds the Moniyan Empire. This path is usually used by travelers, who intend to cross to other regions.


  • Braidwood: An isolated town, which had been abandoned by the people there, due to a famine. It is now used as a hideout for getaway burglars and criminals.

Castle Aberleen

Castle Aberleen, Avalor

  • Avalor: The part of the Moniyan Empire where Cecilion Cecilion, the only traitorous Blood Demon left, lived after escaping from the Abyss. Carmilla Carmilla also lived here as the Princess of Castle Aberleen with her father, King Earl Ansaac. This place is the main setting of Carmilla and Cecilion's tragic love story. Tobias, Aurora Aurora's lover, returned here from Northern Vale in order to receive his final rites.
  • Gorge: Home to Lancelot Lancelot and his little sister Guinevere Guinevere, who live in Baroque Castle.
  • Grandrock: Also known as the Magical city, this is where the Vance Family, Lesley Lesley and Harley Harley live.
    • Lion Academy of Magic: Located at the Magical City, this is where Harley Harley studied and became a Mage genius. The Lion Academy of Magic, despite not having a reputation, equal to the Ursula Magic Academy, is said to be more proficient in illusionary and trickery based magic.
  • The Lost Jungle: An unusually silent and unexplored jungle, found near the boundaries of the Moniyan Empire, this is where Harley Harley and the other heroes from the Eruditio, defeated the gang of Dark Wizards, who were known for plotting evil plans.
Azure Lake

Azure Lake

  • Azure Lake: Also known as Swan Lake. Located south of the Moniyan Empire, this is where the breathtaking Swan Castle stands. Thamuz Thamuz was secretly lurking behind to seek the truth about the Twilight Orb. He met Lunox Lunox with Belerick Belerick and confronted Tigreal Tigreal during the Determination Event.
  • Swan Castle: As one of the purest and most beautiful Castle to have ever been built, it is home of the Regina family. This is where Odette Odette lives and where Lancelot recovered from his battle wounds.
  • Black Forest: It is located to the East of Megalith Wasteland, Roger Roger lived outside the Black forest, away from humans and in a cave. Ruby Ruby lived in a village near this area with her family until wolves attacked them.

City of Scholars

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  • Eruditio: This place is the origin of most inventions of Technology. It's Lolita Lolita's current hometown, and where she works as Captain of City Guard. This place is home to Layla Layla, and  Johnson Johnson as well. Moreover, Saber Saber, and Alpha Alpha live here too, although they came from different dimensions with Saber's abilities. X.Borg X.Borg once worked here but when his hometown was destroyed, he swore revenge on this place. Most of the heroes that have a connection with this place had a common point in Dr. Rooney, a highly experienced scientist who does not appear in-game.


  • Antoinerei: Scholars and thinkers from all over the world are gathered to this city. It is here where the commonly overlooked Diggie Diggie lives. This is also the place where they built Bruno Bruno's mechanical legs; he now owes the city a great debt and had vowed to protect it, so the people came to call him, “The Protector of Antoinerei". Chou Chou lived in an unruly slum area inside Antoinerei. Claude Claude was also known to have come here to steal Rooney's special device.
  • Sanhok: X.Borg X.Borg's hometown, which was destroyed due to an experimentation error caused by Eruditio. This incident is what resulted in X.Borg's rage and thirst for revenge on Eruditio.
  • Keplan: The origin of the Clandestine organizations. This is where Ellie was born and where her parents created SMART-01. After her father went missing, Ellie had been targeted by other organizations. She was rescued by the robot SMART-01, whom she affectionately calls Jawhead Jawhead. With the support of Jawhead, Ellie gathered the courage to travel into the Land of Dawn and look for her father.

Cadia Riverlands

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Cadia Riverlands

Cadia Riverlands

It is located at the easternmost part of the Land of Dawn. This is the place where the Oriental Fighters and most of the eastern Heroes lived. Yu Zhong Yu Zhong, the reincarnated Black Dragon, wanted to dominate the whole of Cadia Riverlands and fight the Great Dragon.

Shadow Scarlet Territory

Scarlet Shadow Territory

  • Iga: Also known as the Shadow Scarlet Territory, this is where the great House of Akakage was located. It is the pace of origin for the "Japanese" heroes. There are currently three clans known; the Onmyoji clan, and the two orders: Shadow and Scarlet. Although originally being called Order of the Scarlet Shadow, until the previous Shadow, Hanzo Hanzo, wreaked havoc upon the land, a division was caused between the sectors as well as conflict on who would be the strongest ninja fitting for the role of the new Shadow and task of hunting Hanzo down. Hayabusa Hayabusa won this title, albeit angering his childhood rival Hanabi Hanabi whom he had fought over it since childhood. The events that followed were extremely dangerous as the last chapter to this land's lore ended at the final frontier in which Hanabi attempted to face Hanzo alone, resulting in her near fatality if it weren't for Kagura Kagura and Hayabusa joining the battle.
  • Bamboo Forest: Even as one the most beautiful regions of Cadia Riverlands, this place is the lair to many bandits and gangs of troublemakers.
  • Thailang: A small village located near the Bamboo Forest. This is where Hayabusa Hayabusa, Hanabi Hanabi, and Kagura Kagura fought against the previous Shadow, Hanzo Hanzo.
  • Dongyu: This is where Luo Yi Luo Yi's hometown is located. Yu Zhong Yu Zhong, the reincarnated Black Dragon is the ruler of this place.
Misty Mountain's South

Misty Mountain's South

  • Misty Mountain's South: The chilling mountain range, located in the Northern regions of Cadia Riverlands. This is the place, where Luo Yi Luo Yi met Yu Zhong Yu Zhong for the first time.
Forbidden Area of Dragon Soul

Forbidden Area of Dragon Soul

  • Forbidden Area of the Dragon Soul: The secret area, where the previous Black Dragon's Reverse Scale had been sealed into and preserved for many years. Yu Zhong Yu Zhong, the reincarnation of the next Black Dragon was escorted by Luo Yi Luo Yi in order to return his past-life memories and break the Sealed Reverse Scale.
  • Kawa Village: It is also known as the Stream Valley. A place where pandas mostly enjoy a carefree life. Home to Akai Akai.
  • Yonghae: It is the gateway through Dragon Altar.
  • City of the Dragon: It is located to the northeast Cadia Riverlands, reconnecting the Frozen Sea and Sea of Hope. It is the only passage for all ships sailing from Northern Vale to Cadia Riverlands and further south. They had always been invaded by the pirates from Frozen Sea and Sea of Hope. Yi Sun-Shin Yi Sun-Shin was born here, and grew up to be the Paenlong Legend with his Paenlong Fleet in order to fight back the pirates.
  • Sea of Hope: Pirates who made a living by invading and raiding the City of the Dragon and other harbors, occupied these seas, under their domain.

Wanwan Wanwan's home in Bashu

  • Bashu: Also known as The Land of the Abundance, Wanwan Wanwan and other Tangmen, who owned hidden weapons and skilled craftsmen lived here. This is also where Yu Zhong Yu Zhong was rescued by Wanwan and her father then brought into their house. They spent their time with him until the Black Fierce Dragon suddenly left without leaving a word.
Jaguar Peak

Jaguar Peak

  • Jaguar Peak: This is the place, where young Wanwan Wanwan was saved by Yu Zhong Yu Zhong from wild beasts. As a result, Yu Zhong was terribly injured.
  • Land of the Mystic Tortoise: Also called as Land of Xuan'ao. This place is where Baxia Baxia was born.
  • Sky Arch: Ling Ling and the Finch assassins lived here. It was also the shortcut gateway to the Hidden Land of the Dragon. Ling was commonly known as "Cyan Finch", since he was thought to be the greatest assassin in Cadia Riverlands.
  • Mahar Pura:
    Mahar Pura

    Mahar Pura

    A prosperous kingdom with great historical position, ruled by Minsitthar Minsitthar, who was regarded as one of the 4th greatest Generals of Mahar Pura.

Dragon's Altar

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Dragon's Altar

Dragon's Altar

Yi Sun-Shin Yi Sun-Shin ventured here to acquire knowledge from the elders. The Guardian Dragons waged an arduous battle against the Kraken.

Dragon Sanctuary

Dragon Sanctuary

  • Hidden Land of the Dragon: The place where the Great Dragon lives and trained the Oriental Fighters. Baxia Baxia and Yu Zhong Yu Zhong were taught and trained under the Great Dragon as friends until the Black Dragon was overcome by evil and left this place, planning to destroy the Dragon's Altar and rule the whole Eastern Land. Zilong Zilong and Ling Ling fought for who would be the next leader of the Hidden Land of the Dragon, and although Zilong intentionally tried to lose in order to achieve Ling's dream, the Great Dragon chose Zilong to be the next leader. Unfortunately, Ling was full of anger and he suddenly left for Sky Arch. This is also the place where Sun Sun was born from a rock.
  • Dragon Sanctuary: A place initially constructed by humans as a safehold for the Guardian Dragons. Chang'e Chang'e and Zilong Zilong's hometown.

Azrya Woodlands

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This place is the home to all kinds of Elven creatures. This is where the Elf Kingdom is located. Azrya Woodlands is also known as Izirea.

  • The Moonlit Forest: The place that is home to Normal Elves, Moon Elves, and Leonins. This is where Nana Nana and Harith Harith lived, after leaving their homes in the Enchanted Forest. This was known as the target area of the abyssal creatures.
  • Lunar Temple: This is where the believers and devotees of the Moon God come to pray. Many considered this temple to be holy and this place was ruled and protected by Estes Estes until Alice Alice and the Orcs attacked. Even though Estes defeated Alice, he was weakened and was forced to rest for a long time in a corner of the forest. When Alice attacked again, she brought this forest and the Moon Elves, close to extinction. Seeing this, Miya prayed to the Moon God for aid and was blessed with a magical bow, with the help of which, she managed to defeat Alice and the Orcs. So Miya Miya was temporarily chosen as the Moon Elves' head since they thought Estes was dead. Later on, Alice attacked the Moon Elves again, thinking there was no one to protect them, but Estes woke up with a new power called "Code of Moonlight", blessed by the Moon God and thus, Alice and the Orcs were beaten once again. This is the place where the Tree of Life can be found. The Tree of Life endows the life of elves and gives them strength. When Thamuz Thamuz and the fire demons tried to burn down the Tree of Life, Belerick Belerick was there, along with Lunox Lunox. Belerick saw the Moon Elves lose all hope and so he decided to sacrifice himself to protect the Tree of Life. He successfully protected it, but at the cost of his life. Though, Belerick was later reborn in a new form. Gavana, Goddess of the Moon, was exalted from Moon Elves as the Supreme God. She was revived in the prayers of the Moon Elves. The moonlight would once again shelter her people.
  • The Shadow Swamp: The place south of the empire, which is considered to be sacred by the Dark Elves. The Dark Elf Selena Selena was once thrown in a bottomless pit where she got her powers from the Abyss Devil. Karina Karina and Irithel Irithel's home.
  • Enchanted Forest: Harith Harith and Nana Nana were born here and this is also where they grew up until they were forced to leave their hometown. Irithel Irithel and Leo (Smilodon) grew up here as well after Nana saved them from slave traders and taught her to speak and fight. In past times, the Twilight Orb was kept in a valley deep inside the forest, and this is where Lunox Lunox was born. Helcurt Helcurt once led his army into the depths of their forest and mercilessly decimated the village of the Leonins.
  • Dark Forest: A forest which contains many varied species of giant trees, strange plants, flowers, and many dangerous predators. This forest is also believed to be an entrance to a black cave which was known to house, vicious monsters.

The Vonetis Islands

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  • Makotan: Also known as Makadan Island. The land is fertile and the climate is mild. Life thrives, and food is in abundance. Lapu-Lapu Lapu-Lapu is the chief of this place.
  • Solari: This is where Badang Badang and his tribes live.
Blue Flame

Blue Flame

  • Blue Flame: This is where Kadita Kadita's kingdom was located and where she lived until she was conspired to ruin herself by a royal sorceress, who had grown jealous of her beauty and popularity.

The Barren Lands

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Barren Lands (Portrait)

Barren Lands

This place was originally a lively country, but now it's just a dull and dead landscape.

  • Crack of the Abyss: The place that is the gateway from the Land of Dawn into the Land of the Abyss. Brody Brody was born in a village, located at the foot of a volcano. The village was haunted by the Abyss, and the people who lived there often had to be very careful to survive.
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Shadow Abyss

Abyss Prince Throne

Dyrroth Dyrroth's Throne which can seen in his Splash Art.

  • Shadow Abyss: The monstrous place that is hideous scar carved inside of the Crack of Abyss. Innumerable demons lurk within it, plotting to devour the light and remold the world in the name of darkness. Alice Alice is the Queen of the Blood Demon, and Thamuz Thamuz is the leader of the fire demon tribes. They led the Abyss to conquer all over the underworld. They made a plan called the Dawn Plan and ought to kidnap a royal prince from the empire and they successfully did. Moskov Moskov fell to the Abyss on his choice to serve the queen and gain more power.Selena Selena was sacrificed to the Shadow Abyss by the fanatics, in exchange for dark energy. This is where Dyrroth Dyrroth planned his invasion of the Moniyan Empire.

  • Necrokeep:


    The place that was once under Vexana Vexana's rule. It was once lively until the Lord of the Abyss and Alice Alice's disturbance caused the fall of this place. Vexana awakened Leomord Leomord from the dead and he was given orders to protect the kingdom or else, watch the innocent undead face eternal damnation. Faramis Faramis is one of the knights, guarding this place. Lunox Lunox came here and remembered her past in the battle between Order and Chaos, as well as her destiny.
  • The Lantis Mountains:
    Mount Rantes

    Horror Castle, Lantis Mountains

    Legends say they're the eldest race in the Land of Dawn. It helps to block the corruption of the Abyss. Benedetta Benedetta and her comrades trained together and avenged those monsters at the foothill. This is the place where the Stone Titans including Grock Grock remain. This is where Belerick Belerick had regressed to his form - Growth Wings. It is the place where Horror Castle is located.
  • Despair Place: This once prosperous land is now nothing but a silent place filled with death. Benedetta Benedetta was the Protector and Shadow Ranger of Despair Place.
  • The Rantha Mountains: The place that was passed by Tigreal Tigreal and his Expeditionary Forces of Light in order to decimate the undead at the Necrokeep.
  • Stormeye Wasteland: The place was the Orcs including Balmond Balmond live and find food for their boss, Alice Alice, and the Blood demons, as they were enslaved by her.
  • Askati Forest: The place where Pharsa Pharsa and the crow people lived. It was once ruled by the Crow King, Osana until Alice Alice invaded the people and crows and ruined Pharsa's wedding, causing, Pharsa's true power to awaken, which unfortunately led to her permanent loss of vision.

Agelta Drylands

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Agetla Drylands is commonly called the Western Desert. It is home to Western Heroes. The desolate region had a scarcity of food supplies and water. Khaleed Khaleed was the prince of Artha Clan. Barats Barats and his companions, Detona, were enjoyed exploring the whole Agelta Drylands

  • Emerald Road: This is Clint Clint's hometown and the place that he lives to protect.
Gate of Minos

Gate of Minos

  • Minoan Kingdom:
    • Gates of Minos: It is the entrance to the Labyrinth.
    • The Labyrinth: Also known as Maze of Minos. Somewhere in the maze lies the Twilight Orb that the Minotaurs protect. It is what also caused the downfall of the Minoan Kingdom. Aldous, who survived the divine punishment, still protects the Maze of Minos from any invaders who dares try to steal the Twilight Orb. Minotaur Minotaur had heard the Twilight Orb's call and had to return to the maze for he knew what he had to do, but Aldous Aldous wouldn't allow him to enter as he had fled away once.
  • Fire Throat: People called it Inferno of Fire. The place where the Fire Kingdom was found. Valir Valir was said to live here, in a rich and beautiful country at the end of the Western Desert. He eventually got to the Ursula Academy of Magic, where he became Gord Gord's apprentice.
  • Valley of the Wind: This is where Vale Vale lives as the prince, in the Wind Fort and where he met Valir and became close childhood friends. They had been eventually torn apart from each other but Vale reckons he will see him again.
  • The Oasis:
    The Oasis

    The Oasis

    Belerick Belerick created The Oasis for the escaping Minoans who were filled with despair, at the price of him falling into a deep slumber.
  • Ajjerta Plateau: People said there were more and more rumors about the Twilight Orb here. This is where Lunox Lunox first heard the voice and also met Belerick Belerick.
  • Stargate Valley: This is the place where Esmeralda Esmeralda and the astrologers live.
  • Ruins of Tivacan: An ancient city in an isolated part of the Drylands that lays hidden among the sand. This place was once ruled by Khufra Khufra.
  • Arnak: Khufra Khufra's destroyed city.
  • The Western Expanse: A long region of sandy rain-forests. It is speculated that there are no Humans living within these forests, but only wild animals and certain rare creatures such as Wild Imps, Goblins, and all kinds of nature nymphs.
  • Hietala: A grassland which was once home to Moskov Moskov and the Wildsand Clan.
  • Albata: TBA...
  • Politan Village: TBA...
  • Los Pecados: TBA...

Northern Vale

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Northern Vale

Northern Vale

The Northern Icefield which is a continent of ice, snow, and storm. The resurrection of Captain Bane Bane has destroyed their formerly peaceful lives, so Franco and his comrades have banded together to oppose Bane's rule. Freya Freya is also a legend here. The Sarmi Tribe and Masha Masha also lived here and she is the descendant of Northern Vale hunters. Popol and Kupa Popol and Kupa and the Feldans lived here. Tigreal Tigreal went here to escape from pressure back home and established a deep friendship with the tribes here.

  • Queen of Scourge:
    Queen of Scourge (Place)

    Queen of Scourge

    Situated in the Northwest of Northern Vale, this snow mountain stands on an isolated island, like a tower pointing directly towards the sky. Standing on the top of the mountain, the splendid Aurora Aurora can be seen.

  • Martyr Hall:
    Martyr Hall

    Martyr Hall

    Situated at the center of Northern Vale, Iceland Golems, the ancestors of the Northern Valers, built this giant hall to worship the dead and rally. It is commonly called as Martyr Shrine. Valkyries including Freya Freya escort the souls of brave heroes who died in battle, through this hall, and into Valhalla.

  • Frozen Seas: A continent of Ice, Snow, and Large Water area surrounding the Northern Vale. Captain Bane Bane roamed the seas on his ship, the Black Pearl, and the ever-victorious sea dwellers called him Lord of the Seven Seas. Franco Franco lived in a coast.
  • Megalith Wasteland:
    Megalith Wasteland

    Megalith Wasteland

    Located between the boundaries of Northern Vale and the Moniyan Empire, there’s nothing in sight here, except giant and peculiar rocks and a few shrubs. This is where Hilda Hilda and her clan Garland lived, but they soon set out to the Land of Dawn to find a new habitation for the clan.

  • Abysmal Sea: A strong but dark, ocean bed, where the currents and high pressures were strong enough to tear up the sophisticated material Eruditio had created. There were many untrustworthy and indescribable creatures, here including Atlas Atlas, who are desperately lurking beneath these waters.
Ursula Academy of Magic

Ursula Academy of Magic

  • Ursula Academy of Magic: After Einwald separated the two energies inside Gord Gord's body, he was filled with despair as he cannot use purest arcane magic after his body changed, but Einwald encouraged Gord to still continue magic studies and offered him a position in the Magic Academy. Gord accepted in hopes of finding a talented student to continue his unfinished research. Valir Valir was once an apprentice of Gord and studied here for some time. Eudora Eudora worked here as a professor of magic. Guinevere Guinevere was once a top student of this Academy. Lylia Lylia was known to be the naughtiest and most gifted student of all time. She is the reason why the Void Monsters startled and troubled the residents inside the Academy. It's because she was also misunderstood by others since she was a Black Wizard. The Magic Academy also seems to be in conflict with Eruditio about which faction is dominant.

Unknown Areas

Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains

  • Misty Mountains: Home to the mysterious Centaur race, Hylos Hylos acts as the Grand Warden of this place. Lunox Lunox, and Belerick Belerick visited this place to meet Hylos.
  • Alaghat: A mysterious high-tech empire, where the strange race of Yasson lives. With human looks but deformed feet, they are agile and born to fight. Karrie Karrie used to live here.
  • Celestial Palace:
Celestial Palace

Celestial Palace

Main Article: Celestial Palace
     Kaja Kaja, the Nazar King, and Uranus Uranus, the Aethereal Defender, work here as city protectors waiting for a new ruler. Argus Argus and Rafaela Rafaela also came from this place but descended into the Land of Dawn to eradicate suffering and evil. Lunox Lunox visited here with Belerick Belerick to find her memories and was met by Uranus, who recognized her as his master.

Special Areas

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  • Kastiya:


    An extraterrestrial place where Zhask Zhask comes from. He is the king of the Kastiyans and wields a powerful staff that seals Domorey, the insect spirit.
  • Mithlora: A mysterious region of the galaxy which is inhabited by Mithlorans such as Yve Yve that possess immense strength. They have the enemy Swarm which was led by Zhask Zhask.
  • Laboratory 1718:
    Lab 1718 (Portrait)

    Laboratory 1718

    Laboratory 1718 is where a group of aspiring scientists, founded by Dr. Baker and Dr. Rooney (who soon rejected them as many of them fell deeper and deeper into depraved human weaponization), lead experiments to create living creature or Flesh Weapons. Saber SaberAlpha Alpha, and Beta were created here; they refused to become killing machines and escaped, but Beta's main body was destroyed and he was turned in his current form with the help of Dr. Rooney. Angela Angela was also created by Dr. Baker; however, since his creation was not in accordance with the ambitions of the other scientists, Dr. Baker placed Angela into a flight capsule, instructing her to seek out his good friend Dr. Rooney.
  • Arcapada : Gatotkaca Gatotkaca has been a champion of Gods, fighting vicious enemies of his homeland. He can fly across the skies like lightning with his Antakusuma armor and Brajamusti-Brajadenta twin gauntlet and hunt down his enemies, the furious Ashuras and their king Martis Martis.
  • Land of the Giants:  Cyclops Cyclops homeland. Located in the eastern part of the Land of Dawn.
  • Valhalla: It is a place where Valkyries, like Freya Freya guide the souls of courageous heroes, who died during the battle, through the Martyr Hall. The Martyr Hall connects the entrance of Valhalla, by a magic realm. Those souls, chosen to represent Valhalla, are called Einherjar. This is the place where the Sacred Palace is located.
  • Southern Seas: Located at the south of the Land of Dawn. This is where the Ocean Demons rescued Kadita Kadita and reincarnated her as the Ocean Goddess.
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  • Zlatan: Also known as New Zen, It was found in a Parallel Space Dimension, accessible only by Saber Saber's space rift blades, and is a futuristic and sci-fi crime city. Home to S.A.B.E.R. Squad and their rivals, V.E.N.O.M. Squad, led by Dr. Leo, another scientist who does not appear in-game.
  • Paradise Island: This beautiful island lies in the southeast Land of dawn, towards the edge of the known world. This heart-shaped island is also known as the "Place of dreams" or "Dream Land", among the local people, living there. It is said, that this island was created by heavenly Angeles. The island also houses an ancient relic- Eden, which is considered to hold immense godliness.


Twilight Orb

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Twilight Orb

Grimoire is the other name of Twilight Orb, found in the Land of Dawn. The Twilight Orb is protected in a Maze which the Minotaurs constructed, in hopes of understanding of its origin. The Minotaur Minotaur and his people signed many contractors, one is Aldous Aldous to protect the Twilight Orb. The Maze's many layers allowed many Minoan people to come near the Twilight Orb and thrived on the Orb's mysterious power. The contractors were guarding the Twilight Orb. The Unique God have had put the blessings to Lunox Lunox with Twilight Orb as she was the first major gift to be given. The Twilight Orb has appeared 4 times in the Land of Dawn. The first is in Lunox; the second appeared in the Labyrinth; the third appeared during the events on Rival amid the 2 distinct factions(Magic Academy and Eruditio). The fourth one is Aurora Heart, which is one of the ancient Twilight Orb.

Aurora Heart

The Aurora Heart

Atlas Atlas holding the Aurora Heart Aurora's Heart

The Aurora Heart is not literally the heart from Aurora Aurora, it was one of the ancient Twilight Orbs that could have swept all the dark forces in the Land of Dawn. This is the most significant Northern Vale artifact that has been lost for a long time. It has the Power of Regeneration. The Lord of the Abyss detonated the Aurora Heart 15 years ago. Atlas Atlas wanted to use the Aurora Heart in order to remove the injunction curse of the Abyss.

When Bane Bane saw that Atlas was holding Aurora's Heart, he changed his mission and he stopped fighting Franco Franco, and then he planned to take Aurora's Heart from Atlas. Because Bane saw that when he got it, he would have the strength. He used it to absorb its energy and could dominate the world with which he could defeat the Northern Vale. Freya Freya had defeated the monster, Bane. She swore to protect the Aurora Heart as her sister Skuld commanded.

Reverse Scales

Reverse Scale

Yu Zhong Yu Zhong holding the Reverse Scale

Based on the Chinese Culture, they don't want anyone touching their reverse scale. Although the dragons normally don't harm humans, they were said to be hostile and intended to kill any humans immediately, but that is only if they were to disturb the reverse scale.

In the in-game lore, the Reverse Scale had been sealed for many years in the Forbidden Area of Dragon Soul to prevent the reincarnation of the Fierce Black Dragon, by absorbing its unnatural strength.

However, Luo Yi Luo Yi escorted Yu Zhong Yu Zhong to the secret place, as it was said earlier in order to return the last Black Dragon 's past-life memories, and broke the Sealed Reverse Scale, summoning the powers of the Black Dragon and grasping over the intention to dominate the entire region of Cadia Riverlands.

Orb of Sand

Orb of Sand

Orb of Sand

A mysterious power source, known to contain unimaginable powers. The Orb of Sand preserves the power of the Ancient Dessert sand, found within the depths of Agelta Drylands. This unpredictable Orb is rumored to contain immense sand-based powers. Both Khufra Khufra and Khaleed Khaleed summoned inevitable power, from the likes of this orb, granting themselves the ability to control the flow of sand. The Sand Orb was under Khufra Khufra's possession until a furious battle, where Khaleed Khaleed shattered it with his scimitar. The current status of the Orb of Sand is unrecognized but only one thing is known, if fallen into the wrong hands, the Orb of Sand can grant it's wielder, enough power to engulf the entire Land of Dawn in a raging Sandstorm.




  • Agate: In the Land of Dawn, Agate symbolizes happiness and wealth, and has a meaning of a deep friendship. It is given as a sign of encouragement from fellow partners.
Layla's Chocolate

Layla's Chocolata

  • Layla's Chocolate: Exquisite gift box with sweet cocoa. It becomes the most delicious chocolate in the Land of Dawn after the deployment. The silky and changeable taste is the interpretation of Layla Layla's passion for friendship.
Valkyrie's Ride

Valkyrie's Ride

  • Valkyrie's Ride: The ship of Freya Freya, the Valkyrie, with high speed and superior mobility.
Empire Chevalier Medal

Empire Chevalier Medal

  • Empire Chevalier Medal: Bravery, self-sacrifice, and fearlessness are the virtues that all the Empire Chevaliers share. This medal symbolizes the highest honor of the Moniyan Empire.
Harley's Magic Hat

Harley's Magic Hat

  • Harley's Magic Hat: It's more of a symbol of a great magician than just a magic hat, from which would jump out countless surprises. Magic is not tricks - Harley Harley. Then he reaches into the magic hat and grabs a gift for you.
Adorable Smilodon

Adorable Smilodon

  • Adorable Smilodon: Leo is clever Smilodon who is always accompanied with Irithel Irithel. Because Leo is Irithel's best friend, she made this Little Leo Doll to memorize the happy time with him. The Doll symbolizes loyalty and bravery.
Kagura's Seimei Umbrella

Kagura's Seimei Umbrella

  • Kagura's Seimei Umbrella: The heirloom of the Onmyoujis, also the thing that Kagura Kagura values most. The Seimei Umbrella not only symbolizes wisdom but also carries the blessing of the Onmyouji to Kagura. As the most talented Onmyouji Master, Kagura regards the Seimei Umbrella as the best partner.
Angela's Doll

Angela's Doll

  • Angela's Doll: The birth of Angela Angela's Doll is destined that she is a toy artwork. Behind the exquisite design, there is a kind of extraordinary feeling in it, which also makes countless Collectors so favored. Thus it becomes a popular toy of the whole Land.
Angel Ark

Angel Ark

  • Angel Ark: The Angel Ark made by Layla Layla's father. He was focused on technological inventions and spent less time on family. In order to show his love to his wife and daughter, he planned to create Angel Ark that could travel all over the Land of Dawn. However, he didn't keep his promise because of the magic cannon. When Layla's father disappeared, she gave Angel Ark to Dr. Rooney. Dr. Rooney recognized the feelings of her father. He then made a change to Angel Ark. It's a symbol of responsibility and recognition, also a gift with deep love.
Paradise Island

Paradise Island

  • Paradise Island: Paradise Island lies in the southeast of the Land of Dawn, at the edge of the Islands. This heart-shaped island is also known as the place of dreams among the local people. It's said that this island is created by Angel. They created Paradis Island first, and then build the Eden according to it.
Dragon Soul Jade

Dragon Soul Jade

  • Dragon Soul Jade: The jade carrying Black Dragon's power. Yu Zhong Yu Zhong's symbol.
Nana's Paw

Nana's Paw

  • Nana's Paw: Nana Nana treasures her giant paw mat the most as it represents her proud identity as a Leonin Witch. The Magical Mat is cute and soft, which makes Nana feel comfortable. Also, it brings her a feeling of peace, just like a feeling from her hometown.
Diggie's Colored Egg

Diggie's Colored Egg

  • Diggie's Colored Egg: As the famous inventor in Eruditio, Diggie Diggie has dedicated his whole life to creating interesting inventions. Even the normal egg is a piece of art in Diggie's hand. This magical gift is a symbol of friendship and best wishes.


Note: It should be noted that some races are not clearly stated/named in the game's lore, such as Helcurt Helcurt or Bane Bane (he's said to have been revived and his old version looked like an undead, like Vexana Vexana or Leomord Leomord, but his current version looks more like an Anthropomorph Squid). Furthermore, some heroes' race can only be deduced by their appearence (such as Irithel Irithel being an elf). The Human race is also uncertain for some heroes, either because they have un-human features (Roger Roger, Eudora Eudora, Aurora Aurora, or Aldous Aldous) or it's unclear from their background (such as Zilong Zilong, who is the adopted son of the Great Dragon and thus technically making him demi-god, and Gord Gord, who refers to himself as a "Demon").

There are currently 20 distinct races and 24 different categories amongst MLBB Heroes.

Pure Elves

Eudora is possibly an elf by her appearance.

Moon Elves
Feline Elves / Leonins
Dark Elves

Selena is a half-dark elf and half-abyssal demon.


Johnson and X.Borg were born as humans.

Mecha Sentry

Atlas was previously an Abyssal Creature.

Blood Demon / Vampire
Abyssal Demons

Selena is half-dark and half-abyssal human. Dyrroth and Terizla were born as humans and then transformed into Abyssal Demons.

Ninja Demon

Hanzo is different from other demons, as he had actually absorbed his own blood, along with the blood of his opponents, to transform into his current, demonic form.

Fire Demon

Bloodaxe Orc

Pure Humans

Only Popol is included, not his companion wolf Kupa.

Bear People
Humanoid Dragon

The Lycanthrope is a race that has the ability to shapeshift from human to werewolf.

Mystic Human
Crow People


Fallen Angel

Argus was formerly an Angel.

Gods, Goddesses, Demi-gods, and Nontheistic Celestials. Don't be confused with the faction Celestial. Lunox is the Twilight Goddess which is also an Elf. Kadita was previously a human and then she was reincarnated by the Ocean Demons into an Ocean Goddess.


Minoans are based on the Greek Mythical Creature, Minotaur, which describes as "part man and part bull".

Centaurs are creatures from Greek mythology with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse.

The extraterrestrial creatures.

Cyclops is a one-eyed Dwarf-Giant, according to his lore.

A Strange race that looks like a human but has deformed feet and very agile.


Note: It should be noted that some factions are not clearly stated/named in the game's lore. Some Factions are based on Magic Chess Synergy. Some names of its factions are non-canon which is not the official name.

There are currently 17 distinct factions and 43 different categories amongst MLBB Heroes.

Inside the Moniyan Empire, It is currently the dominant faction for heroes in the Land of Dawn although this may soon change due to on-going conflicts and rivalry with the Dark Abyss.

Moniyan Royals
Light Assassins
Lightborn Chevaliers

They affiliated themselves to form a Lightborn Squad

A faction that is close to the Moniyan Empire. Heroes are somehow related.

Baroque Family
Regina Family
Paxley Family
Vance Family

Abyssal Rulers
Abyssal Warriors
Abyssal Slaves

Bloodthirsty and war-loving Orcs. Alice enslaves them to hunt food for her.

Belerick associated with Elf Faction because he saved the Tree of Life.

Dark Elf Assassins
Dawn Zenith

They are establishing the main force of the Dawn Zenith. It is currently under the king’s leadership.

Zhask is not considered a Northern Valer since he has a different race and he is against this faction. His hometown is very far from this.

Abysmal Sea Creatures
Guardian of Northern Vale

They shall dedicate their entire life to the Northern Vale.

Black Shark Pirates
Sarmi Clan

They are associated with Bear.

Garland Clan
Feldan Clan

The heroes forming this faction are not related to others.

Kawa Villagers
Paenlong Sailors
Mahar Pura
Black Dragon's Soldiers

They are the enemies of Oriental Fighters

Sanctuary Immortals
Oriental Fighters

They affiliated themselves to form Oriental Fighters

The Order of the Scarlet Shadow. Created by the very first ninja, formed by countless outstanding disciples. But was split into two sub-factions.

Scarlet Section
Shadow Section
Onmyouji Clan

They are completely not related. However, they share the same region, Vonetis Islands.

Sheriffs of Emerald Road
Desert Tyrants
Wind Warriors
Citizens of Flame
Stargate Astrologers
Contractors of the Labyrith
Artha Clan
Politan Smugglers

All Heroes inside the region of City of Scholars are considered themselves as the people of Eruditio. Even X.Borg is the constituent despite his revenge on this region.

Captain Guards
Arrived from Laboratory 1718

People in the Ursula Academy of Magic are called themselves magician. The common name of this faction is Magic Academy.

Black Wizard

Pandava Clan

Aka Ranger Squad



  • Makotan is a reference to Mactan Island from Cebu in the Philippines, where the actual Lapu-Lapu Lapu-Lapu lived. Same as Mahar Pura is also a reference to Amarapura from Myanmar which means City of Immortality. Iga (Currently Scarlet Shadow Territory) resembles the province of Japan that is located at the western Mie Perfecture.
  • Bruno Bruno was originally the protector of Eruditio with Lolita Lolita, but was secretly changed. Now his background is set in Antoinerei.
  • In Norse Mythology, Valhalla means hall of the slain.
  • Erudito came from the Latin word eruditio (“an instructing, learning, erudition”); it is a profound knowledge that is based on learning. It relates to her city region being called City of Scholars.
  • City of Scholars is the only region that no mage exists. Whereas Ursula Academy of Magic has only mages.
  • Northern Vale was previously called Nost Gal (means off-life).
  • The Labyrinth, Minoan Kingdom was actually the map of the Survival gamemode. Same to Imperial Sanctuary and Celestial Palace referred to themselves. Western Expanse was somehow located inside the Agetla Drylands. Necrokeep was also the map of the Brawl gamemode.
  • Moniyan Empire's old name was Mossenia, the other name is Mokenya.
  • The Lantis Mountains was once called Mount Rantes mentioned in Determination Event.
  • You can see the official map of the Land of Dawn during MOONTON EPICON 2019.
  • During the development of Khaleed Khaleed's lore, the place Ruins of Tivacan was once labeled Tihuacan.
  • Gavana and Karihmet is a non-hero character but exclusively heroes in MLA (Mobile Legends: Adventure), a spin-off game.
  • Azure Lake, Necrokeep, Horror Castle, Lantis Mountains, The Oasis, Misty Mountains, and Celestial Palace's images can be seen in Determination Event.
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