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Revamped Little Commander

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Revamped Harper's appearance and skills.

Commander Skill Change
Hero45011-icon.png Harper Warrior's Will.png Skill 1 ADDED + [Passive] Reduces Harper's damage received from attacks.
Shield of Blessing.png Skill 2 ADDED + [Active] Blocks damage received in the current round. Each win reduces the cooldown by 1 round.
Victory Contract.png Skill 3 ADDED + [Passive] Receives 1 shield that grants Damage Reduction on each win. The shields can stack and last until Harper is attacked.

Little Commanders

Commander Skill Change
Hero45041-icon.png Ragnar Recovery.png Skill 3 BUFF ↑ Skill 3's HP Regen: 8 → 10


Synergy Change
Mage.png Mage NERF ↓ Magic Damage Boost when with 2/4/6 Mages: 35%/75%/115% → 30%/70%/115%
Wrestler.png Wrestler NERF ↓ Stun Chance when with 2/4/6 Wrestlers: 18%/30%/42% → 15%/30%/42%
Gunner.png Gunner NERF ↓ Extra Crit Damage when with 2/4/6 Gunners: 190%/280%/370% → 180%/260%/340%


  • Thunderstruck.png Thunderstruck
    • BUFF ↑ Skill Damage: 1600/3200/6400 → 1800/3600/7200
  • Poker Trick.png Poker Trick
    • NERF ↓ Skill Damage: 1500/2500/4000 → 1250/2000/3500