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A magician, (commonly known as Mage in most MOBA games) is a magic damage dealer and an important role in any team composition. Their strengths are in their abilities and not usually their basic attacks. They, however, tend to be squishy and are a priority target in team fights due to their burst damage and crowd control abilities.

There are currently 29 Mages in 6 categories in the game (Mages, Mage/Assassins, Mage/Support, Mage/Tank, Fighter/Mage and Marksman/Mage).


  • Only Nana Nana, Vexana Vexana, and Pharsa Pharsa have the Season Exclusive skin.
  • Mages have the most number of heroes, with 25 heroes of 6 categories (namely Mages, Mage/Assassins, Mage/Tank, Mage/Support, and the only Fighter/Mage and Marksman/Mage).
  • Karina Karina, Selena Selena, and Gusion Gusion are the only Mage/Assassin Hybrid heroes in the game. They are also the only melee mages in the game including Guinevere Guinevere, and Silvanna Silvanna, the Fighter/Mage heroes.
    • Selena Selena is also the only one who can transform in the early game and change her mode of attack.
  • Esmeralda Esmeralda is the Mage/Tank Hybrid hero in the game.
  • Zhask Zhask, Lunox Lunox, Pharsa Pharsa, and Luo Yi Luo Yi are the only heroes with more than 3 active abilities in a singular form.
    • Before Pharsa Pharsa's revamp, she had only 3 active abilities.
  • Cyclops Cyclops' S.A.B.E.R. Squad skin and Gord Gord's Legendary skin are the only mechanical mage heroes in the game.
  • Kimmy Kimmy is the only Marksman/Mage Hybrid in the game.
  • Guinevere Guinevere, and Silvanna Silvanna are the only Fighter/Mage heroes.
  • Pharsa Pharsa was temporarily banned from Brawl games because she gave an unfair advantage to her team with her ultimate skill. Now, her ultimate skill's CD is increased from 8 to 30 seconds for that specific game mode only.
    • Because of this, she's the only hero to have ever been banned from an official game mode and the only hero with a skill modified exclusively for a single game mode.
  • Harith Harith, Kadita Kadita, and Kagura Kagura are the only Mage heroes who are unplayable in Mayhem Mode.
  • Kagura Kagura, and Luo Yi Luo Yi are the only heroes to use the concept of Yin-yang.
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