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Shadow Judgement
Shadow Judgement.jpg
  • Commander Skills
  • Power of Shadows.png Power of Shadows
    • Austus gains a shard on each win. After collecting 6 shards, Austus can cast this skill to ignite the Shard Totem, granting a random amount of Gold.
  • Blade of Resonance.png Blade of Resonance
    • Austus gains a shard each time a 2-Star hero is obtained. After collecting 6 shards, Austus can cast this skill to ignite the Shard Totem, granting a Mirror Device.
  • Forest's Blessing.png Forest's Blessing
    • Austus gains shards each time an allied hero is killed and can ignite the Totem with shards on each win, granting rewards according to the number of shards he collected.
      • Original Totem: No rewards.
      • Silver Totem: Grants a random 5-Gold hero.
      • Gold Totem: Grants a random 2-Star 5-Gold hero.

From The Designers

Magic Chess new season, Magic Chess: Evolution, is coming on January 30, 2022! Be the first to check out the new gameplay, little commander, and free anniversary skin! For the new season, we're adjusting all the previous synergies and adding a brand-new mechanism: Evolution.

Every synergy that requires 4 or 6 unique heroes, once completed, can trigger Evolution, which allows you to choose one of the two evolution paths to customize the synergy as you desire.

The Evolution mechanism will become available once the new season begins. Revamped Battlefield UI, New Season, New Colors!

Magic Chess Season 8

Season Finale Rewards

Dear player, Magic Chess S7, Magic Chess: Abyss Revived, will end on 01/30/2022 at 00:00:00, after which you'll receive season finale rewards including Saki "Lotus Pixie", Premium Skin Fragments, and Magic Coins according to your rank.

1. The matching system will be closed for two hours for the reward settlement, and after that, on 01/30/2022 at 02:00:00 (Server Time), a new season - S8 Evolution will officially begin.

2. The Magic Chess Pass for S8 is upgraded with even better rewards including new Deploy and Star-Up Effects, Chessboard Chests, Battle Emotes, and Interactive Gifts. You may also enjoy a special Second Anniversary season discount: 10% OFF Magic Chess Pass and 65% OFF Magic Chess Pass Plus purchases.

Little Commanders

Commander Skill Change
Hero45071-icon.png Abe Panda Punch!.png Skill 3 BUFF ↑ Extra Skill Damage: 20 → 23
Hero45161-icon.png Yuki Deadly Snipe.png Skill 1 BUFF ↑ Mana Regen: 80/100/120 → 90/100/120
Hero45181-icon.png Bersi Back from the Dead.png Skill 2 BUFF ↑ Gold Cost: 3 → 2
Hero45211-icon.png Kaboom Go Katoom!.png Skill 3 BUFF ↑ Max HP-Based Damage: 8050 → 10000
Hero45191-icon.png Brown Smith's Scorn.png Skill 1 NERF ↓ Debuff Duration: 12 → 8
Reinforce.png Skill 3 NERF ↓ Equipment Enhancement Effect reduced by 20%
Hero45231-icon.png Tharz Devil's Might.png Skill 1 NERF ↓ HP Boost: 8% → 6%
Hero45251-icon.png Dubi Summon Fluffy.png Skill 2 NERF ↓ Stun Duration: 2s → 1.5s


Synergy Change
Weapon Master.png Weapon Master NERF ↓ HP Regen when with 3/619 Weapon Masters: 25%/60%/120% → 25%/50%/100%
Archer.png Archer NERF ↓ Physical Defence Reduction when with 3/6 Archers: 6/12 → 5/10
Mage.png Mage NERF ↓ Magic Damage Boost when with 2/4/6 Mages: 35%/75%/120% → 35%70%/105%
Gunner.png Gunner NERF ↓ Extra Crit Damage when with 2/4/6 Gunners: 180%/250%/325% → 180%/250%/300%
Wrestler.png Wrestler NERF ↓ Stun Chance when with 2/4/6 Wrestlers: 20%/30%/45% → 20%/30%/40%
Assassin.png Assassin NERF ↓ HP Regen when with 3/619 Weapon Masters: 25%/60%/120% → 25%/50%/100%
Swordsman.png Swordsman NERF ↓ Damage when with 2/4 Swordsmen: 22%/38% → 20%/35%
Nature Spirit.png Nature Spirit NERF ↓ Damage Reduction when with 3/6 Nature Spirits: 22%/50% → 22%/45%
Los PecadosMC.png Los Pecados NERF ↓ Gold obtained from Kills when with 2/4 Los Pecados: 1/3 → 1/2
Astro Power.png Astro Power NERF ↓ HP Regen when with 3/6 Astro Power: 30%/80% → 30%/60%
SuperheroMC.png Superhero NERF ↓ Extra Damage when with 3/6 Superheroes: 50%/100% → 50%/80%
NERF ↓ HP Regen: 50%/100% → 50%/80%
Lightborn.png Lightborn NERF ↓ Damage Reduction when with 2/4/6 Lightborn: 21%/42%/66% → 21%/42%/63%
Abyss.png Abyss NERF ↓ Attack Speed Boost when with 2/4/6 Abyss: 15%/30%/50% → 15%/30%/45%
Mech Era.png Mech Era NERF ↓ Mana Reduction when with 3/6 Mech Era: 11/30 → 11/25


Synergy with Evolution Paths
Weapon Master.png Weapon Master Evolution 1: [Bloodlust] Weapon Masters restore HP equal to part of the target's HP each time they kill a target.
Evolution 2: [Mania] Weapon Masters gain extra Physical Attack based on their HP lost.
Archer.png Archer Evolution 1: [Stealth] Archers become invisible at the beginning of each round.
Evolution 2: [Projectile] Archers deal increased damage the further a target is away from them.
Elementalist.png Elementalist Evolution 1: [Charge] Elementalists restore Mana for allied non-Elementalists each time they cast a skill.
Evolution 2: [Duet] Elementalists can trigger the synergy effect when they cast skills for the second time.
Mage.png Mage Evolution 1: [Shield] Mages gain a shield each time they cast a skill.
Evolution 2: [Airborne] Mages knock a random enemy hero airborne each time they cast a skill.
Gunner.png Gunner Evolution 1: [Buckshot] Gunners gain a shield each time their Basic Attacks critically strike.
Evolution 2: [Duelist] Gunners gain extra Crit Chance when there are no allies in the adjacent tiles.
Wrestler.png Wrestler Evolution 1: [Bash] Wrestlers deal extra damage to controlled enemies.
Evolution 2: [Regen] Wrestlers restore HP each time they stun a target.
Assassin.png Assassin Evolution 1: [Assassin] Assassins' Basic Attack deals extra damage when they're not directly in front of the target.
Evolution 2: [Evasion] Assassins have a chance to dodge the enemy's Basic Attack when they're not directly in front of the enemy.
Swordsman.png Swordsman Evolution 1: [Evolve] Swordsmen can summon golden orbiting swords that deal more damage.
Evolution 2: [Awaken] Swordsmen can summon orbiting swords on their Basic Attacks.
Nature Spirit.png Nature Spirit Evolution 1: [Unity] All allies share HP and gain extra Damage Reduction for each allied non-Nature Spirit.
Evolution 2: [Thornmail] Upon taking damage, Nature Spirits return part of the damage taken to the attacker.
Los PecadosMC.png Los Pecados Evolution 1: [Bandit] Los Pecados heroes no longer gain Gold on hero kills but have a chance to acquire equipment.
Evolution 2: [Worship] The Los Pecados hero with the highest star rank joins the synergy with the most heroes at the beginning of each round.
Astro Power.png Astro Power Evolution 1: [Legacy] Upon death, the hero enhanced by Astro Power will pass the Astro Power to the farthest Astro Power hero from them.
Evolution 2: [Sacrifice] Upon taking lethal damage, the hero enhanced by Astro Power will sacrifice a random Astro Power hero and restore HP.
SuperheroMC.png Superhero Evolution 1: [Enhance] Superheroes gain extra Attack Speed upon killing a marked enemy hero.
Evolution 2: [Paralysis] The first marked enemy hero will have their HP reduced.
V.E.N.O.M..png V.E.N.O.M. Evolution 1: [Smog] V.E.N.O.M. heroes release smog and apply several poison stack(s) to all enemy heroes at the beginning of each round.
Evolution 2: [Toxin] V.E.N.O.M. heroes can apply more poison stacks.
Cadia RiverlandsMC.png Cadia Riverlands Evolution 1: [Share] All heroes gain the Cadia Riverlands synergy at the beginning of each round.
Evolution 2: [Ascension] Cadia Riverlands heroes can gain 9 stacks of Cadia Riverlands synergy effects.
Lightborn.png Lightborn Evolution 1: [Blessing] Lightborn heroes' shields grant invincibility instead, while the duration is reduced.
Evolution 2: [Aegis] All Lightborn heroes gain a shield at the beginning of each round.
Abyss.png Abyss Evolution 1: [Stasis] Abyss heroes' Basic Attacks reduce their target's Attack Speed.
Evolution 2: [Execution] Abyss heroes gain extra Attack Speed on each Basic Attack (stacks indefinitely until switching targets).
Mech Era.png Mech Era Evolution 1: [Siphon] Mech Era heroes reduce the attacker's Mana each time they're hit by a Basic Attack.
Evolution 2: [Drain] Mech Era heroes' Basic Attacks deal extra True Damage according to the amount of Mana reduced.


  • Added a Synergy page to Gallery for the new Evolution mechanism.