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Map of the Land of Dawn


      Land of Dawn is where the background places of all the heroes and where all the battlegrounds in Mobile Legends are located. The Land of Dawn is home to elves, orcs, demons, humans, and many other races. It is also, home to many epic fables, battles, and events that have occurred here during the past times. The Land of Dawn is dominated by a certain number of factions, some of which, are against others.


Moniyan Empire

Main Article: Moniyan Empire
The place where most of the heroes live. This is where the Lightborn Heroes live. The Moniyan Empire is ruled by Princess Silvanna.png Silvanna and her family and is also, her brother, Dyrroth.png Prince Dyrroth's original birthplace before he was kidnapped by the forces of the Abyss. The Lightborn Heroes protect and serve this Empire.

Cadia Riverlands

Main Article: Cadia Riverlands
It is located at the easternmost part of the Land of Dawn. This is the place where the Oriental Fighters and most of the eastern heroes lived. Yu Zhong.png Yu Zhong, the reincarnated Black Dragon, wanted to dominate the whole of Cadia Riverlands and fight the Great Dragon.

Azrya Woodlands

Main Article: Azrya Woodlands
This place is the home to all kinds of Elven creatures. This is where the Elf Kingdom is located. Azrya Woodlands is also known as Izirea.

Vonetis Islands

Main Article: Vonetis Islands
Vonetis Islands is the most beautiful archipelago in the Land of Dawn. Located in southern regions, the islands are called home for tribes that lives here. Those are an ideal place to live and a natural harbor with their beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.

The Barren Lands

Main Article: The Barren Lands
Also known as Land of Despair. This place was originally a lively country, but with the rise of the Abyss now it's just a dull and dead landscape.

Agelta Drylands

Main Article: Agelta Drylands
This desert area in the western part of the continent has a harsh climate, but there are a large number of ancient desert labyrinths and relics of the Emerald Road, attracting the continent's adventurers to continue to explore.

Northern Vale

Main Article: Northern Vale
The Northern Icefield which is a continent of ice, snow, and storm. The resurrection of Captain Bane.png Bane has destroyed their formerly peaceful lives, so Franco.png Franco and his comrades have banded together to oppose Bane's rule. Freya.png Freya is also a legend here. The Sarmi Tribe and Masha.png Masha also lived here and she is the descendant of Northern Vale hunters. Popol and Kupa.png Popol and Kupa and the Feldans lived here.

Special Areas

Main Article: Special Areas
Special Areas are all places that are in another universe, places that have a bit information about, or places that are outside the main continent (Land of Dawn), such as Lab 1718, Kastiya, Valhalla and many more.


Twilight Orb

Main Article: Twilight Orb

Twilight Orb.png

Grimoire is the other name of Twilight Orb, found in the Land of Dawn. The Twilight Orb is protected in a Maze which the Minotaurs constructed, in hopes of understanding of its origin. The Minotaur.png Minotaur and his people signed many contractors, one of them is Aldous.png Aldous to protect the Twilight Orb. The Maze's many layers allowed many Minoan people to come near the Twilight Orb and thrived on the Orb's mysterious power. The contractors were guarding the Twilight Orb. The Unique God have had put the blessings to Lunox.png Lunox with Twilight Orb as she was the first major gift to be given. The Twilight Orb has appeared 4 times in the Land of Dawn. The first is in Lunox; the second appeared in the Labyrinth. The third one is the Aurora Heart, which is one of the ancient Twilight Orb. The fourth one is the Heart of Anima located on the Celestial Palace, It was revealed that the Heart of Anima can revive a dead soul, Valentina was looking for the Heart of Anima for thousands of years just to resurrect her beloved, Irlan.

Aurora Heart

Atlas.png Atlas holding the Aurora Heart Aurora's Heart.png

The Aurora Heart is not literally the heart from Aurora.png Aurora, it was one of the ancient Twilight Orbs that could have swept all the dark forces in the Land of Dawn. This is the most significant Northern Vale artifact that has been lost for a long time. It has the Power of Regeneration. The Lord of the Abyss detonated the Aurora Heart 15 years ago. Atlas.png Atlas wanted to use the Aurora Heart in order to remove the injunction curse of the Abyss.

When Bane.png Bane saw that Atlas was holding Aurora's Heart, he changed his mission and he stopped fighting Franco.png Franco, and then he planned to take Aurora's Heart from Atlas. Because Bane saw that when he got it, he would have the strength. He used it to absorb its energy and could dominate the world with which he could defeat the Northern Vale. Freya.png Freya had defeated the monster, Bane. She swore to protect the Aurora Heart as her sister Skuld commanded.

Reverse Scales

Yu Zhong.png Yu Zhong holding the Reverse Scale

Based on the Chinese Culture, they don't want anyone touching their reverse scale. Although the dragons normally don't harm humans, they were said to be hostile and intended to kill any humans immediately, but that is only if they were to disturb the reverse scale.

In the in-game lore, the Reverse Scale had been sealed for many years in the Forbidden Area of Dragon Soul to prevent the reincarnation of the Fierce Black Dragon, by absorbing its unnatural strength.

However, Luo Yi.png Luo Yi escorted Yu Zhong.png Yu Zhong to the secret place, as it was said earlier in order to return the last Black Dragon's past-life memories, and broke the Sealed Reverse Scale, summoning the powers of the Black Dragon and grasping over the intention to dominate the entire region of Cadia Riverlands.

Orb of Sand

Orb of Sand

A mysterious power source, known to contain unimaginable powers. The Orb of Sand preserves the power of the Ancient Dessert sand, found within the depths of Agelta Drylands. This unpredictable Orb is rumored to contain immense sand-based powers. Both Khufra.png Khufra and Khaleed.png Khaleed summoned inevitable power, from the likes of this orb, granting themselves the ability to control the flow of sand. The Sand Orb was under Khufra.png Khufra's possession until a furious battle, where Khaleed.png Khaleed shattered it with his scimitar. The current status of the Orb of Sand is unrecognized but only one thing is known, if fallen into the wrong hands, the Orb of Sand can grant its wielder, enough power to engulf the entire Land of Dawn in a raging Sandstorm.

Heart of Anima

Main Article: Fate Deniers

Valentina.png Valentina stealing the Heart of Anima Heart of Anima.png

High above the Celestial Palace hangs the Heart of Anima, a piece broke off from the Twilight Orb. It could revive a dead soul and it is the last hope of a desperate woman, Valentina.png Valentina, who seeks to resurrect her beloved. It mented fences of the enmity between once-close brothers, who found out the truth from their ancestor's memoir and determined to break the family curse. It is sought after by the Spacetime Walker, Natan.png Natan, who hopes to reverse the end of worlds. Fates has been unsealed. What awaits them at the end of time?.



  • Agate: In the Land of Dawn, Agate symbolizes happiness and wealth, and has a meaning of a deep friendship. It is given as a sign of encouragement from fellow partners.

Layla's Chocolate

  • Layla's Chocolate: Exquisite gift box with sweet cocoa. It becomes the most delicious chocolate in the Land of Dawn after the deployment. The silky and changeable taste is the interpretation of Layla.png Layla's passion for friendship.

Valkyrie's Ride

  • Valkyrie's Ride: The ship of Freya.png Freya, the Valkyrie, with high speed and superior mobility.

Empire Chevalier Medal

  • Empire Chevalier Medal: Bravery, self-sacrifice, and fearlessness are the virtues that all the Empire Chevaliers share. This medal symbolizes the highest honor of the Moniyan Empire.

Harley's Magic Hat

  • Harley's Magic Hat: It's more of a symbol of a great magician than just a magic hat, from which would jump out countless surprises. Magic is not tricks - Harley.png Harley. Then he reaches into the magic hat and grabs a gift for you.

Adorable Smilodon

  • Adorable Smilodon: Leo is clever Smilodon who is always accompanied with Irithel.png Irithel. Because Leo is Irithel's best friend, she made this Little Leo Doll to memorize the happy time with him. The Doll symbolizes loyalty and bravery.

Kagura's Seimei Umbrella

  • Kagura's Seimei Umbrella: The heirloom of the Onmyoujis, also the thing that Kagura.png Kagura values most. The Seimei Umbrella not only symbolizes wisdom but also carries the blessing of the Onmyouji to Kagura. As the most talented Onmyouji Master, Kagura regards the Seimei Umbrella as the best partner.

Angela's Doll

  • Angela's Doll: The birth of Angela.png Angela's Doll is destined that she is a toy artwork. Behind the exquisite design, there is a kind of extraordinary feeling in it, which also makes countless Collectors so favored. Thus it becomes a popular toy of the whole Land.

Angel Ark

  • Angel Ark: The Angel Ark made by Layla.png Layla's father. He was focused on technological inventions and spent less time on family. In order to show his love to his wife and daughter, he planned to create Angel Ark that could travel all over the Land of Dawn. However, he didn't keep his promise because of the magic cannon. When Layla's father disappeared, she gave Angel Ark to Dr. Rooney. Dr. Rooney recognized the feelings of her father. He then made a change to Angel Ark. It's a symbol of responsibility and recognition, also a gift with deep love.

Paradise Island

  • Paradise Island: Paradise Island lies in the southeast of the Land of Dawn, at the edge of the Islands. This heart-shaped island is also known as the place of dreams among the local people. It's said that this island is created by Angel. They created Paradis Island first, and then build the Eden according to it.

Dragon Soul Jade

  • Dragon Soul Jade: The jade carrying Black Dragon's power. Yu Zhong.png Yu Zhong's symbol.

Nana's Paw

  • Nana's Paw: Nana.png Nana treasures her giant paw mat the most as it represents her proud identity as a Leonin Witch. The Magical Mat is cute and soft, which makes Nana feel comfortable. Also, it brings her a feeling of peace, just like a feeling from her hometown.

Diggie's Colored Egg

  • Diggie's Colored Egg: As the famous inventor in Eruditio, Diggie.png Diggie has dedicated his whole life to creating interesting inventions. Even the normal egg is a piece of art in Diggie's hand. This magical gift is a symbol of friendship and best wishes.

Haunted Doll's Candy

  • Haunted Doll's Candy: Lylia.png Lylia's dark magic brings mysterious power to the delicious candy, which will delight everyone who receives it.

Love at First Sight

  • Love at First Sight: Carmilla.png Carmilla and Cecilion.png Cecilion once brought back the blood-red flowers of night from the Crack of the Abyss' edge. Carmilla.png Carmilla crushed the flowers and mixed them with her own blood to create this key which she gave to Cecilion.png Cecilion—a token of her deep and profound love for him.

Pure Commitment

  • Pure Commitment: In order to win his lover's smile, Cecilion.png Cecilion traversed great mountains and extreme danger to set foot within the Moonlit Forest. There, he stole a precious moonstone guarded by the Elves, and elaborately carved it into a lock that he gifted to Carmilla.png Carmilla as a token of his loyal and undying love for her.

Blessing Lantern

  • Blessing Lantern: Blessing Lanterns are created based on the legends of the Goldmoon Lantern. They are simply constructed yet wondrous, and found all over in countless households. As the day of the festival approaches, Blessing Lanterns are hung to usher in hope.

Goldmoon Lantern

  • Goldmoon Lantern: In the legends of the Land of Dawn, this lantern shines with an ever-burning brightness. Its legend has been passed down over millennia to the present day. paintings and poetry, believed to be an artifact capable of driving out the darkness, representing a hope that can never be extinguished.


Note: It should be noted that some races are not clearly stated/named in the game's lore, such as Helcurt.png Helcurt or Bane.png Bane (he's said to have been revived and his old version looked like an undead, like Vexana.png Vexana or Leomord.png Leomord, but his current version looks more like an Anthropomorph Squid). Furthermore, some heroes' race can only be deduced by their appearence (such as Irithel.png Irithel being an elf). The human race is also uncertain for some heroes, either because they have un-human features (Roger.png Roger, Aurora.png Aurora, or Aldous.png Aldous) or it's unclear from their background (such as Zilong.png Zilong, who is the adopted son of the Great Dragon and thus technically making him demi-god, and Gord.png Gord, who refers to himself as a "Demon").

There are currently 21 distinct races and 24 different categories amongst MLBB Heroes.

Pure Elves
Light Elves
Moon Elves
Feline Elves/Leonins
Dark Elves

Selena is a half-dark elf and half-abyssal demon.


Belerick accidentaly created Floryn while making the Oasis.


Johnson, X.Borg and Saber were born as humans.

Mecha Sentry

Atlas was previously an Abyssal Creature.

Blood Demon/Vampire
Abyssal Demons

Selena is a half-dark elf and half-abyssal demon. Moskov, Dyrroth and Terizla were born as humans and then transformed into Abyssal Demons.

Ninja Demon

Hanzo is different from other demons, as he had actually absorbed his own blood, along with the blood of his opponents, to transform into his current, demonic form.

Fire Demon

Bloodaxe Orc

Pure Humans

Only Popol is included, not his companion wolf Kupa.

Bear People
Humanoid Dragon

The Lycanthrope is a race that has the ability to shapeshift from human to werewolf.

Mystic Human
Crow People


Fallen Angel

Argus was formerly an Angel.

Gods, Goddesses, Demi-gods, and Nontheistic Celestials. Don't be confused with the faction Celestial. Lunox is the Twilight Goddess and an Elf. Kadita was previously a human and then she was reincarnated by the Ocean Demons into an Ocean Goddess.


Minoans are based on the Greek Mythical Creature, Minotaur, which describes as "part man and part bull".

Centaurs are creatures from Greek mythology with the upper body of a human and the lower body and legs of a horse.

The extraterrestrial creatures.


Cyclops is a one-eyed Dwarf-Giant, according to his lore.

A strange race that looks like a human but has deformed feet.

Gel-like creatures.


Note: It should be noted that some factions are not clearly stated/named in the game's lore. Some factions are based on Magic Chess Synergy. Some names of its factions are non-canon which is not the official name.

There are currently 17 distinct factions and 43 different categories amongst MLBB Heroes.

Inside the Moniyan Empire, it is currently the dominant faction for heroes in the Land of Dawn although this may soon change due to on-going conflicts and rivalry with the Dark Abyss.

Moniyan Royals
Light Assassins
Lightborn Chevaliers

They affiliated themselves to form a Lightborn Squad.

A faction that is close to the 'Moniyan Empire. Heroes are somehow related.

Baroque Family
Alvin Family
Paxley Family
Vance Family

Abyssal Rulers
Abyssal Warriors
Abyssal Army

Bloodthirsty and war-loving Orcs. Alice enslaves them to hunt food for her.

Belerick associated with Elf Faction because he saved the Tree of Life.

Dark Elf Assassins
Dawn Zenith

They are establishing the main force of the Dawn Zenith. It is currently under the king’s leadership.

Zhask is not considered a Northern Valer since he has a different race and he is against this faction. His hometown is very far from this.

Abysmal Sea Creatures
Guardian of Northern Vale

They shall dedicate their entire life to the Northern Vale.

Black Shark Pirates
Sarmi Clan

They are associated with Bear.

Garland Clan
Feldan Clan

The heroes forming this faction are not related to others.

Kawa Villagers
Paenlong Sailors
Mahar Pura
Black Dragon's Soldiers

They are the enemies of Oriental Fighters.

Sanctuary Immortals
Oriental Fighters

They affiliated themselves to form Oriental Fighters.

The Order of the Scarlet Shadow. Created by the very first ninja, formed by countless outstanding disciples. But was split into two sub-factions.

Scarlet Section
Shadow Section
Onmyouji Clan

They are completely not related. However, they share the same region, Vonetis Islands.

Sheriffs of Emerald Road
Desert Tyrants
Wind Warriors
Citizens of Flame
Stargate Astrologers
Contractors of the Labyrinth
Artha Clan
Politan Smugglers
The Oasis

All Heroes inside the region of City of Scholars are considered themselves as the people of Eruditio. Even X.Borg is the constituent despite his revenge on this region.

City Guards
Arrived from Laboratory 1718

People in the Ursula Academy of Magic are called themselves magician. The common name of this faction is Magic Academy.

Black Wizard

Pandava Clan

Aka Ranger Squad




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