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Magic Chess Patch Notes from Newest to Oldest.

Shadow Judgement.jpg

• New Season: Season 8 Evolution Begins on 30 January 2022!
• New Commander: Austus Icon.png Austus!
• Revamped Commanders: Abe Icon.png Abe, Yuki Icon.png Yuki, Bersi Icon.png Bersi, Brown Icon.png Brown, Kaboom Icon.png Kaboom, Tharz Icon.png Tharz, Dubi Icon.png Dubi!
• Revamped Synergies: Weapon Master.png Weapon Master, Archer.png Archer, Mage.png Mage, Gunner.png Gunner, Wrestler.png Wrestler, Assassin.png Assassin, Swordsman.png Swordsman, Nature Spirit.png Nature Spirit, Los PecadosMC.png Los Pecados, Astro Power.png Astro Power, SuperheroMC.png Superhero, Lightborn.png Lightborn, Abyss.png Abyss, Mech Era.png Mech Era!
• New Feature: Blessing!

Jolly Sprite.jpg
  • MC Patch Notes v213.1 | 2021-12-24

• Revamped Commanders: Remy Icon.png Remy, Eva Icon.png Eva, Abe Icon.png Abe, Mavis Icon.png Mavis, Buss Icon.png Buss, Bersi Icon.png Bersi, Kaboom Icon.png Kaboom, Saki Icon.png Saki, Tharz Icon.png Tharz, Dubi Icon.png Dubi!
• Revamped Synergies: Wrestler.png Wrestler!

Jolly Sprite.jpg

• Revamped Commanders: Tharz Icon.png Tharz, Dubi Icon.png Dubi!
• Revamped Synergies: Archer.png Archer, Mage.png Mage, Nature Spirit.png Nature Spirit!
• Revamped Heroes: Terizla Icon.png Terizla, Harley Icon.png Harley, Eudora Icon.png Eudora!

Jolly Sprite.jpg
  • MC Patch Notes v199.1 | 2021-11-25

• New Season: Season 7 Abyss Revived Begins on 30 October 2021!
• New Commander: Dubi Icon.png Dubi!
• Revamped Commanders: Tharz Icon.png Tharz!
• Revamped Synergies: Gunner.png Gunner, Mech Era.png Mech Era!
• Revamped Heroes: Terizla Icon.png Terizla, Atlas Icon.png Atlas, Gord Icon.png Gord, Moskov Icon.png Moskov!
• Revamped Heroes: Thamuz Icon.png Thamuz!
• New Equipment: Astro Power Crystal.png Astro Power Crystal, Abyss Crystal.png Abyss Crystal, Superhero Crystal.png Superhero Crystal, Wrestler Crystal.png Wrestler Crystal!

Sleeping Bud.jpg

• Revamped Commanders: Ragnar Icon.png Ragnar!
• Revamped Synergies: Mage.png Mage, Wrestler.png Wrestler, Gunner.png Gunner!
• Revamped Heroes: Eudora Icon.png Eudora, Harley Icon.png Harley!

Sleeping Bud.jpg

• Revamped Synergies: Archer.png Archer, Mech Era.png Mech Era, Lightborn.png Lightborn, GuardianMC.png Guardian, Swordsman.png Swordsman, SuperheroMC.png Superhero, Wrestler.png Wrestler, Los PecadosMC.png Los Pecados, Gunner.png Gunner!
• Revamped Heroes: Zilong Icon.png Zilong, Bruno Icon.png Bruno, Atlas Icon.png Atlas, Wanwan Icon.png Wanwan, Lunox Icon.png Lunox!

Sleeping Bud.jpg

• New Season: Season 6 Superheroes Return Begins on 24 July 2021!
• New Commander: Rya Icon.png Rya!
• New Synergy: SuperheroMC.png Superhero!
• Revamped Synergies: Elementalist.png Elementalist, Archer.png Archer, Abyss.png Abyss!
• Revamped Commanders: Pao Icon.png Pao!
• New Equipment: Lightning Truncheon.png Lightning Truncheon, Dominance Ice.png Dominance Ice!
• Removed Equipment: , !
• New Heroes: Gatotkaca Icon.png Gatotkaca, Bruno Icon.png Bruno, Beatrix Icon.png Beatrix, Lunox Icon.png Lunox, Vale Icon.png Vale, Dyrroth Icon.png Dyrroth, Layla Icon.png Layla!
• Revamped Heroes: Gord Icon.png Gord, Ling Icon.png Ling, Zilong Icon.png Zilong, Moskov Icon.png Moskov, Esmeralda Icon.png Esmeralda, Chou Icon.png Chou, Akai Icon.png Akai!

Ultra Guardian.jpg

• Revamped Synergies: Nature Spirit.png, V.E.N.O.M..png, Elementalist.png, SupportMC.png and Swordsman.png!
• Revamped Commanders: Kaboom Icon.png Kaboom!
• Revamped Heroes: Atlas Icon.png Atlas, Clint Icon.png Clint, Luo Yi Icon.png Luo Yi, Moskov Icon.png Moskov, Harley Icon.png Harley, Hayabusa Icon.png Hayabusa, Chang'e Icon.png Chang'e, Miya Icon.png Miya!

Flora Butterfly.jpg

• Revamped Synergies: Wyrmslayer Warrior.png, Los PecadosMC.png, Weapon Master.png, Wrestler.png, Mage.png, Swordsman.png, Mech Era.png!
• Revamped Commanders: Brown Icon.png Brown, Saki Icon.png Saki!
• Revamped Heroes: Akai Icon.png Akai, Aldous Icon.png Aldous, Lesley Icon.png Lesley, Masha Icon.png Masha, Moskov Icon.png Moskov, Wanwan Icon.png Wanwan, Hayabusa Icon.png Hayabusa!

Flora Butterfly.jpg

• New Season: Season 5 The Rise of Nature Spirits Begins on 24 April 2021!
• Revamped Synergies: Nature Spirit.png, Los PecadosMC.png, Astro Power.png, Wyrmslayer Warrior.png, V.E.N.O.M..png, Lightborn.png, Weapon Master.png, Archer.png, Mage.png, GuardianMC.png!
• Revamped Commanders: Buss Icon.png Buss, Connie Icon.png Connie, Brown Icon.png Brown, Saki Icon.png Saki!
• New Heroes: Kadita Icon.png Kadita, Atlas Icon.png Atlas, Roger Icon.png Roger!
• Removed Heroes: Lolita Icon.png Lolita, Estes Icon.png Estes!
• Revamped Heroes: Zilong Icon.png Zilong, Thamuz Icon.png Thamuz, Ling Icon.png Ling, Hanabi Icon.png Hanabi, Tigreal Icon.png Tigreal, Moskov Icon.png Moskov, Karina Icon.png Karina, Belerick Icon.png Belerick!
• Changes to Equipments: Guardian Helmet.png, Purify.png, Petrify.png, Rose Gold Meteor.png, Glowing Wand.png!

Flora Butterfly.jpg

• New Commander: Saki Icon.png Saki!
• Revamped Synergies: Nature Spirit.png, Los PecadosMC.png, Astro Power.png, Wyrmslayer Warrior.png, Cadia RiverlandsMC.png, Lightborn.png, Abyss.png, Mech Era.png, Weapon Master.png, SupportMC.png, Wrestler.png!
• Revamped Commanders: Remy Icon.png Remy, Buss Icon.png Buss, Bersi Icon.png Bersi, Brown Icon.png Brown!
• Changes to Blessing, Heroes, Equipment and System!

Master Forger.jpg

• New Commander: Brown Icon.png Brown!
• Revamped Synergies: Nature Spirit.png, Astro Power.png, Lightborn.png, Mech Era.png, Cadia RiverlandsMC.png, SupportMC.png, Gunner.png, Abyss.png!
• Revamped Commanders: Eva Icon.png Eva, Pao Icon.png Pao, Yuki Icon.png Yuki, Bersi Icon.png Bersi, Connie Icon.png Connie!
• Revamped Heroes: Ling Icon.png Ling, Hanabi Icon.png Hanabi, Wanwan Icon.png Wanwan, Moskov Icon.png Moskov, Granger Icon.png Granger!

Death's Maw.jpg

• New Synergy: Wyrmslayer Warrior.png, Astro Power.png, Nature Spirit.png, V.E.N.O.M..png, Lightborn.png, Los PecadosMC.png, Mech Era.png, Cadia RiverlandsMC.png, Swordsman.png, Archer.png, SupportMC.png, Gunner.png!
• Revamped Synergies: Weapon Master.png, Targeman.png, Elementalist.png, Mage.png, Wrestler.png, Assassin.png, Abyss.png!
• Removed Synergies: Marksman.png, Shape-Shifter.png, Elf.png, Western Desert.png, Special Guest.png, Cyborg.png, Blood Demon.png, Dragons Altar.png, Monastery of Light.png, Celestial.png, Empire.png, The Eruditio.png!
• Revamped Commanders: Eva Icon.png Eva, Pao Icon.png Pao, Yuki Icon.png Yuki, Bersi Icon.png Bersi, Connie Icon.png Connie
• New Heroes: Hanabi Icon.png Hanabi, Gord Icon.png Gord, Harley Icon.png Harley, Grock Icon.png Grock, Clint Icon.png Clint, Kimmy Icon.png Kimmy, Granger Icon.png Granger, Lesley Icon.png Lesley, Estes Icon.png Estes, Angela Icon.png Angela, Nana Icon.png Nana, Aldous Icon.png Aldous, Masha Icon.png Masha, Karina Icon.png Karina, Fanny Icon.png Fanny, Helcurt Icon.png Helcurt, Hayabusa Icon.png Hayabusa!
• New Feature: Blessing!

Death's Maw.jpg

• New Season: Season 4 Blazing Hammer Begins on 30 January 2021!
• Revamped Commanders: Mavis Icon.png Mavis, Bersi Icon.png Bersi!
• Reworked Commanders' Portraits!

Death's Maw.jpg

• New Commander: Bersi Icon.png Bersi!
• Revamped Commanders: Pao Icon.png Pao!

Star Catcher.jpg

• New Season: Season 3 Halloween Carnival Begins on 26 September 2020!
• New Commander: Connie Icon.png Connie!
• New Synergy: The Eruditio.png!
• Revamped Synergies: Marksman.png, Mage.png, Shape-Shifter.png, Wrestler.png, Assassin.png, Western Desert.png!
• New Heroes: Estes Icon.png Estes, Lunox Icon.png Lunox, Diggie Icon.png Diggie, Chou Icon.png Chou!

Vampire Countess.jpg

• New Commander: Mavis Icon.png Mavis!
• Revamped Synergies: Mage.png, Wrestler.png, Elf.png, Western Desert.png, Celestial.png!
• Revamped Commanders: Pao Icon.png Pao, Yuki Icon.png Yuki!
• New Hero: Badang Icon.png Badang!

Snow Witch.jpg

• New Commander: Yuki Icon.png Yuki!
• New Synergy: Special Guest.png!
• Revamped Synergies: Targeman.png, GuardianMC.png, Wrestler.png, Western Desert.png, Cyborg.png, Shape-Shifter.png, Assassin.png, Dragons Altar.png!
• Revamped Commanders: Remy Icon.png Remy, Eva Icon.png Eva, Abe Icon.png Abe, Buss Icon.png Buss, Pao Icon.png Pao!
• New Hero: Khaleed Icon.png Khaleed!

Naughty Dragonling.jpg

• New Season: Season 2 Cadia Tales Begins on 19 June 2020!
• New Commander: Pao Icon.png Pao!
• New Synergy: Shape-Shifter.png!
• Removed Synergy: The Eruditio.png, Summoner.png!
• Revamped Synergies: Celestial.png, Wrestler.png, GuardianMC.png, Dragons Altar.png, Monastery of Light.png!
• Revamped Commanders: Pao Icon.png Pao, Yuki Icon.png Yuki!
• New Heroes: Yu Zhong Icon.png Yu Zhong, Luo Yi Icon.png Luo Yi, Cyclops Icon.png Cyclops, Minsitthar Icon.png Minsitthar, Balmond Icon.png Balmond!
• Removed Heroes: Sun Icon.png Sun, Popol Icon.png Popol and Kupa, Alice Icon.png Alice, Diggie Icon.png Diggie, Baxia Icon.png Baxia, Chou Icon.png Chou!
• New Equipments: Inspire.png, Revitalize.png, Petrify.png, Purify.png, Flicker.png!
• Removed Equipments: Warrior Boots.png, Tough Boots.png, Arcane Boots.png, Swift Boots.png, Demon Shoes.png!
• Changes to Equipments: Glowing Wand.png, Necklace of Durance.png, Helcurt's Curse.png!


• Revamped Synergies: Targeman.png, GuardianMC.png, Wrestler.png, Western Desert.png, Elf.png, Cyborg.png, Empire.png!
• Revamped Commanders: Harper Icon.png Harper, Ragnar Icon.png Ragnar, Remy Icon.png Remy, Eva Icon.png Eva, Abe Icon.png Abe, Benny Icon.png Benny!
• New Heroes: Jawhead Icon.png Jawhead, Lolita Icon.png Lolita!
• Removed Hero: Alpha Icon.png Alpha!