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The MLBB wiki administrators has implemented a new format for hero pages. Please see this announcement for more details.


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New hero format

For the past few years, editors have been employing a box to structure a hero's page, despite the fact that it has a few flaws.

Instead of an old box style, the main hero page will now use an infobox. Please check the update hero pages (e.g. Miya, Saber, Zhask, Atlas, Brody, Beatrix, Yin) for a new approach to hero pages offered by the MLBB Wiki (Does not represent the final quality; may contain errors).

—MLBB wiki administration team


The old one has issues such as:

  • The use of <div>, which is not present on mobile.
  • Difficulty on search engines' (esp. Google's) search indexing.
  • Uses of subpages that are unnecessary making the main hero article sparse.

The new one will now include the following features and fix the old one, including:

  • New content that can be added for a hero.
  • Compatibility on Fandom mobile version.
  • Increased consistency by migrating subpages to the main article such as Story and Trivia.
  • New and improved design.
  • Fewer reading subpages.

Instructions for editing

We'd appreciate it if you could assist with the migration of the hero page. Please follow these instructions before editing:

  • You must have an editing experience on Fandom (Wikipedians are accepted).
  • Refer to this format for inspiration.
  • Migrate the template {{Hero-box-skill}} to {{Ability}} and update its description to something less colorful.
  • You must be fairly good or satisfactory in English for customizing the hero's story and ability description. (Please ask to a local admin for assistance.)

Also refer to the wiki's Manual of Style