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KOF Squad Part 1.JPG
Guinevere Guinevere - Athena Asamiya | Chou Chou - Iori Yagami | Karina Karina - Leona

KOF Squad Part 2.JPG
Gusion Gusion - K' | Aurora Aurora - Kula Diamond | Dyrroth Dyrroth - Orochi Chris


Hero Members

First Batch

Hero081-icon.png Hero801-icon.png Hero261-icon.png

Second Batch

Hero361-icon.png Hero851-icon.png Hero561-icon.png

The King of Fighters


A New Fight Is Starting MLBB x KOF Collaboration Trailer Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

Land of Dawn trembles! THE KING OF FIGHTERS debuts! MLBB x KOF Collaboration is coming on Mar. 19th. Check out the latest trailer to know more details! A new fight is starting! #MobileLegendsBangBang #MLBBxKOF


Keep Fighting, Never Surrender! MLBB ✕ KOF Trailer Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

Keep Fighting, Never Surrender! Don't succumb to defeat and never surrender, this is the K.O. Spirit that we insist on. Now, awaken your fighting will and go battle!


MLBB x KOF Live-Action Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

Life is really tough, huh? When was your last time that you felt energetic and passionate to go through all the difficulties? Now, get inspired and prepare for the real fight! KOF and MLBB Collaboration is right here! MobileLegendsBangBang#MLBBxKOF


KOF Skin Design Behind-scenes stories Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

Curious about how these KOF skins were adapted to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang? Now let's follow our designers and take a closer look! MobileLegendsBangBang#MLBBxKOF


The King of Fighters is Back! MLBB ✕ KOF Carnival Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

MLBB x KOF Carnival starts on August 12! Purchase, draw, collect items, preorder event, complete tasks, share codes, etc. Tons of KOF rewards await! Watch the video for full details! MobileLegendsBangBang#MLBB×KOF


The King of Fighters is Back! MLBB ✕ KOF Trailer Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

KOF skins are BACK! Look no further than the trailer now! You get a chance to win Karina "Leona" for FREE! Which KOF skin do you expect most? Tell us below! MobileLegendsBangBang#MLBBxKOF


  • The KoF skins not only changed their stance, they also change their movement, skills, their effects, icons, and Japanese voiceovers from the video game series. These are the first skins other than "Legend" skins to do so.
    • In Karina Karina's case, it also removed her blades and replaced them with flaming hands that ignite when her Dance of Blades KOF.png 1st skill is activated.
    • According to one of the VFX Artists who worked on Guinevere Guinevere's KOF Skill effects, her Spatial Migration KOF.png 2nd skill originally had a trail when she dashes, however; it was scrapped because it would destroy the style of the King of Fighters franchise and it didn't really fit Athena's character.
  • Each member has its own japanese quotes.
  • The skills are based on the game.
  • Karina Karina's KOF Skin is Free.
  • KOF Skin is inspired in game.[1]

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