Lucky Spin Reward
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Lucky Spin gives you a chance of winning Heroes or Skins by spending 20 Ticket or 1 Lucky Ticket for 1 draw or 100 Ticket for 5 draws each time. Rewards will be refreshed weekly. Heroes will be refreshed biweekly (once in two weeks) or skin will be so.

Free Chance refreshes every 48 hours. A Skin that you have already owned will be converted into Special Skin Fragments accordingly. Heroes won't be unlocked for you when you obtain skins in the event. Unlocking heroes are required to use their skins obtained in the event. The items in the Treasure refresh regularly. When your Emblem has reached Max Level, the Emblem Fragments you obtain will be converted to Magic Dust Magic Dust accordingly.

The congratulations shown beside the rules are the records of the rewards and they are not real-time.

Odds of Winning Rewards

  • Permanent Heroes / Skins: 0.58%
  • Lucky Gems Lucky Gem: 10.09%
  • Normal Items: 89.33%
    • Skin Trial Pack (1-day)
    • 10 Magic & Physical Emblem Fragments
    • 300 Battle-points-cost
    • 10 Magic Dust
    • 1 Premium Skin Fragment

Lucky Shop



  • Small Emblem Pack: 1 Lucky Gem
  • Mystery Item: 2 Lucky Gem
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