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  • Commander Skills
  • Astral Blessing - Gold.png Astral Blessing - Gold
    • When a player is eliminated, inherits Gold equal to a portion of their current lineup value.
  • Astral Blessing - Hero.png Astral Blessing - Hero
    • When a player is eliminated, inherits one of their heroes, including the hero's Blessing effect and star level.
  • Astral Blessing - Equipment.png Astral Blessing - Equipment
    • When a player is eliminated, inherits a piece of their equipment.

From the Designers

Magic Chess new season, To Be Hero, has arrived! In this season, we're revamping the Superhero synergy and some of the less popular Evolution effects. Keeping the gameplay balance has been increasingly challenging since the release of the Evolution mechanism, so in this season, we're setting that as our primary target.

Magic Chess Season 9

Season Finale Rewards

Magic Chess S8, Evolution, will end on 04/30/2022 at 00:00:00, after which you'll receive season finale rewards including Bersi "Shadow Reaper"; Premium Skin Fragments, and Magic Coins.

1. The matching system will be closed for two hours for the reward settlement, and after that, on 04/30/2022 at 02:00:00, a new season - S9 To Be Hero will officially begin.

2. Magic Chess Pass will be updated on 04/30 with the new MC Pass skin Rya "Springtime Blush" and new chessboard "Astral Library".


Synergy Change
Nature Spirit.png Nature Spirit BUFF ↑ Damage Reduction when with 3/6 Nature Spirits: 22%/50% → 25%/55%
SuperheroMC.png Superhero ADJUST ~ Upon death, Superheroes will pass their energy to other Superheroes, restoring their HP.
V.E.N.O.M..png V.E.N.O.M. BUFF ↑ Poison Damage when with 214 V.E.N.O.M.: 0.4%/0.8% → 0.45%/0.9%


Synergy with Evolution Changes
Archer.png Archer NERF ↓ Evolution 2 [Projectile]: Extra Damage: 3% → 2%
Elementalist.png Elementalist BUFF ↑ Evolution 1 [Charge]: Mana Regen: 20% → 25%
Mage.png Mage ADJUST ~ Evolution 1 [Barrier]: The shield value is now based on Max HP instead of Max Mana.
ADJUST ~ Evolution 2 [Frost]: On each skill cast, Mages conjure a water column beneath a random enemy hero that freezes them for 2.5s.
Gunner.png Gunner ADJUST ~ Evolution 2 [Duelist]: Gunners gain 15% extra Crit Chance when there are no allies in the adjacent tiles at the beginning of the round.
Wrestler.png Wrestler BUFF ↑ Evolution 2 [Regen]: HP Regen Multiplier: 2 → 2.5
Assassin.png Assassin BUFF ↑ Evolution 1 [Assassin]: Damage Dealt: 150% → 175%
Swordsman.png Swordsman NERF ↓ Evolution 2 [Awaken]: Basic Attacks Orbiting Sword Trigger Chance: 60% → 40%
Nature Spirit.png Nature Spirit BUFF ↑ Evolution 2 [Thornmail]: Damage Reflection: 20% → 25%
Los PecadosMC.png Los Pecados ADJUST ~ Evolution 2 [Greed]: Gain 20 Gold coins at the beginning of the round. This effect can only be triggered once.
Astro Power.png Astro Power ADJUST ~ Evolution 1 [Split]: The Astro Power hero with the most equipment and an extra Astro Power hero will be enhanced by the Astro Power.
ADJUST ~ Evolution 2 [Slaughter]: Each time the hero enhanced by Astro Power kills an enemy, the enhancement effect increases by 10%.
SuperheroMC.png Superhero ADJUST ~ Evolution 1 [Dedication]: Upon death, Superheroes will pass their energy to all allies, restoring 100% of their HP.
Evolution 2 [Devotion]: Upon death, heroes will pass their energy to Superheroes, restoring 100% of their HP.
Cadia RiverlandsMC.png Cadia Riverlands NERF ↓ Evolution 2 [Ascension]: Fixed an issue where the extra Attack Speed and Shield Value gained at 9 stacks were higher than stated: 12% → 9%
Lightborn.png Lightborn BUFF ↑ Invincibility Duration: 2s → 2.5s
FIX Evolution 2 [Blessing]: Fixed an issue where the actual duration was different than stated.
Abyss.png Abyss ADJUST ~ Changed the name of Evolution 2 to [Escalation].
NERF ↓ Extra Attack Speed: 8% → 6%
NERF ↓ Max Attack Speed: 200% → 180%

UI Optimization

Adjusted the Little Commanders and Galley screens and optimized the UI to better fit the new color scheme.


  • Stardust Dance.png Stardust Dance
    • NERF ↓ Skill Damage: 350/600/1050 → 280/500/850
  • BUFF ↑ Base Attack: 280 → 305