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Recommended Set

Sustained DPS


DPS, Durable

DPS, Durable

DPS, Burst

DPS, Jungling

Recommended Spells

  • Inspire.png Inspire (To increase Basic Attack.png Basic Attack stats)
  • Sprint.png Sprint (To increase Movement Speed)
  • Purify.png Purify (To remove negative CC effects [except Suppression])
  • Flicker.png Flicker (To escape from teamfights)

Recommended Emblems

  • Marksman Emblem.png Marksman (Electro Flash/Weakness Finder)
  • Physical Emblem.png Physical (Open Fire)
  • Assassin Emblem.png Assassin (Killing Spree)

Pros and Cons


  • Beginner friendly hero.
  • Has the furthest range out of all marksmen Marksman Icon.png in the late game.
  • Deals higher damage depending on the range, thanks to her Malefic Gun.png passive.
  • Scales well into the late game.
  • One of the only marksmen to deal great damage with both her attacks and skills.
  • Late-gamer


  • No mobility; relies on Flicker.png Flicker as she does not have any escape skill.
  • Reliant on items and levels.
  • Relies on positioning to deal damage, making her easily skirmished by high burst heroes.
  • Very squishy in all stages of the game.

Tactics using Layla

  • When Layla's Destruction Rush.png ultimate is maxed out, she can attack turrets directly outside of their detection range, even without minions.
    • However, be cautious when taking down turrets this way, as they take reduced damage from Basic Attacks during these situations. Furthermore, be wary of overstaying as this will leave her open to ambushes.
  • The temporary range increase provided by her Malefic Bomb.png 1st skill when it hits a target can be used in a few ways:
    • As a poke tool. Use the skill on a minion and utilize the increased range to land a few quick hits on the enemy laner.
    • As an engagement tool. Hit the enemy hero with the skill and the temporarily-added range will allow Layla to hit the target with her Basic Attacks a few times even if they decide to disengage from the fight.
    • As a bush-checking tool. Layla will benefit from the range and movement speed increase if the attack successfully hits an enemy hiding in the bush.
  • While the temporary movement speed increase provided by her Malefic Bomb.png 1st skill offers some form of mobility, it does not last long and cannot be triggered frequently enough to serve as a reliable escaping tool while being chased, making positioning crucial when playing as her.
  • Her Destruction Rush.png ultimate does reveal the enemies from bushes in less seconds but it is a waste trying to shoot for no one.
  • When they are attacking minions, you can go up and attack them at the edge of your attack range, then retreat immediately in case of any lost.
  • Use Void Projectile.png 2nd skill to consume enemies or kill minions from far away.
  • Predict enemies’ movement and injure them. When target’s HP is low, use your Destruction Rush.png ultimate to kill them directly.
  • Use Flicker.png Flicker to chase up to your target if necessary.
  • When you are at a disadvantage, use her Void Projectile.png 2nd skill to do an attrition battle.
  • Move deftly to avoid enemy’s skills and call your teammates to help to siege the target, then use the control ability of the second skill to slow enemy down and kill them together.
  • For team fight, keep your distance from enemy team as far as you can. Use the Void Projectile.png 2nd skill and Destruction Rush.png ultimate to kite your enemies. If your target is within your attack range, then use basic attack to deal damage, do not come forward rashly. Use battle spell Flicker.png Flicker to distance yourself from them when your foes tries to approach you. Then run back while shooting with basic attack, and kill the enemy in cooperation with teammates. Add more movement speed to Layla, and take this advantage to evade enemy skill damage. Coordinating with lifesteal ability, you can survive from the team fight and continuously do more damage-dealing.


  • Primary:
  • 1.Void Projectile.png 2nd skill > Destruction Rush.png Ultimate > Malefic Bomb.png 1st skill > Basic Attack.png Basic Attack (Minimum Damage)
  • 2. Void Projectile.png 2nd skill > Malefic Bomb.png 1st skill > Basic Attack.png Basic Attack Until target HP is low > (Do the following if target is not Dead yet) Destruction Rush.png Ultimate (Maximun Damage)

Layla must team-up someone

  • Nana.png Nana All of Nana's skills provide good crowd control and follow up spells, allowing Layla to decimate all of her foes from a far distance. Nana's 2nd hinders any enemies to come close due to the fear of getting polymorphed and taking unnecessary damage.
  • Miya.png Miya Usually risky to play alongside another marksman due to limiting the amount of farm both can take, but once Miya and Layla are fully farmed with items, they become absolute monsters and no one can survive against the fast attacks from Miya while getting kited by Layla's powerful attacks.
  • Alucard.png Alucard's skills combined with Layla's powerful skills and attacks could fully mean the end of the enemy team.
  • Cyclops.png Cyclops' Planetary Lockdown allows Layla to fully cast her spells to maximum effect.
  • Estes.png Estes Since Layla is very squishy and easily taken down by bursts, Estes is an excellent support that helps her in many cases. His Moonlight Immersion grants good HP restoration, allowing Layla to sustain longer in lane or in teamfights. Domain of Moon Goddess helps Layla deal her damage easier to foes who are caught in it as it slows all enemies who trespass the outer edge of the area, benefiting Layla the chance to fully deal her damage.
  • More Heroes:

Countering against Layla

  • Speaking of counter and marksman, her best counter are Clint.png Clint and Miya.png Miya since these two heroes can do trades better than her plus they have skills that can dodge Layla’s Destruction Rush.png ultimate easily. Aside from marksman you can use other heroes with gap closer to counter Layla.
    • This also that Lesley.png Lesley and Irithel.png Irithel can also help, but Lesley.png Lesley cannot speed-up (that because she's sniper), only can help as critics and Irithel.png Irithel can hit 'n run, her Heavy Crossbow.png ultimate can finish her.
  • She relies a lot on her range and kiting capability so a hero with great mobility could really spell doom for her. Heroes that have great mobility like Fanny.png Fanny, Hayabusa.png Hayabusa, Chou.png Chou or Lancelot.png Lancelot benefits greatly since they are unlikely to get hit by her abilities, making her attacks the only way to fight back.
  • Layla is very weak to any heroes that have powerful bursts like Harley.png Harley, Hayabusa.png Hayabusa, or Karina.png Karina because these heroes can do more damage than her in a short period of time and it is unlikely she can survive from it since she is squishy.

Personal threats for Layla

  • Fanny.png Fanny Layla has no way of escaping Fanny due to her excellent mobility by Steel Cable.png 2nd skil while suffering damage from her Tornado Strike.png 1st skill.
    • Fanny can completely shut her down in the early/mid game which is where Layla is at her most weakest, due to her Cut Throat.png ultimate, that fully finishes off any squishy enemies she flew through a couple of times.
  • Gusion.png Gusion can destroy Layla in any stages of the game due to his Sword Spike.png 1st skill and Shadowblade Slaughter.png 2nd skill, since Layla has no mobility, Gusion's Sword Spike.png 1st skill is likely to hit and dagger Layla to her death.
    • Note: Sword Spike.png 1st skill can only lock to target from nearby and cannot lock to the target from too far due nerfed patch 1.4.60.
  • Karina.png Karina can avoid a huge amount of damage from her by simply using Dance of Blades.png 1st skill as she becomes invulnerable to basic attacks, rendering Layla's basic attacks useless against her.
    • All of Karina.png Karina's spells destroys Layla as she were to happen be a pushover.
  • Lancelot.png LancelotLayla tends to distance herself from fights in order to kite his enemies, which is where Lancelot shines to cut down lone enemies. Especially when Thorned Rose is dealt its maximum damage against only one enemy.
    • Lancelot's arsenal of spells contains two dashes, often allowing Lancelot to escape easily from Layla's spells.
  • Eudora.png Eudora's arsenal of spells can kill off Layla without any hassle to deal with.
  • Hilda.png Hilda's fully stacked Power of Wildness.png ultimate is so powerful that Layla cannot survive the attack done by it.
  • Saber.png Saber's Triple Sweep.png ultimate can decimate Layla in a matter of seconds.
  • Moskov.png Moskov can especially stand up against Layla due to his stunning 2nd, usually giving Moskov the privilege to kill her before she could act.
    • Moskov.png Moskov's Abyss Walker.png 1st skill allows him to dodge Layla's spells.
  • Hayabusa.png Hayabusa can destroy her with a series of combos, done by his Ninjutsu Phantom Shuriken.png 1st skill and Ougi Shadow Kill.png Ougi Shadow Kill, which would already mean the end for Layla.
    • Hayabusa.png Hayabusa's Ninjutsu Quad Shadow.png 2nd skill grants him mobility to act against Layla.
  • Nana.png Nana's Molina's Gift.png passive allows her to survive her powerful attacks, often not succeeding in killing her.
    Development Info: Molina's Gift.png passive can immune to death, except Silvanna.png Silvanna's Imperial Justice.png ultimate.
    • Nana.png Nana's Molina Smooch.png 2nd skill is a severe crippling spell and may caught Layla off-guard if she so happens to overextend.
    • Nana.png Nana's Molina Blitz.png ultimate can stun Layla, since she's defenseless and unlikely to move, usually allowing Nana to kill her off.
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